[FUN] Fireworks v0.7 -- Into Oblivion![1060]

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    Credits (open)

    Now normally the credits go at the end, but this person deserves so much credit and respect that he goes at the beginning. :)

    Badbh222 is my hero! He helped me through my first plugin and was patient and kind about me learning.

    Features :
    • Shoot yourself into the air and explode!
    • You can configure the speed at which you are launched.
    • You can configure the radius at which you explode.
    Commands :

    /fireworks launch -- Launches you at a velocity of 5 and an explosion radius of 5.
    /fireworks launch <velocity> -- Launches you at a velocity of 1-5.
    /fireworks launch <velocity> <explosion radius> -- Launches you at a velocity of 1-5 and an explosion radius of 1-15.

    /f l -- Shorter command for /fireworks launch
    /f l <velocity> -- Shorter command for /fireworks launch <velocity>
    /f l <velocity> <explosion radius> -- Shorter command for /fireworks launch <velocity> <explosion radius>

    Todo list :
    • Add BukkitPerms.
    • Configurable launch message.
    • Add countdown option.
    • Add console usage on players and players usage on other players.
    • Add "launch pad" creation.
    • Maybe a redstone powered launch pad.
    • Ability to launch people ONLY if they are in the launch pad area. (Turned on and off by config)
    • Random x and z variables for a more... "fireworky" experience.
    Changelog :
    • Initial release!
    Thank you everyone in advance if you try out my plugin and help me through some bugs or ideas. :) I really appreciate them

    Sorry admins if my forum post isn't up to standards, I tried to get it as best as I could. :)

    *I am not at fault for your things being blown up.
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    Last two changelogs have to be outside of a spoiler before you will get accepted. In your case you only have 1 but that does need to be outside a spoiler. You also NEED to support the latest recommended build which is now 1060. Another thing you need is a quick description in your title after the version. Do these things and you'll be accepted once the moderator comes on :)

    Edit: Submission guidlines here
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    :3 Thanks!
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    Is this in response to a request by the way? I'm fairly sure I saw one
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    I actually searched Fireworks after I posted this to make sure my commands wouldn't overlap any current ones. (Also to make sure I wouldn't get flamed by someone thinking I stole their code.) But this is not a response to a request this is just an idea I had.
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    Can you launch other people, or just yourself? Also, is the explosion colorful and distracting, like real fireworks?
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    Eventually you'll be able to launch other people if you have the right permissions node/op. It is not colorful, it is filled with blood and gore pixels. :l
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    lmao....nice a cool way to punish people and entertain at the same time :D
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    Just make sure they're outside;)
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    can u make it so it doesnt lauch u but tnt ?
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    There's another plugin for that.
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    um... i did /fireworks launch 5 15 and it is constantly lagging now, server and client side :/ nothing else on my comp is lagging idk what happend lols it goes down very slowly i think

    EDIT:nvm its using about 1/6 of my ram, somehow making it lag like crazy in there :/

    EDIT: lol it took like 5 mins to fix xD
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    Reupload please. Download link doesnt function.

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