Inactive [FUN] FireLord 0.9 - Adds fire damage and resistance to golden sword and armor[1.2.4-R0.1]

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    FireLord 0.9 [1.0.1-R1]

    Version: v0.9

    From now, you can follow me on Twitter in @w4rgo , I will post there the developemental changes i do!

    Tired of those stupid crap golden things??

    Firelord plugin converts you in a Fire Lord when you are using those golden crafts!!
    The fire Sword now set your enemies on fire! The Armor gives you fire resistance! The boots set the ground on fire! And the tools give you the material you mined smelted!!!


    • firelord.admin
    • firelord.armor
    • firelord.sword
    • firelord.helmet
    • firelord.pick
    • firelord.axe
    • firelord.shovel

    • Golden Sword fire damage over a defined time. You can define the time via configuration
      file, or you can use the ingame command /fl setfiredur [seconds]
    • Golden armor that resists fire / lava (Just Helmet, Chestplate , Leggings)
    • Configuration file, where you can change the items ID (If you want this to work with iron armor for example, you can)
    • Golden boots set ground on fire on step
    • If you wear golden armor, who damages you gets fire damage.
    • ALL features configurable now, in the configuration file also configuration on the fly for admins.
    • Golden Pick/Axe/Shovel, gives you the item smelted when you mine/cut/dig with them! (Thanks to Samkio and his Superheat plugin!)
                                            /fl | firelord : Briefing of al disponible commands.
                                            /fl | firelord setfiredur [num] Set the duration of sword fire .
                                            /fl | firelord setfirerefdur [num] Set the duration of reflect fire.
                                            /fl | firelord firesword on/off Allows/disallows the fire sword
                                            /fl | firetools Activates the smelting of materials when mine with tools, Thanks Samkio!!
                                            /fl | firelord fireresist on/off Allows/disallows the armor lava/fire resistance.
                                            /fl | firelord firereflect on/off Allows/disallows the armor fire reflect damage.
                                            /fl | firelord firestep on/off Allows/disallows the boots to set the ground on fire on step(DANGEROUS!)
                                            /fl | firelord overwater on/off Allows walking on water with golden boots.(TODO)
                                            /fl | firelord overlava on / off Allows walking on the lava with golden boots.(TODO)
                                            /fl | firelord underwater on/off Allows breathing under water with golden helment(TODO)/firelord luck [value]
            [*]                                /fl | firelord status : Shows an status of what is enabled or not
    ToDo List:
    • More configurability(Look user posts.)
    Download Firelord 0.9

    If you want the source just ask!!

    If you like, buy me a coffee!


    Version 0.9
    F I R E S P L A S H
    Version 0.7
    Fixed Bug damaging sometimes player in lava.
    Added Fall damage cancelation while you are in fire!
    Updated to craftbukkit 1060 build.
    Version 0.6.1
    Fixed ENTITY_DAMAGE bug that spams console, now should be fine.
    Version 0.6
    [B]Fixed the damn bug of replicating golden tools.[/B]
    Added "luck" in the configuration file, now you can set a percentage of the things to happen.
    Added underwater helmet.
    Version 0.5.5
    -Fixed for current bukkit version
    -Fixed Commands
    -Fixed PVP Flag issues
    Version 0.5.3
    -Fixed for Bukkit 612.
    -Command /fl and /firelord Broken!! But still funtional from file, will fix this soon.
    Version 0.5.2
    -Added support the option to configuration file to disallow using the sword on players.
    -Updated to craftbukkit 600
    Version 0.5
    Finally merged with superheat!! Thanks to Samkio , the developer of superheat , and also LevelCraft!
    Now if you dont put the configuration file of something is wrong it Autogenerates.
    Individual fire duration for armor fire reflect.
    Tools now also put the target in fire.
    Version 0.4.1
    Added grilled pork drop to pigs.
    Version 0.4
    Added full configuration file allowing able / disable all features.
    Ingame on the fly allowing/disallowing features.
    Fire Step added.
    Armor fire reflect damage.
    Version 0.3
    Added permissions support.
    Version 0.2
    Added Golden armor that resists fire / lava.
    Added entries to the config file so you can set the armor and weapon to other one than the golden.
    Version 0.1
    Added Golden Sword that set enemies on fire for a determinate amount of time.
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    is anyone using this with a protection system? I tried to use this with Precious Stones and it completely bypasses the antibuild properties inside of a protected zone. Just wondering if anyone is using it with something else successfully?
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    fire immunity keeps randomly not working and killing people :(?
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    beast plugin.
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    @w4rgo update please!
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    I will try it on monday, so maybe tuesday update
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    Gold tools are bypassing my WorldGuard regions!

    This plugin is soooo great though, cant wait for an update.
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    Mike Geitz

    I can't wait! I love this plugin :D Even made a 32x and 64x fire sword texture for it in these packs.
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    Hi everyone, I've been trying all the features of my plugin with the latest bukkit build and:

    - Commands Work.
    - Fire Tools Work.
    - Fire Armor Work. (There is a bug that sometimes gives you half heart damage i have to work on it)
    - Fire Step Work.
    - Underwater Helmet Work.

    So please, tell me what is wrong ?
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    while wearing gold armour and pants, players take a dip in lava, swim around and play, and when exiting the lava on to say, netherrack, they take all the damage they WOULD have taken from being on fire.
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    it still works with cb1000!! woot, idk about 1060 though :(
    i cant wait till an update
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    Excluding the random damage bug, what functionality do you think I can add to the Plugin ? Because I dont update it apart from bug correcting because I consider that all the functionalities are Done.

    Gonna work on that when I get some free time.

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    the ability to see under lava with a gold helmet, and that you dont need a golden helmet to be imune to lava!
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    Mike Geitz

    That would be great to see under lava!!
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    If im not wrong, the Bukkit API doesn't allow me to do that.
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    From now I am creating a personal website where I will put my projects, please when you download this plugin, it would be great if you click in one Advertisement.

    Thank you all


    Version 0.7
    -Fixed Bug damaging sometimes player in lava.
    -The fire gives you more power!! Now when you are in fire you are inmune to fall damage!
    -Updated to craftbukkit 1060 build.

    Plx click on the adds!! thx

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    WorldGuard region support would be nice. Gold tools are able to break blocks in protected regions where build is set to DENY. Gold swords inflict damage in protected regions where PVP is set to DENY. The Gold Armor inflicts reverse fire damage to players in the PVP DENY areas as well.

    An additional feature that would be nice is to have the anti-fire/lava armor degrade while in lava-- slowly-- and obviously configurable for the feature on/off
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    Ok, that will be the next step.
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    Can you explain each of the permissions nodes and what they do?
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    I love it!:)

    can you add a chance function?

    ex> ignite target with 20% chance. (% is configurable)
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    Lol... it already have "Luck" function configurable from the configuration file.
    but maybe I add localized luck in the next version.

    BTW if u love it please click on my adds!!! hehehe on the download page.
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    omg! luck is that? dumb..:'(

    clicked adds! thank you:)
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    Yes but the problem is that is a general luck, so you will be burned with that luck also, It would be better to set individual luck for each feature. I will do in future, thanx for ur support.
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    If wearing golden boots prevented fall damage, I would be so happy! This plugin is awesome and I'm currently using it on my server right now! :D
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    can you add a fire duration on firestep?
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    I found a bug using Firelord goldpickaxe on Faction plugin, when used on a safezone they will able to break stone and cobblestone etc.

    disable goldpickaxe in the configuration of firelord.
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    Added to TO DO List
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    can you add like a separate item configuration for the underwater helmet? Thank you
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    Has anyone tested Firelord for CB1185 on 1.8.1 yet?

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