[FUN] EggSpawner v0.5a - Spawn mobs from eggs [670-733]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Joey Clover, Mar 16, 2011.

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    Joey Clover

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    Can you add precents to each mob?
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    Joey Clover

    I don't think I understand you fully... You mean like:

    Where the last number is the percentage?
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    yes and right now eggs ALWAYS spawn a mob. i need it to spawn a ghast 1/50 eggs

    And what about giants?

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    Joey Clover

    Version 0.3a released!
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    texture pack? :)
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    Joey Clover

    Oh, it is one called John Smiths. It is HD :)
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    I have a problem, when I place the eggspawner.jar in the plugins folder chickens still have a 1/8 chance of spawning due to the default minecraft settingsm so i made a folder called eggspawner in the plugins folder and made a config file called eggspawner.config and afterwards chickens spawn 100% of the time but i need the code so that i can spawn ghosts etc.

    This is what i have in the config:
    GHAST = true

    i got this from the code you posted above. And my server log says something like this:
    22:52:52 [info] size: 1, seed: 0
    22:52:52 [info] type: chicken
    it says this all the time
    plz help I really like this mod

    EDIT: NVM I found it in the craftbukkit folder
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    I can't access the download page, getting a 404 error.
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    Joey Clover

    Completed :)

    Updated the plugin. Version 0.3b now includes Wolves!

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    I can't edit the config file at all, it just says "access denied" i'm using this through FTP on my server, is there any chance you could make it a yml file or something?

    I would love to use this mod too as it gives great access to spawn a number of mobs at a distance with alot of ease.
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    a simple permission node would be great. players buy permissions on my server so i can not sell this one
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    Joey Clover

    Sorry, I can't. I made it save it as a .config and all my code references it through that file name. Try chmod the file as 777 and then open it :)

    I am afraid I do not know how to implement permissions. Sorry!
    I may look into it though :)

    Edit: Attempting to add permissions now :)

    Edit: Added permissions, updating the first post!

    Edit: Complete!

    EggSpawner has been updated!
    Version 0.4a now include permissions support!

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    What is the chmod? and i can't place just any mod onto the server since its hosted by a company and they limit the access. which is why the .config file can't be delete since the server pc think its part of the main files.
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    Joey Clover

    Oh, I will have it fixed within 20 mins. Check then ;)

    Here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12607690/EggSpawner/EggSpawner0.4b/EggSpawner.jar
    It now saves as a '.es', This should solve it :)

    Version 0.4b is now available. The 'EggSpawner.config' has been changed to 'EggSpawner.es' so please delete your 'EggSpawner.config'. Also, please note that future versions will use the '.es' extension.

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    Thanks a bunch i'll try this ASAP!
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    Joey Clover

    Does it work? :)
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    This is a really fun little mod... just had a riot of a time, tossing eggs at a friend, spawning zombie upon zombie at his feet... before he even realised what was going on. XD

    Just wondering - Seeing as Giants are still within the core, and, Slimes once again spawn... could you possibly add those to a list of monsters that the egg can spawn? That would be awesome. XD

    Kudos for the awesome mod... The fun of tossing zombie bombs will never end. >_<
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    Joey Clover

    I will add them when we can add them. At the moment, I don't think it will allow me. If it does, I will update it shortly ;D

    Updated, Slimes and Giants added!

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    Haha, awesomesauce.

    Now I can toss dozens of huge zombies at people.

    Tested, confirmed that both Giants, and Slime, spawn, upon tossing of an egg. =D

    Thanks, that's brilliant! XD


    Now, if only there were a way to have multiple eggs, that each could be used for just one specific monster. >=)

    You, sir, are on my hero list, for such an awesomely fun mod, and for updating it so readily! =P
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    Joey Clover

    Awesome! ;)
    There is a way. Set ONE monster to false, set the spawn chance to 10 and change the amount per spawn to how ever many ;D

    Edit: I could possibly add a '/setegg [monster] <amount-per-egg>' command. Or did the above solve your problem?
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    Oh, no - That's what I already do. I set all the monsters to FALSE, except one, which is TRUE, then I set the SpawnChance to 10, Amount to 5. XD

    What I meant, was a separate egg, or eggs, so that you could have, say - Zombie Egg, Creeper Egg, Giant Egg, etc - which would mean you could choose which you felt like throwing, without having to edit the egg, each time.

    Although, I suppose an in-game command would basically do the same thing, without the need to add additional items into the game? I mean, if you could just /setegg Zombie 5, then, when you're bored of Zombies, /setegg Giant 5, it'd ultimately produce the same effect. XD

    (For that to work, I suppose the command would maybe require additional checks - You could either make it so if you used the /setegg [Monster] command, it would automatically set every other choice to FALSE, and the one selected monster to TRUE... Or you could set it so that you could /setegg [Monster],[Monster], etc, setting each DEFINED monster to TRUE, and each UNDEFINED monster to FALSE. XD)

    Or I could stop being lazy, and just edit the .es file, when I want to throw a different monster.

    (Not entirely sure if modifying the .es file requires a restart, for the effect to be seen... I've been restarting, just in case, but, I suppose I could check that. XD)


    On second thought - With the command, one person could change the egg, without telling the other person (of those able to modify the egg,) and, someone who thinks he's throwing five Zombies... blows up the whole area, with five Creepers. XD That could be bad, especially on a server where just friends play, so everyone is OP. o.o
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    Joey Clover

    I have added the command. It works with permissions, so if you have that, you should be safe. The command to change the egg is: '/eggspawn [MONSTER] <AMOUNT> <CHANCE>'. If the player has the required nodes, it will allow them :)

    Editing original post now :D

    Version 0.5a is now online!
    Added commands!

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    Just paused LOTR: Return of the King, to tell you - You rock. XD

    Will the command set all to FALSE 'cept the one designated in the /eggspawn command?

    (So, if I do "/eggspawn ZOMBIE 5 10" it will set ZOMBIE to TRUE, but all others to FALSE? Meaning it will always only spawn whatever I tell it to, using the /eggspawn command? XD)
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    Joey Clover

    Nope, it is THAT pro that it does not even edit the file :D
    +If you have permissions, make your players Mods and you an Admin. You can control what they can use 100%. I made it ultra compatible with Permissions ;)
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    Awesome. Once this movie's over, I'll download it, and give it a try. XD

    Just to double-clarify - No matter what's currently in the .es file, whatever I select, using the /eggspawner command, will be the only thing that has a chance (be it 10%, or 100%) to be spawned, right?

    I am so glad I found this plugin. So many hours of fun... just throwing eggs at people. XD You're awesome, thank you!
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    Joey Clover

    The person who types the command, it is THEIR egg that changes, not the servers. So if you typed '/eggspawn giant 2 10' and your friend typed '/eggspawn zombie 5 10', then your eggs would spawn Giants and your friend's eggs will spawn zombies ;D (THIS I AM NOT ACTUALLY SURE OF... XD).

    Now for your question... Yeah.
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    Absolutely brilliant. I take my hat off, to you... That just makes it even MORE fun. >=D

    Thanks, a lot, for making this mod, but, also, for taking my requests, and making them a reality. XD
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    Joey Clover

    Noooo problem! :D

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