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    Version: v1.0
    Author: DocRedstone

    CustomDrops allows you to change the items that drop from specified blocks. It is completely customizable down to the item that you mine the block with. This is great if you want to give people a reward for progressing through the game.

    * Change drop for any block.
    * Change about of blocks dropped.
    * Randomize amount of blocks dropped.
    * Customizable chance for item to drop.
    * Everything is configurable!


    # CustomDrops - By DocRedstone
    RandomValue: true //If a random amount of items are dropped, or if a set value is dropped.
    ChancePercent: '5' //Chance for item to drop if above set to true. 1 = 10% 5 = 50%, 100 = 100%
    - 3:IRON_SPADE|98:3 //Order goes BrokenBlockID:Tool_Used|BlockToDrop:DropAmount
    - 3:WOOD_SPADE|115:2
    * /myitem - Tells the "Official Name" of the item currently in hand. Requires permission node: CD.myitem

    Permissions Nodes:
    * CD.myitem - Required to use the command /myitem

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    Version 1.0
    * Officially released.

    Want a Feature Added:
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    Hi, i am trying to use this to set, like when your mining stone with pickaxe , it will only drop cobble randomly, i tried using air id so it would randomly not give you cobble when you mined it, but it cause the plugin to crash. Any ideas on how to set it, or make it work. Im shooting for, rare drops, another words, cant get cobble everytime you mine stone. But replace the drop to air kills the plugins with errors, and i really cant find any item to use, that is useless in game.
    Trying to make it harder to mine items is what im doing. example, cant get iron ores, but it random drop's when mining coal. That appears to be working. Just cant slow the cobble rate, when mining stone. Thanks in advance!
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    I'm making a war server, so can you make it where certain blocks don't drop anything when destroyed?
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    Does this plugin have the functionality to allow for enemies to drop items as well?

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