[FUN/EDIT] EveryoneCanCuboid - an easy to use cuboid plugin for use by everyone [1060]

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    EveryoneCanCuboid v1.0
    an easy to use cuboid plugin for use by everyone!

    • drop into %SERVER_ROOT%/plugins/
    Configuration options:
    • max-size: max cuboid size able to be selected in area (0 = infinite)
    • tool-id: the id of the tool used to select the cuboids
    Commands/how to use:
    • type /ecc in the game to enable the cuboid for your player.
    • place one of the blocks you want to cuboid
    • left click it
    • right click another block
    • left click that same block
    • You must have the correct amount of items in your inventory to create the cuboid using this plugin.
    Good news:
    • This plugin is fully loggable by ANY block logging plugin (HawkEye, LogBlock etc.) and supports block protection by ANY block protection plugin (BananaRegion, WorldGuard etc.)
    Features you may ask for:
    • SuperPerms nodes: not added yet but entirely possible to add.
    • MySQL: wha?
    • Economy support: perhaps, give me a good idea of how to do it.
    • v1.0 - 21/08/2011 - apparently worldedit does all of this, if anyone wants me to delete this plugin just let me know
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    Will you be adding expand and contract commands?
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    I'll be adding an expand tool, yes.
    Contract/setting to air is not what this plugin is about.
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    What I meant by contract was reducing the selection size if you made a mistake somewhere, much like expand...but in the opposite direction.
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    Any chance you could add some permissions nodes so that I would be able to restrict this to only certain groups on my server?

    What would be even more amazing would be if you added both a permissions node for the ability to use cuboids, as well as the ability to set different max-sizes for different groups. That way I could have my Builder rank able to do small cuboids at a time, and then reward my Architect rank with bigger cuboids then mere Builders.

    If it's possible, you could make the node itself set how large the max-size is, but I'm not sure if that's possible (something like ecc.maxsize.numberhere)
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    But then everyone couldn't cuboid :(
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    Ok, idea for economy support. People can start out with access to small cuboids such as 10x10, then use iConomy or BOSEconomy money to buy "ranks" that increase cuboid size. :)
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    But this is such a perfect plugin for my needs, I would just like to be able to limit which everyone can cuboid :(
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    Ok you win - I'll work on adding it!
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    Thank you so much!
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    WorldEdit works with LogBlock?!? :O
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    No, it doesn't do that.
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    You got me excited for a moment there.
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    This does though!
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    Requires you to have the items and is missing a load of other features I'd need. Might add this for lower ranks though. Don't want to give out WorldEdit since it isn't logged and can be used to grief protected regions.
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    Whereas this respects block protection ^^
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    Any news on your progress?
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    for some reason it won't let me use it i need permissions
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    Lupo cani

    This plugin have one clear advantage over worldedit: it's Low weight
    It's an eccelent lightweight plugin for editing worlds, and I will defenitly use it.(or TPack, I haven't really decided yet)
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    Does this plugin work with [1337]? It seems like a great plugin; looking forward to more. :)
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    is this like cuboid PROTECTION?
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    can you please make an update for 1.0.0?? and make it so that people in creative can cuboid all they want
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    Worldedit annoys me, it has too many commands/features I'll never use. I just want a lightweight cuboid D:

    This plugin seems interesting
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    codename_B Please update to work with Creative Mode. Thanks in advance!

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