Inactive [FUN/ECON] ServerJobs v0.7 - your players can now make money [1.3.1-R1.0]

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    ServerJobs - plugin that allows your players to make money:
    Version: v0.7

    Bukkit Dev

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    [​IMG] Wiki

    This is a very useful plugin, which allows you to create jobs and where players can make money. You can create original jobs that are based on gathering some resources.

    * <font color="#ff0000">Java 7 !!! TESTER</font>
    * CraftBukkit
    * Economy plugin (Vault and supported plugin)

    How to use

    Visit Wiki to see how to use

    TODO :
    * in-game editor
    * give player items for work
    * MySQL support
    * More languages
    * more workplaces for one job - more players at that job
    * basic job protection

    * create jobs
    * set how much money player get for every item they gather
    * set which item should players gather
    * set initial message to player when he enters job
    * set time after which players can work again
    * set which items player have while working
    * set time limit for a job


    0.7 -

    Missing your language?

    Translation file :
    Send your translation to [email protected], they will be included in next plugin version after correction.

    Support author :
    If you like this plugin, support me [​IMG]
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    "/jobs set wp"

    This is create "zone" ? :O
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    It sets a workplace where player will be teleported after rigth-clicking sign
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    Looks better than other jobs plugins, but I didn't tested. That I read looks really cool, well good job!
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    New release is here, prepared for language translations
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    When i use /jobs set wp or any other set commands internal erros come? any ideas on what im doing wrong?
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    Wow If this works how I think it will this is a pretty sweet plugin... I'll be back after I try it out!
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    commands don't work, /jobs set wood 2 says internal error. /jobs set 1 wood 2 says invalid attribute.
    and how do i set job inventory?
    I tried /jobs set inv sappling.
    and i can't set any values to items
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    actually it doesn't support things names, it will be in Beta 0.6, now you have to use item ids and if you want to set job inventory, put these things to your inventory and then use /jobs set inv, for items use /jobs set item itemid-money;...
    In Beta 0.6 you will be able to set inventory also by command so you will see

    All these are here :
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    Oh thanks! first I had problems with the job inventory, but I reloaded my server and then it worked.

    sorry for asking a lot but I still have a problem... I used /jobs set 1 item 17-2. (getting wood) and it says items for wich player gets money updated succesfully, but when I test it by clicking my sign and do the job, and /leavejob it doesn't pay me.. or is it because i made the job?

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    The set wp command is /jobs set jobid wp, and nothing else. This sets your position as workplace
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    The plugin looks cool imma test it later :D
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    I am having trouble with this, I have done to follow:
    /jobs add test
    /jobs set test wp

    at this point I get and internal error? can you help?
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    Is this compatable with iConomy?
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    You must use jobid, not job name. You can obtain job id by using /jobs list

    I'am preparing direct compatibility with iConomy, now it is compatible using Vault.

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    You seem to have missed the requirements for the job sign I have used

    and get


    can you help
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    I Will also add it to plugin wiki today.
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    How long utill it is comp with iConomy
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    I am preparing a release with more languages and iConomy direct support and some more finished things, I think that it will be released during 18.7.2012
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    Ok i will get it then
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    there its kit for this jobs ? i mean like if i choose a job and i join it i will automaticly get the job kit ?
    i hope so cuz it would be cool ;D
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    If you mean items in inventory, it is set by using /jobs set <jobid> inv, which makes your actual inventory a job inventory
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    i didnt really understood i asked if i join a job i get the job items for example
    if i make Woodcutter i will set my self inventory in that way that ill get a axe...
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    Actually there is only way to setup a job inventory(things that you will have in a job) by usign command /jobs set <jobid> inv. It will read your inventory, and set it as job inventory so if you will have in your hand only axe and nothing else in your inventory, when a player enters job, he also will have only that axe. Do you understand?
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    I have put this to the test on my server, would you like a report?
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    Yes, I like every respond from you users. With this I can maximaly improve this plugin to the best. Don't forget to download new version, which will be released 18.7.2012. You can use e-mail specified for sending translations.
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    no problem I will set up a thread in my forum and forward you the answer
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    when I try to work it says that I can't work till -h -m. how do I set those times?

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