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    Level SHop
    Version: 1.0

    This plugin allows your players to buy things and mobs at the level that they have. Things that players can buy, in what quantity and at what level the player will be able to buy this or that thing, you can register in the configuration file. Purchase by entering the command /buy ItemID|Mob. Also available is a list of the things that players can /buy.

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    Mobs Eggs ID:

    /lsreload - command for reload configuration file
    /buy - list of items to buy
    /buy ItemID|Mob - buy Item or mob of number. Example: /buy 81 - buy Cactus; /buy COW - buy Cow egg

    Example configuration file to add things:
    - '48:12:48'
    - '81:10:64'
    - '48:12:48' - Moss Stone in number 48 pcs for 12 level
    - '81:10:64' - Cactus in number 64 pcs for 10 level


    Example configuration file to add mobs:
    - 'CHICKEN:10:93'
    - 'COW:14:92'
    - 'CHICKEN:10:93'- Chicken egg for 10 level (93 - creature ID; CHICKEN - for command /buy (/buy CHICKEN))
    - 'COW:14:92' - Cow egg for 14 level (92 - creature ID; COW - for command /buy (/buy COW))


    Version 1.0:
    • Configuration FIle
    • Fixes
    • Multilanguage
    Version 0.1:
    • Release

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