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    I'm discontinuing this project. When I originally started this it was to provide something new and unique compared to what was available. Now, a year later, I've learned a lot and I am content with how this plugin has helped me advance on its own.​
    The primary reason this is over is I'm moving to payed services. If I am going to be told what to do, then I am going to get compensated for the work I've done. To those who use this plugin, I thank you and apologize. It's been a good year and best wishes to all of you. As I've been told, alternatives have come to copy my idea, so you are not going without.​
    This plugin was the second that I've created, and by far was the biggest idea I had. I've moved onto bigger now, and I won't be looking back.​
    Happy Crafting!​
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    This is brilliant! Gonna use this.
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    Looking forward to approval!
    Great plugin, will get server owners lots of money :D
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    Added a temporary download link until the project is approved on DevBukkit.
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    Updated to 1.2.2 adding a whole slew of new features including the ability to view other player's tokens (as admin) and full permissions support. Be sure to add rt.user to allow your users to use the plugin! Also considerably reduced the clutter of shop, so be sure to update your shop according to the new setup, which can be found here.
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    Updated to 1.3.0 after a long wait, I know. The console commands now work properly and I've updated it to support 1.4.6.
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    Updated several times along the way, but just released what I consider to be the finished product. 1.4.2 (when approved) will be the complete version. If you have used a previous version (or if you are still using an outdated version), then I'd suggest getting the new and improved Reward Token. unlike the prior versions, this one has pages to help keep the shop organized, and with a much more stable console command to allow programs like Votifier use this plugin's commands to give your players tokens for voting! If you want to reward your players, and allow them to choose what they want, this is your plugin.
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    1.4.3 is the Command Final, meaning that all updates after this one will have the commands removed and instead replaced with the new sign shop that I am implementing. It fixed a bug with the pages displaying items incorrectly and also added a way for admins to update what is available in the shop without shutting down the server.
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    After some long hours of work, I've finally compiled the first update that required a huge scrapping of work that I had previously done! That's right, 1.5.0 is here and I have completely removed all the annoying shop commands and instead replaced them with a FAR easier sign based system. Users can now right click to find out more about an item and left click to buy on simple sign shops! I'll have another video describing how to set up the new shops soon, but it's not hard at all if you click the link at the top, a monkey could set up these shops!
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    Oh! Reward Tokens??? I think it time to rename plugin to Reward Points :)
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    It's been Reward Tokens since the start. Renaming it would be more trouble than it's worth, but thanks for the suggestion.
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    Hey! :cool:

    It was just a joke related to the latest news :D
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    Ah, gotcha :p
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    Updated to 1.5.5 to add all sorts of new features to RewardTokens that were requested by you! I've implemented a history system that logs shop purchases (if you want it to) and allows users to view their last three purchases (well, their first three right now, but I am working on it). Another awesome feature added was a custom permission field in the shops, so that you can ensure that your users don't purchase items more than once! Just be sure to add the permission in the command section. With some permission plugins, you could even make it so that permissions are timed and allow the user to purchase the item again! Or add discounts for your donators. An open platform for your imagination.

    Happy Crafting!
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    So weren't the last few days eventful. Work was easy and the days have been becoming warmer.. So what better way to spend it but inside on my laptop tacking away at some things I left out with the last update. Now 1.6.0 is as the update name suggests: A full feature. Remember that history thing I botched on 1.5.5 (I sure hope so, it was only two days ago since that release), well, lets say I fixed it up real nice and pretty this time. Not only does it show the player's last three purchases, it deletes any extra, to help reduce and maintain the size of the log.

    But wait, there's more!

    I added a config option to remove those pesky console messages from constantly spamming when someone is buying things. Yea, I sort of realized it was a pain, but no one had brought it up until recently. Now you as the admin can decide whether you want to see it or not.

    Here come the 60 degree days!
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    It's a bit later than normal, but noteworthy. I've updated the command version of Reward Token to be up to 1.6.2 with all the features and such of the Sign Shop version. Also, on the Sign Shop version, I fixed the problem with not being able to destroy signs when in creative mode, and added a new permission "rt.mod". For more info, visit Bukkit!
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    So, with a lot of code having to be sorted through, and a day's worth of labor behind me I am proud to release 1.7.0! With this newest release, I have done something that will save me loads of time in the future: Merged both the Commands and Signs shop types together. Now, with a simple change of the config you can change between signs, commands, or both! Now you don't need to pester me about updating the command version anymore :p

    As a side note: If you want to have early releases send me a PM.
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    I've been in the quiet for a while, people asking for some MySql support seemingly being completely ignored. But I've heard your cries, and I've been slowly learning and working towards adding the support you were wanting. Now it is here!

    Since my last update (here) I've cleaned up the merge between the command/sign shops, making everything work more smoothly, while reducing the overall size of the plugin. I've also fixed a few typos here and there, but of course the most important change that I have made is the MySql support. With the database as an option, a whole new door of flexibility has been opened.

    Sell tokens on your website, add tokens when players vote, or give them out for winning events, Reward Token caters to your needs.
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    So after a break, I've updated Reward Tokens with a small bump: You can now translate the help messages to whatever you would like them to be in v1.8.2 in the Messages.yml file.
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    :( Aww what happened to the plugin?
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    I decided to take a break as I was doing a lot of things in my personal life and did not have the ability to continually maintain this project. I have great news everyone! I'm back!

    With the latest update (1.8.3), I just updated the dependencies, even though it worked just fine without the update. Have any ideas on how to make this plugin bigger and better? Create a ticket here.
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    Version 1.8.4 is now out (awaiting approval). This makes a quick fix for all servers using sign shops only with the new configurable messages. The plugin no longer crashes (Great, right?).

    You can view the full changelog here.
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    Version 1.8.5 is a prelude to a much larger update and overall. I went through and made sure that everything was checking out using the database and fixed a multiple entry bug, as well as replacing a place holder that made it so database using servers would display the wrong token name. Now with 1.6.4 support (though it didn't break the plugin).
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    Alright, so I skipped notification of a few quick fixes on here. There was 1.8.6-1.8.8, and you can find mostly what those fixed in the changelog. What I want to focus on right now is the BIGGEST thing I've done at once with Reward Token since Sign Shops.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing... Xbo- er...

    Reward Token 2.0!

    So lets go over what is big in the newest update. Things that users have been requesting most frequently were brought to life. Admins wanted a plugin that is fully configurable. That allows players to be rewarded for doing things, and without having to manually input those rewards for every user. A way to allow the user themselves to select from more than just a single reward, and after a year of constant improvement and development, an entirely new era of Reward Token has come to the field.

    Complete with total database integration, admins can not only store user points in a database, they now can log all of their purchases as well. This allows for web developers to not only be able to connect their server to the webpage in a way never before realized, it also allows for admins to securely keep their files out of the plugin folder.

    How do you lower the stress level of admins on the server? Create less problems for the user. With 2.0, when users are using the sign shops, it now ensures they mean to purchase what they clicked by having them click it again. This also adds a delay that can help with player latency issues and double purchasing of items.

    Players really wanted to be able to use these tokens in a way that I have been wary of adding for a long time. But it seems that a transfer command was truly needed, and so I've added it. Now with a new permission node, a player uses a simple command ("/rt gift [player] [amount]), and tada. Giving tokens between players is now possible.

    Another thing that users and server admins wanted was to incorporate the mobs of the game. So what I've done is added an entirely new file that holds the values of all 32 mobs. With simple modifications, users can now receive tokens for killing any or all of the mobs you desire, with a random amount and percent chance.

    Now with this update, some things have changed. The configuration file has changed quite a bit, infact. If you update, I would suggest visiting the default config page to update the values. The easiest route though is to delete the old config and let it be remade for you. I've also re-integrated the update checker to comply with Bukkit, so when new features release, you can grab the update immediately!

    Confused on how to set up the shop? Check out the new video I've made!

    It's been a great year, and I've learned a lot of programming through this plugin alone. I want to thank everyone who has used my plugin, and welcome all of those who plan to use it soon!

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