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    As most of you can guess I have not worked on this plugin in a long time. I'm working full time at a grocery store as well as going to college. I literally have no time for sleep let alone Minecraft. Recently someone has contacted me saying they are working on my plugin. I appreciate his work and effort while I am away. This is a link to his topic. His download can be found at
    uQuest - Overly customizable quest system!
    German Questlist 5/16/11
    Coming Soon!
    Gui Questmaker (Heres a beta build!)
    Upload/download area for quests!
    mcMMO extension!

    Laxlux - New German quest list maintainer
    HiMyNameIsAJ - Creating a uQuest website
    Looking for:
    • Someone to make a nice looking website for uquest (Not my cup of java).
    • Someone to add MySql support.
    • Plugin attachment devs!
    • Someone with ideas on different quest types!
    • People to write some random quests to be thrown in the defaults!

    -----------------------Plugin summery below this point-----------------------
    ~Comes preloaded with 53 quests!~

    Support for: (You don't NEED any of these for the plugin to work.)
    Permissions (but not needed!)
      -"uQuest.CanQuest.*" - Allows all these sub permissions
      -"uQuest.CanReloadQuests" - Allows the use of /reloadquests
      -"uQuest.CanReloadQuestConfig" - Allows the use of /reloadquestconfig
     iConomy (but not needed!)
     BOSEconomy (Again, not needed!)
     Essentials! (Again, not needed!)
    Alright here goes, theres a lot to cover so I may miss something on this first go threw! Want a better way to get money into your server economy that selling items to the server or random lottery's? Do you like QUESTS?!?! Do you want your users to compete to see who is a better quester? Then uQuest might be for you!

    uQuest offers your users a simple way to quest! No need to walk miles and miles to a random NPC or click on some block at spawn. All they need to do is type '/uquest give' and uQuest will give them a random quest from it's database! A yml file is provided where you type out each quest for your users. That's right. YOU can decide how many quests there are, what they are, and how you want your users to do them (creating and editing this file are explained on the wiki). You can broadcast every x quests someone finishes to the server as well as give out rewards for x amount of quests. I'll leave the rest for the features section, just thought I'd get you hooked with that :3 If you grab the .zip (which you need to if you want to store your users in a SQLite database!) I have included 53 quests inside!

    All of that not enough? Well theres an API! Other plugin authors can use this as a base for their own plugins!

    Here's a quick screenshot of what the text looks like:

    (I may miss a few, there's quite a bit)

    ~Quest Types~
    All of these can have specific locations set to them! (Can only do in this area etc)
    (More to come I promise!!)

    (More to come I promise!!)

    ~Watch out~
    With great power (of customization)... Come's great responsibility.... There is a lot that can go wrong if you don't pay attention when your changing files. Thankfully, I've tried to have the plugin spew out as many warnings as it could on the servers start. Always give it a check to make sure the plugin loaded all of your work!!!

    ~Plugin Attachments~
    (These plugins add new features to the basic uQuest system)
    Just started this as an example of what people can do. All it currently has is /qadmin givequest
    OP's and people with the permissions (not required for this either) node 'uQuest.MoreModCommands' can use it.
    Simply shows someones progress on a quest everytime they do something for it. IE. I punch a log as part of my quest (grey text)Log Punches 7/10.
    Just put the jar into your plugins folder and it will work on it's own!
    Updates needed: Move quests | Picking up items. | Support for uQuest levels
    Completes quests automagicly! Works with the same methods as showtracker so it has the same flaws. There is this weird bug when running both at the same time that spams some weird extra text. Try to ignore it for now.
    Just put the jar into your plugins folder and it will work on it's own!
    Updates needed: Move quests | Picking up items. | Unknown status on working with quest levels. | Odd text bug with showtracker/this mix.

    ~Plugins using the API~
    (These plugins use the uQuest API to shape their own plugin)

    Since people don't read the above, I'll post this again here so I don't have to write the reply back to this anymore.
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    Whenever I try and use SQLite i get the following

    DB Queue runner started

    in my event log, and shutdowns dont work properly.

    When I run it with flatfile, I get the following.

    [SEVERE] [Hawox's uQuest] iConomy is not loaded. Turning iConomy support off.
    [INFO] [Hawox's uQuest] Loaded with Flatfile!
    [INFO] Hawox's uQuest v0.97 enabled!
    [INFO] [UQuest] Successfully linked with iConomy.

    Bizare that it give iConomy not loaded & successully linked.

    Using CB531, iConomy 4.4.6 & mysql for iConomy.
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    integrate it with Citizen and it will be PERFECT!!!!
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    So, what would I be missing if I don't get the SQLite thing? Does it add something to it, or is it just an alternate option?
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    using build 544 ( craft ), works for all OP, but does not work for anybody else. With permissions file set with uQuest.CanQuest

    Also, BOSEcon intergration works perfectly. I would have got back with you sooner but I live in Japan and my house was without power for two days. Luckily we got some power back so I able to get on at 1am! Lets hope it stays on and that the nuclear plant nearby doesnt blow up! :p Anyway ill keep messing around to see if the permissions files is fucked. We are using yeditor... so its possible.

    **EDIT** fixed and working! knew it had to be a permissions setting. Only request now is for an option to make a quest repeatable ONLY once.
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    I have 531 cb and everyone has tested about 5 quests and its not giving them the rewards
  7. Same here, quest dont give any reward :(
    Also, reward dont scale with quest level (I rollbacked to 0.961)
    Someone had 200 quests done, and so he is lvl 1 and got the same reward as lvl 0 :/
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    There are multiple rewards I need more information. The RANDOM rewards that are given every X levels do not scale. The only thing that scales is the money. I am going to add in item rewards for each quest Around Monday. I am near deaf because of a small illness and all I hear is the "SWOOOSH SOOSH" of blood in my ears.

    Offtopic section. @riuthamus Your in Japan?!?! How's everything? Reports said that the reactor exploded! D: Hope your still okay. Hope your in an area that's not that affected >:

    EDIT: I'll have to look into errors early tomorrow morning. My mate is forcing me to bed. The quest seems to be structered correctly I'll have to look into it. DB runner is good. That severe warning is a bug on \\'s side. The iCon thing is odd but I think I know what the cause of it is. That's all I manged to see before getting yelled at by my mate to head to bed. I'll see what I can do in the morning. ~Gnight
  9. I'm talking about the each quest reward, and I'm using money reward (iConomy). Someone is lvl 1 but get the same amount of money as the other lvl 0 people (he gets the money that is written in the quest, it's not doubled :/) Using 0.961.

    0.97 dont give any reward at all, I think it's broken , so I rollbacked to 0.961
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    Odd I didn't change anything in that. Do you have more than one money plugin enabled in the config? I'll look into this. I may have broken it when I added the API. I will look into it!
  11. No, only iConomy ! Thanks :D
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    Just FYI, I too did a rollback to 961 because 97 is not providing rewards. Using iconomy as well.
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    Tony Xu

    Nice work! :D
    But how do I change the reward??
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    @Hawox Thanks for your wonderfull plugin - hope your ear is better.

    - Volander
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    This works now, though I have yet to add iConomy, so no idea if rewards are working.
    I have to say, some of those quests bundled with it are.. Let's say minor annoying.
    Like playing 2000 notes. Does that one even give a reward?

    Is there a way to create a set of quests that mustbe completed in a specific order? That'd help to create some story line
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    @Scandragon You can change the quests to your liking. There is a page in the wiki about it. There should be some annoying ones in there imo. If they are all easy then whats the point? :x There is no way for it to be given in a specific order. However there is an API for this, which I will continue adding content to, that will allow someone else to do that with their plugin.

    @Volander It's not but thank you! First day of being back to my quiet home so I'm going to get back to work.

    @Tony Xu Read the wiki. There's pages on it.

    Current agenda is to find the problem with people not getting money as well as it not scaling properly. Then that weird quest loading bug with the leather pants.

    Oh, @riuthamus I hope to hear from you soon! I hear some plants exploded and some are on the verge >:
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    Can you look at my issue above about the java number format exception. I've followed the directions completly but I'm still getting that error. Thanks.
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    Quest works great but it is not adding to my iConomy money. Using Craftbukkit #493 and iconomy 4.4.7 No server errors. Any guidance would be of great help
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    It doesn't detect my iConomy plugin (v 4.4.7)
    07:40:05 [INFO] [iConomy] Logging is currently disabled.
    07:40:05 [INFO] [iConomy] v4.4 (Arcadia) loaded.
    07:40:05 [INFO] [iConomy] Developed by: [Nijikokun, Coelho]
    07:40:05 [INFO] [MultiVerse] Found iConomy, enabling payments.
    07:40:05 [INFO] [iConomy] hooked into Permissions.
    07:40:05 [SEVERE] [Hawox's uQuest] iConomy is not loaded. Turning iConomy support off.
    07:40:05 [INFO] [Hawox's uQuest] Loaded with Flatfile!
    07:40:05 [INFO] Hawox's uQuest v0.97 enabled!
    07:44:31 [INFO] [UQuest] Successfully linked with iConomy.
    07:44:31 [INFO] [iConomy] v0.2 loaded successfully.
    07:44:31 [INFO] [iConomy] Developed by: [Coelho]
    Edit: It loads iConomy 0.2????
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  21. You should read the previous posts, 0.97 is broken and don't provide any rewards.
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    Hey.. you'll have to forgive me here,and be a little patient,but how exactly do I install this properly?
    I extracted the zip,then took out the stuff in the plugins folder,and put it into my server's plugins folder,but every time Itry to use it,it says "an internal error occured while attempting to use this command."
    Sorry. i didn't really provide enough information for you to help me,i'll describe in detail.

    i downloaded,extracted it with winrar. I now have two things in the folder,the plugins folder,which holds two things labeled uquest,and those i put into the server's plugins folder.
    I also have the sqlitejdbc file,which from previous posts i read needs to go into the root folder of my bukkit.jar. This is where i am stuck. How do i find the root? and do i delete META-INF after i've placed the file?
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    1. Is there a way to assign the quest to an npc that just stands there?
      Please reply!
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    No you can't do that yet
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    Sorry people I've nearly got updates ready. I was playing around with java swing as a break from the plugin yesterday and I got carried away. I'll look at your issue josh it was baffling me when I looked at it before. It's first on my list after I get the money fix out.
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    My players keep asking me if there could be any function to skip a quest.
    Some players get mad because they get a quest that they don't want to do.
    I thought that maybe you could make something like they can skip a quest for 1000 coin ?
    Just a suggestion :D
    Also thanks for the fast fixing with the money problem thingy !
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    Alright my break of playing with swing for a day is over. Look what I made =o

    Anyways. I'm going to get an update out soon. Just trying to figure out why the quests are not scaling. I might just fix that in the next release so I can get the money fix out to you guys. Then I need to figure out why his quests are not loading right.
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    does the plugin work with RPG/MMO plugin? i cant get it to work
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    I have no idea. Link me to that plugin. I have not kept myself up-to-date with all the other plugins out there.
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    I have both (well I don't have uQuest running atm, waiting on reward fix) but both work together well. Never had any issues or conflicts between having both. CB531, mcMMO 8.21, iConomy 4.4.5

    Could be a permissions problem then. Not plugin conflict.

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