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  1. EasyPVP [Beta 1.0]

    What is EasyPVP?

    EasyPVP is an plugin, for more fun in Minecraft.

    1. You're can set different spawn points, for the teams
    2. You can choose & leave teams
    3. Player name over the head would be have the color that you choosed (red or. blue)
    4. You're can click on signs to get armor & items for fight (Configurable)
    5. SuperPermissions supported
    6. PermissionsEx supported
    7. Antiteamkillsystem
    1. Fix some bugs (tell me if you find bugs, please - thank you!)
    1. /eSpawn blue / red | Set the spawn, of your teams in the arena
    2. /PVP Red | Choose red team
    3. /PVP Blue | Choose blue team
    4. /PVP leave | Leave your team and go to spawn
    1. EasyPVP.SetSpawn | This one is only for admins
    2. EasyPVP.Teams | This one is for Members & Admins, it allows to choose & leave a team
    3. EasyPVP.CreateSigns | This one is for Admins, they can create signs for the tools
    Changelog Alpha:
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    EasyPVP v1.0a
    1. Release of the Plugin "Easy PVP- Alpha version"
    EasyPVP v1.1a
    1. Added different Teams (Red & Blue)
    2. Added a leave command
    3. You will be spawn, if you're leave your team
    EasyPVP v1.2a
    1. Added different spawns, for the teams
    2. Added signs, for items to play in arena (not fully developed in this version)
    3. Fixed colour bugs (Now only the name over the head is red / blue) < doesn't work yet, sorry
    4. Deleted the /GoPVP Command

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    EasyPVP v1.0b
    1. Release of the Plugin "EasyPVP - Beta version"
    2. If player is in a team, and dies he will be spawned at the Teamspawn.
    3. Added configurable signs
    4. Colour bug fixed (tested)
    5. If you join a team, inventory will be reseted
    6. If you leave a team, you will get your old inventory back
    7. Armor from the plugin, like helmet, chest etc. will be reseted if a player leave the Arena
    8. Fixed the /Team leave command, only users where in a team can use this now

    Changelog Release
    EasyPVP v1.1
    1. Updated for the lattest recommend Bukkit Build!
    2. Added Antiteamkillsystem
    3. Updated configuration
    4. Added german languange (configurable, ENG/GER)
    5. Potions are not longer supported by the configuration (will follow in a next update!)
    6. Commands are updated
    How to create a sign:
    1. Place a sign and write in Line 1: [EasyPVP] and in Line 2 Equip
    2. if a player clicks right on it, he get armor & a iron sword (Configurable in next version)
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    EasyPVP 1.1 is still waiting on Approval
    May the (/pvp LEAVE Command is a little buggy!)

    Download EasyPVP (Dev-Bukkit)
  2. Updated for 1.6.4-R2.0 (Latest recommend Bukkit Build)

    Have fun guys, and if you find bugs, just leave a comment!

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