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    Dungeons - A fun dungeon challange plugin:
    Version: v0.2

    This plugin allows you to mark of a cuboid allowing 4 players in at once to fight mobs off or npcs with citizens 2. You decide what they battle, you make the dungeon this marks it off so there is a max number of players at once and set an endBlock where the players recieve a reward for completing the torturous dungeon! All you need is a wooden sword and a pickaxe to set the cuboid and endblock.

    • Sets cuboid allowing 4 max people inside!
    • Gives players reward at end!
    • Clears players inventory when entering dungeon.
    • Returns inventory and gives reward when steps on end block!
    • More To Come! Such as warps, commands to leave dungeon and more!!

    Version 0.1
    • Release!

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    yeah, no download, pretty useless.
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    Read the submission guidelines and format accoridngly.
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    Please read the submission guidelines and format your thread as such.

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