[FUN] Dont Play With Gunpowder v1.1 - Just dont! [818]

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    Dont Play With Gunpowder - Just dont!:

    Current Version: 1.1

    Dont play with gunpowder is, I guess a special plugin, try placing gunpowder near lava or fire and hope you can run fast.
    This was a requested plugin from: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/dont-play-with-gunpowder.17580

    To enable and disable type: /dpwg or /dontplaywithgunpowder

    • Makes gunpowder EXPLODE!
    • Permissions
    • Op Defaulting
    • Console command support
    • Config File Support
    • Warning! If you dont want to...die for lack of a better word, dont drop a stack of gunpowder, else consequences included!
    • Now with Radius And Randomness Support :D
    Default Config (open)

    Version: 1.1
    Radius Of Explosion: 3
    Randomness Of Explosion Position: 2
    Enabled On Startup: true
    Delay Time Between Checks: 1
    Length Of Checks: 1
    Use TNT For Explosion? (!!!WARNING!!! Disables Your Radius Too): false

    Permissions (open)

    • dpwg.toggle (Allows users to have access to the dpwg command)


    Source Code

    Todo (open)

    • Add cooler effects
    • Get a more efficient way to check for gunpowder drops (So far it checks every 0.1 seconds or something?)
    • Add radius and randomness

    Version 1.1:
    • Added Radius And Randomness
    • Added more efficient explosion (no TNT primed)
    • Added Version in config file so it automatically updates the config
    Version 1.0:
    • Initial Release
    Changelog (Long) (open)

    Version 1.1:
    • Added Radius And Randomness
    • Added more efficient explosion (no TNT primed)
    • Added Version in config file so it automatically updates the config
    Version 1.0:
    • Initial Release
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    This one sounds like fun! Gonna give this one a shot.
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    Nice. 1 down 2 to go. :p
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    is this restricted by TNT control plugins?
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    depends how they work, if its mine yes :)
    Edit: Im not sure about others, as long as they check for entitytntprimed, it will block it :)
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    was more talking about the explosion
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    Could you possibly make a minimum gunpowder needed to make it explode? This is a great idea, good job.
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    Yes! thank you!
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    So was I?
    hmm maybe, wont really be cool because if you slowly keep dropping gunpowder in then it wont have a cool effect, but should be easy

    yes lol :p
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    Let me rephrase, I let TNT go off and kill people, but it doesn't damage the world
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    Well thats probably because you have a plugin that blocks tnt?
  12. he means that if this plugin will still kill people, but not harm the world when using the same protection plugin
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    yeah kinda
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    hey nice plugin, how would you like to make a cool plugin for me? if your interested msg me back also i can advertise your plugin on youtube if you like :)
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    Can you change the strength of explosions or radius in craftbukkit?
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    I sureio just did that :D

    Sure just pm me waht to do!
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    this looks fun :0
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    This is a great mod but can there be an option that makes it explode on just dropping it? I want to be able to combine it with dispensers to make small cannons, I understand that it's un-realistic but it would be great.

    Keep up the good work.
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    OMG THAT IS A GREAT IDEA, YOU ARE A F***ING GENIUS CANNONS! HA perfect! remind me about this Ill make it, should be very easy, ill make it u put a sign on a dispenser, then it gets the velocity and angle and fires it, then on impact it explodes stuff, man you gave me a great idea! ILY
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    Matt Timmer

    Great way to stop mob-farms! Gunpowder dropped from the creeps is ignited by the lava blade. BOOM! Chaos.
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    So, tried this out, and I love it. Couple of suggestions though (yes you know you love more suggestions):
    Add a 1 radius effect to the lava/fire so if a gunpowder is dropped literally 1 block away from it, it explodes. Also, when lava runs over the dropped gunpowder you should make it explode too (currently moving lava just destroys the gunpowder) :)

    Oh ya! 1 more thing, almost forgot, add the same effects for TnT as well :)
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    right, I forgot about lava on the sides lol, its supposed to check below lol :3, tnt aswell will be easy
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    Any Updates?

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