[FUN] Disguisecraft/Mobdisguise abilities [FORMATTED}

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    Plugin Category: [FUN]

    Suggested Name: Shapeshifter? Disguisecraft abilities?

    A Bit About Me: I am the admin/owner of a smallish private server with some experience in programming other languages than java and a strong interest to learn java so that i might write a few of my myriad of ideas myself

    What I Want (the important bit): Everyone's heard of mobdisguise and its competitor disguisecraft. but neither of these offers what people really want... because after you run around as a creeper for ahwile, you start to really want to BLOW UP. its no fun to be a creeper without its powers... So I would like an extension plugin to be written for mobdisguise and disguisecraft that would make it so that you gain the abilities of the mobs that you disguise as. It should also clear your inventory and make it so you cannot wield tools, unless you are disguised as another player. A few examples of possible abilities: creeper explode, zombie damage-upon-contact, skeleton bow and infinite arrows, enderdragon flight and ability to fly through stuff, chicken slow falling, baby chicken flight (representing a bird), squid underwater breathing, etc. you get the idea. the BEST feature would be the ability for mobs that can fit throught 1x1 holes to be able to do that when you are disguised as one, but i am fairly certain that this is impossible. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and i hope you consider doing this!

    Ideas For Commands: none needed unless you want to make the abilities toggleable

    Ideas For Permissions: the disguisecraft/mobdisguise permissions already cover this

    Thanks again, and hope to hear from some people!
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    You need to ask MobDisguise or DisguiseCraft to do this for you..
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    alright. maybe disguisecraft will; mobdisguise actually says something about how they aren't going to do this on the description page...
    Thus the reason for the request for the extension.
    I could see how they probably wouldn't like it if another plugin piggybacked off of theirs without their permission.
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    This is a good idea if someone could make it
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    I just got permission from the people at disguisecraft to try to get someone to make this. So please, anyone?
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    Talked to my players, and they really want this too... Someone out there! Lets do it!
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    great thanks man! looks perfect!

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