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    DeeTwenty - Roll a D20!​

    Latest Version: 0.1

    Description: Let DeeTwenty make the tough decisions for you!

    Who gets the last slice of cake?​
    How do you split your one-diamond cache among three players?​
    Should you go to bed or take one last trip to the mines?​
    [​IMG] or [coal]
    • Say "/roll" to roll a D20.
    • Console will always win with a natural 21.
    • Result is output for all to see.
    DeeTwenty.jar (v0.1)​

    • Download and copy DeeTwenty.jar into your server's /plugins/ directory.
    • Restart the server or issue the "reload" command.
    • No permissions. No configuration. Simple as can be!
    Change Log:
    • v0.1
      • Initial release.
    Under Consideration:
    • Allow appending of a roll reason (ex: "/roll for the cake" would say "llamaelite rolled a 5 for the cake.").
    • Allow customization of the text color (currently purple).
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    The download section needs to be after the features list.
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    but those centered parts really make the post somewhat unreadable
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    Thank you!

    And yes, I agree... I wish I could give them a different color or a border or otherwise decorate them in some way to make it more readable while maintaining cohesion among those elements. I'll see what I can do!
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    I really like this plugin. It's simple, effective, and solves a lot of issues ;)
    Really would like the "/roll for this diamond" option.

    Anyhow thank you for creating this!
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    Exactly what I was going to say.
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    Goodness, I missed these last couple comments! Thanks for the kind words :D

    I'll see if I can dust off my dev environment and add the 'for something' stuff. The only question I've been debating is how to let other people roll for the same statement. Maybe if they just say '/roll for' it will append the 'this diamond,' or whatever was said last?

    I welcome any thoughts!
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    Haha love the plugin. Planing to use this when people ask me to spawn something

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