Inactive [FUN] Cutscene v.1.0 - Cutscenes for your server [1.0.0-R1]

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    Cutscene v.1.2.1 - Cutscenes for you server

    Now on BukkitDev!

    With Cutscene you can create cutscenes for your server to show users important buildings, etc. and while explaining everything to them.
    You can add teleport points ("scene nodes") to your cutscenes. For every scene node, you can set messages and a music.

    While being in a cutscene, players will be invisible (VanishNoPacket needed) and cannot move, run commands (Except /cutscene commands) or destroy blocks.


    Another video, showing the effects: coming soon

    - First release
    - I forgot /cse remove <scene> (scene node) /:
    - Fluid moving added
    - Bugfixes
    - better /cse list command
    - More effects! (Still no spout, sorry)
    - But: Effect API (Developers can add own effects)
    - Effects: PlayRecordEffect (Replaces /cse setrecord, but automatically imports old data), PlaySoundEffect, TriggerEffect, SpawnMobEffect, SetBlockEffect
    - Bugfixes (e.g. "Jumping" while standing on the bedrock)
    - Effect API: Global effects possible
    - Bugfixes: Camera glitch, /csa who
    If approved:


    Otherwise: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Do you want to see the plugin in action? If you speak German, you can come to our server "Moonriver" - The introduction sequence is a cutscene.
    I'll make a video, soon.
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    This looks epic. Just the thought of cutscenes in Minecraft... epic. But a video of what the cutscenes look like would be nice! Will definitely check this out.
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    Yes definitely cool. Also would it be possible to make it remember who's seen a cutscene before as well. Generally more info would be appreciated. I.e. permissions included? What kind of music can be used? How does the cutscene set up work? etc.
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    Look at the BukkitDev site. Permissions are included, so only OPs/cutscene.admin-Users can create or edit cutscenes.
    I'm also planning to add commands to enable more control of your users (e.g. start a cutscene for a user).

    The current abilites to add effects like music are very limited, but everybody can use them (No Spout needed [will be added later] ).

    Finished: Play records (Jukebox)
    Planned: Play sound effects/music/trigger events (+ at a relative time)
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    Phantom Index

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    News of v.1.2 (Work in Progress):

    Effect API:

    The effect API will allow more effects! It is a easy way for developers to add more effects to Cutscene.

    For developers: Derive from class "SceneEffect" and register your effect at CutscenePlugin.RegisterEffect(SceneEffect preset)

    For users: Even if I dont figure out how to use Spout or if somebody have a cool idea - you will get the features.

    Upcoming effects:
    • PlaySound effect
    • Trigger effect
    • <Add more?> (Spout -> Later)

    Upcoming commands:
    /cse effect namespace
    /cse timeline namespace (Maximum of chat-based visual timeline)

    /csa reload
    /csa who

    /cutscene start <player>
    /cutscene stop <player>

    I released v.1.2: Download it on Mediafire

    A video, showing the new effects an how to create them: Coming soon

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    Someone.. make an English video about this.
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    I released a little tutorial video.
    I hope it helps!
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    I released 1.2.1 with some bugfixes and an extension of the effect API.
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    Status: I'm currently working on adding new effects:

    • SpoutShowSplash
    • SpoutPlayMusic
    • SpoutStopMusic
    • PlayRecord & PlaySound: Disable if Spout is avilable
    • RunCommand
    • SignEdit
    • Allow (Configure: Allow moving, block placing, looking around, ...)
    + Developers can create more complex "Allow" effects, using ICheckListenerEffect interface
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    Approved, nice idea
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    Update to 1.5

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