[FUN] CreepOut v3.0 - Give your players a scare [935]

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    CreepOut - Give your players a scare
    Version: 3.0

    This plugin allows you to do several actions to creep a player, either as revenge, or just for fun, for example send an immortal spider to chase them across a desert, or spawn a creeper just behind them as they mine.

    To use the commands you must either have the permissions plugin installed and have the permission "creepout.creep", or be an op, or run it from the server console.

    Use "creep <creepName> <commandArgs>" to start a creep.

    Available creeps (open)

    "creep follow <mobname> <target> [count=1] [waitUntilMining=false] [immortaltime=0]" - spawns 'count' number of mobs right behind the user, if 'waitUntilMining' is true, then it waits until the player mines a block before spawning. The mobs will be immortal for 'immortaltime' seconds, they will become mortal when either 'immortaltime' seconds have elapsed, the player dies, or quits.
    /creep follow monster Notch 3 true 30
    "creep leech <target>" - leeches health off the player until they're at half a heart. Especially good against players who carry lots of food around.
    /creep leech Dinnerbone
    "creep burn <target> [fire_ticks=200]" - sets the player on fire for 'fire_ticks', the fire can still be put out by water, there are 20 ticks per second.

    "creep notes <target> [note_count=200]" - spawns 'note_count' notes around the player, the notes are all random, 4 notes will be played per second.

    "creep hat <target> [hat_type=creeper]" - gives the target a 'hat' of a creature. Although the 'hat' doesn't target the player, it still attacks the player and will explode.

    Download - Version 3, tested and works on build 860 + 935.

    Changelog/Version History
    Version 3 - Added burn, notes, hat. Removed spider, added 'immortal' argument to follow creep. Tested on build 860 + 935
    Version 2 - Changed follow creeps to /creep follow. Added /creep leech. Tested on build 860
    Version 1 - Basic creeps, permissions support, first public release. Tested on build 860
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    Well done, old chap.
    can you make a creep where the player is followed by monsters? (sort of herobrine-ish)
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    Awesome! I just gotta get this :p
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    /creep monster does that.

    EDIT: with v2 it's /creep follow monster
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    good stuff, old chum
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    changelog has to show 2 latest versions without a spoiler
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    Can you update it so the player is limited to certain mobs?
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    Possible to allow the /creep follow monster to be invincible also ?
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    What I like to do is to spawn ghasts inside walls so they scream insanely due to suffocation damage, then despawn them in like 2 seconds. I often hear people screaming scared in vent when I do this. Fun times.
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    Sure, will add that next time I get internet. (using phone) I may also find a way to restrict users usage (mob type, count) . Any suggestions on the best way to do this welcome.
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    Awesome idea. :)

    I'd love a 'Scare' option for times when you want to give someone a heart attack but not do any damage. :)

    Spawn a creeper right in front of them but remove it before it has a chance to explode... They scream, and spend several seconds running around frantically trying to get a fix on the now-gone creeper. :D

    No idea if there's anything in the api for telling which way a player is facing, but if not, just spawning it near the player would be good too. :)
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    why creep follow <mobname> <target> [count=1] [waitUntilMining=false]
    wont work???
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    You're probably typing that exact thing in, aren't you?

    replace everything in < > and [ ] with your variable. i.e
    /creep follow spider 1joshua123 1 false
    would make one spider follow you, and it would spawn regardless if you're mining or not
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    (update to version 3)

    Nice idea >:) Might add that in version 4.
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    hey y not add herobrine?
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    Also, could you add all mobs for the follow command? It'd be great to have a creepy pig that follows someone around and just won't die. :)
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    Hm, I'm not sure that passive mobs can do that without lots of effort... Hostile mobs have a nice "target" method. I'll look at it and see if there's an easy way of doing it.
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    Leiff Lewis

    wat do you mean by a...'note'?
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    i know another good scare. change all blocks in players sight to tnt, and trigger the one in their sight. just before it goes kaboom, revert the blocks like nothing happened. maybe add a option to allow it to go boom... then revert everything back. so the player thinks the game glitched!
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    how do i put this on my server

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