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    CraftBall - Play ball-related sports on your server!

    This plugin has been taken over by JayEffKay:

    This plugin allows you to play sports like soccer on your server. A video is the best way to show how the plugin works, so here you go:


    Just throw (with Q usually) your configured ball item onto your configured field, and run up to the ball to kick it. Server ops can use the /craftballreload command to reload the configuration.


    The zip file contains an example configuration file. This is what it looks like:

                - 314,66
                - 330,66
                - 330,84
                - 314,84
            region-y: 78
            ball-item: 341
            enable-kick: true
            horizontal-kick-power: 0.8
            vertical-kick-power: 0.1
            enable-throw: true
            throw-power: 0.5
            pickup-delay: 20
    To define a field region, you must list each point on the region. Any polygon will work. Remember that with rectangles you will need to specify all four corners. The coordinates are x,z coordinates, and the y coordinate for the field is specified by region-y. The easiest way to get coordinates is to use the wand tool from WorldEdit, or any other plugin that can give block coordinates.

    If you're trying to find coordinates just using F3, then round down your X and Z coordinates, and subtract 2.62 from your Y coordinate. For example, if your current position given by F3 is 57.41, 67.62, 130.59, then your X is 57, your Z is 130, and your Y is 65.

    The remaining options are:
    • ball-item: The item id of the ball object (341 is a slime ball)
    • enable-kick: Whether to allow kicking for this field
    • horizontal-kick-power: The initial horizontal velocity when kicking
    • vertical-kick-power: The initial vertical velocity when kicking
    • enable-throw: Whether to enable the throw speed modifier for this field
    • throw-power: The initial velocity when throwing
    • pickup-delay: The delay before an item can be picked up (kicked) after throwing, in server ticks (20 ticks per second)
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    I love this plugin could you please update it :D
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    Okay, I'm just saying it... FREAKING AWESOME!!! :D
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    For some reason, whenever I go close to my ball, I pick it up!I can't kick it!Is there a problem?


                - -102,72
                - -102,58
                - -127,72
                - -127,58
            region-y: 69
            ball-item: 341
            enable-kick: true
            horizontal-kick-power: 0.4
            vertical-kick-power: 0.2
            enable-throw: true
            throw-power: 0.5
            pickup-delay: 20
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    Dose it work for 1.7.3? Cuz i just pick it up from the ground
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    dude can u make a tutorial for me?
    i dont understand how to use it....
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    I've just download the plugin, with Minecraft v1.7.3 and Craftbukkit 1063 (should work with the last recommended) there is no trouble, except about wall of course thanks for the plugin it's awesome :p !

    @randeri221 what's the trouble ? Everything is explain...
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    PLS Skype name I do not know how to help a team viewer
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    can u make a video on how to config it?
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    Can u make a video of how to setup the field?
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    It is very easy to set up you set the area of your goals then you set your size of field from point 1 and point 2.
    Since its been quite a few months since I set one up I cant say exactly but that is the basic thing you do just follow the commands to how I said. :) I sadly don't use this plugin any more due to its out of date and my players never really played it even tho they thought it was really cool.
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    can u make an object that sets the region.
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    Does this support multi world if yes how do you specify a world ?
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    when are you updating this?
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    Can you please bring out a new Version of this Plugin for MC 1.2.5 sry my english is not the best!
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    Why is this not working for me? I installed the .jar file, inserted the plugins.yml, and let the config.yml generate and it's not working. I even set all the corners of my region and the height, (region-y). Any help? I really want this plugin.
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    There needs to be a score counter.
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    Hi, the plugin works great, except for the /craftball reload. I'm OP and it still tells me Admin only. Permissions would be great. Secondly, I'd like you to add support for different walking speeds. Say, you kick the ball hard when you are running, slower when you walk, and give the ball just a small pass when you sneak. Also it would be cool if you could not use a fixed speed, but a random one between 2 speeds you set in the config.
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    Matt Gill

    This has been taken over by someone.

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    I knew that.. Thanks, haha. I'll repost it there.
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    Thank you for that very cool plugin! :D
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    please update craftball :D its so simple and esay to use, one of my favourite plugins
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    Can any of you guys help? I wanna do the /craftball command but it says i have to be an admin to use this! BUT I AM AN OP at my server!!! What do they mean by ADMIN!?!??!!
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    give yourself the node craftball.admin
    but as i remember there is the command /cb list and thats about it, nothing worthwhile having its all set up in the yml anyway.


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