[FUN] CookieJoin v1.1.1 - Get a cookie when you join [1317]

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    CookieJoin - Get a cookie when you join!
    Version: 1.1.1

    (Source in jar)

    This is my first plugin! All it does is giving you a cookie when you join.
    No permissions, just put it into your plugins-folder!

    • Get a cookie when you join
    • Receive a short message when you get the cookie
    • When you get the cookie, a chat message will be shown for all users
    Version 1.1.1
    • Changed the color of the text, the player gets when he receives the cookie
    Version 1.1
    • Added a chat message when you get the cookie that every player can see
    Version 1.0

    • First release!
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    Might add a string which everyone in the world can see what it said?
    NAME had received the god of cookies.
  3. You are missing the version in your title.

    Couln't people just keep login in and out to get free cookies?
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    basically yes, but cookies aren't that valuable you know :p
    it's just a little fun plugin ^^
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    Hello! Add a cooldown that you can get a cookie every day. :) :)
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    Cosmic Break

    add some kind of cooldown for this plugins. highly exploitable just by relogging alot.
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    add a
                Random r = new Random();
                if (r.nextInt(10)==1){
    so then every 10 players will get this. or even raise the random event.only change the 10 higher or lower. no lower then 1. it will most likely error out.... 1 on 1 will be a 100% chance of everyone getting a cookie...
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    Although declaring a new Random every join is not good practice.

    Leave it to us to adulterate a simple plugin. IMO don't change anything :p
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    ffs i cant give a simple opinion?why leave it to you? your no better then anyone else...
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    You seem to have misinterpreted his post.

    Also, to reiterate, a new random each login is a bit silly.
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    What? I wasn't being hostile at all. I was just making the observation how tiny plugins turn into behemoths because of us (us including me). Also if you didn't know IMO means in my opinion, so that read "In my opinion don't change anything." You responded accusing me of not allowing you your opinion. Very confusing. Unless you were talking about the Random object in which case...I'm right. You don't declare a new Random every time, you create one on plugin load and access it when you need randomness.
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    this plugin is great =3
    youre a genius :D [diamond]
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    Add permissions support? It would be great if only the VIP of my server could get a cookie :)
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    sounds like a nice plugin, but:
    - make permissions support pls (only vip get cookies) - i know this is already requested but id linke to underline this.
    - an config file where i can set the messages for getting a cookie.
    - the posibility to disable these messages.
  15. can this be done? :
    Only once can get the cookie, first time when joining to server.
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    Could you please create a YML file to edit the message?
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    Hey, if you want to add something for this plugin just say so i will do it for you ;)
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    Awesome plugin,
    But make a YML file where u can type your own message
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    can you edit it so, that you can use it WITH authme? because if you are logging in it's giving you a cookie, then your inventory will be restored and the cookie disappears. can you please fix that?

    dude.. open the cookiejoin.jar file, go "src\me\daninator1\cookiejoin". then open the file CookieJoinPlayerListener.java with notepad ++ and you can edit WHAT item and what amount of item it will give him AND you can change all messages and their colours! that is so easy. why you don't do that?

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    please update this
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    In Progress Of Updating...Adding A config also
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    One thing, I think you should either

    A) In the config add a option to use a permission node weather they recieve it or not
    B) Simply add a perm node :p

    (We all love configuration, right :p)

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