[FUN] Citizens v2.0.11 - Human NPCs for Bukkit [1.7.2]

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    Citizens - Human NPCs for Bukkit
    Version: 2.0.11
    Authors: @fullwall and @aPunch
    Source: Citizens on GitHub

    Citizens is now on BukkitDev

    This thread will no longer be updated. We encourage you to use our page on BukkitDev. You can find information, links to our wiki and website, and the download page there.

    Showing Your Support

    We work hard to maintain Citizens. We've been working on Citizens2 around the clock on new and exciting features. A little motivation never hurts, so feel free to donate to us - fullwall and aPunch.

    If you can't donate, we appreciate a "hello" every now and then. Stop by the IRC channel #citizens on irc.esper.net to discuss Citizens and give thanks!
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    blutherz, first tell them what plugins you have. That would probably be for the best.

    question for aPunch:
    How can I get the blacksmith working? I type
    /blacksmith repairarmor 299 
    to repair a leather chest piece but it says
  3. Hello!
    I have been doing Bukkit Plugin Tutorials for a few weeks.
    I was wondering if you want me to do an indepth tutorial on this...
    I likely will anyways, I am just wondering if you have any objections or anything that you want me to include.

    My Youtube Channel it MichaelMitchellM

    Thanks :)
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    When I define a message and I right click on the NPC, it does not say my message.
    Is this normal?
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    yeah messages dont work, they look but dont say anything. Otherwise working like they should so far.
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    Whats the permission command so simple users so can buy from/sell to trader NPCs, and not only Op'ed users?​
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    this is what i have in my everyone permissions and it works pretty smoothly.

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    Hmm is this a confirmed bug? This is all I want my npc's to do right now... -.-
    Not that I don't appreciate the awesome extra features, but... shoot...
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    Works fine for me, just check your configuration file for items=(id). And use the right item.
    Default was 340 for me, and everything's fine...
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    I tried also CB 770
    here my versions numbers of server and plugins:
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    Server Information

    Java : Oracle Corporation 1.7.0-ea (http://java.oracle.com/)
    Operating system : Linux 2.6.35-28-server (amd64)
    Available processors: 2
    Free memory : 1639 MB
    Max memory : 2031 MB
    Total memory : 2031 MB
    Server ID : blutherz World
    Server name : blutherz multi world
    Implementation : git-Bukkit-0.0.0-733-g423f8f1-b770jnks (MC: 1.5_02)
    Player count : 1/20


    WorldGuard : 5.0-alpha10
    WorldEdit : 4.5
    DiscoSheep : 0.3.1
    Citizens : 1.0.8
    LCWoodCutting : 0.1
    MultiHome : 0.9.2
    HeroicDeath :
    LCExcavation : 0.1.4_01
    LWC : 2.31
    CraftBukkitUpToDate: 2.5.3
    Permissions : 2.7.3
    MultiVerse : 1.6.3
    LCSwimming : 0.1.3
    Backup : 1.5
    AutoSave : 1.3.0
    ThunderJoin : 1.5
    CopyCat : 0.3
    InvinciWolf : 0.0.4
    AntiTower : 1.0
    BedHeal : 1.0
    RealShop : 0.62
    iChat : 2.2.3
    SimpleAwaySleep : 1.1.1
    LevelCraftCore : 0.1.5
    LCMining : 0.1
    MotherNature : 1.2
    BlockCantKeepUpSpam: 0.1
    LCRange : 0.1
    dynmap : 0.15
    PerformanceTweaks : 0.06
    HeroSneak :
    VehicleZap : 1.1.0
    IBICF : 1.5
    ThunderGhast : 1.1
    AngryWolves : 0.6
    xAuth : 1.2.4
    Jail : 1.0.0
    StealthLogin : 1.1.0
    GravelClay : 1.2.3
    Landmarks : 0.2
    LCCombat : 0.1.1
    Minequery : 1.5
    BOSEconomy : 0.6.2
    AppleTree : 0.5.1
    PorteCoulissante : 1.2.1
    ecoCreature : 0.0.5b
    NaturalGiants : 1.3
    General : 2.2.8

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    Show Spoiler
    15:50:51 [SEVERE] Could not pass event ENTITY_TARGET to Citizens
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid inventory size; expected 36
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.inventory.CraftInventory.setContents(CraftInve
    at com.fullwall.Citizens.Traders.TraderTask.clonePlayerInventory(TraderT
    at com.fullwall.Citizens.Traders.TraderTask.<init>(TraderTask.java:59)
    at com.fullwall.Citizens.Traders.TraderInterface.handleRightClick(Trader
    at com.fullwall.Citizens.Listeners.EntityListen.onEntityTarget(EntityLis
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader$52.execute(JavaPluginLoader.j
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.jav
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.j
    at com.fullwall.resources.redecouverte.NPClib.CraftNPC.a(CraftNPC.java:7
    at net.minecraft.server.EntityHuman.c(EntityHuman.java:476)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(NetServerHandler.java:813)
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet7UseEntity.a(SourceFile:33)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.a(NetworkManager.java:196)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(NetServerHandler.java:75)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:100)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(MinecraftServer.java:372)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:287)
    at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:394)

    T.T I think the Backpack plugin is causing this. This error pops up when I right click a trader.
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    what do you mean? the npc has to have a specific item to talk? or what?

    nvm, you have to hold a book and then right click on them? that takes the fun out of it.
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    You can't use item ID's. Do /blacksmith list to see the valid arguments.
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    Ah I see now, I checked and double checked for this and I was thrown off by the select item ID... I think the developer has these backwards as it makes no sense the way it is now! (It's always been this way, though, so I should have seen it coming.) Anyway thank you for your reply!
  16. Yea I figured that out ;)
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    Ah I see now, I checked and double checked for this and I was thrown off by the select item ID... I think the developer has these backwards as it makes no sense the way it is now! (It's always been this way, though, so I should have seen it coming.) Anyway thank you for your reply!

    Edit: They may have changed how things worked... so perhaps this wasn't an oversight after all. Gatta spend some time learning all these changes I suppose.
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    This will be fixed shortly. It is an issue with Essentials Eco and Nijikokun's Register API.
  19. How do I create a Blacksmith, Healer etc
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    Hello everyone :D

    Just updated today and integrated everything into the server perfectly fine.

    However, the only issue I've come across so far is with NPCs selling items. I'm currently having my NPC trying to sell iron ore, lapis lazuri ore, and coal ore but it will not list it in the "/trader sell list" command. Could it be an error only with the ore or perhaps I am doing something incorrectly?

    Let me know when you can and excellent plugin with an impressive bugless release (so far) :)
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    This can be edited and changed to all with a *... or another ItemID
    If anything makes it more flexible.. more fun even.
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    exidous thx you are my saviour :p
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    I simply updated to the newest version and it works. Thanks for the fast reply. I'll be working like crazy on your wiki probably in short while.
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    First of all, thank you so much for this amazing update! I was watching Citizens for a number of weeks, and now I've officially taken the plunge, and it's been working without problem so far.

    I have one nitpick so far, and a suggestion. First, the nitpick: when you open the selling list for a trader, it says (for instance, using our money denomination): "Selling 450 Denarii for 1 GLOWSTONE(s)." However, upon testing, it does work properly--glowstone sold for 450d each. Could you perhaps change this to reflect the proper order of text, like "Selling [item] for [currency]?"

    My further suggestion would be to allow even more customization, if that is possible. Can you make it possible for the costs for the services of blacksmiths, wizards, and healers to be customizable by the NPC owner? That way they could be legitimate businesses in an RP world. Are there plans to expand the blacksmith so that the repair costs are customizable for each different tool/weapon/armor repaired? My dream would be that each time someone used the blacksmith/wizard, it would cost [admin customizable amount] to the owner of the NPC, and [NPC owner customizable amount] to the customer. That way, it costs something to an NPC owner to set up a blacksmith shop, but they can offer their services for a profit, and we could have price wars between merchants and blacksmiths and that sort of thing.

    Thanks for this great plugin, and I'm excited to see what else you have planned! :)
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    Yes thx for updating :D you guys rock. But there is a problem with the speech of the NPC. They dont say nothing. If I change the talkwhenclose to true in the config, and start the server , it automatic changes into false. I try to protect the config file but then i receive errors. Do you know the error?
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    hy. how can i use the basic npc? i want to use it for my city, for an information office worker. what toggle have i to write? thx for help
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    just write /npc create name text
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    Yeah when i start with plugin with essentials economy it spams errors like other people have mentioned :)
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    Version 1.0.8c

    -fixed issues with EssentialsEco
    -fixed accounts going negative when leveling up healers

    It is highly recommended that you upgrade to this version if you use Essentials Economy
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    So I know you guys are hard at work, and likely have not completed things... but if I might request please make the tools and armor configurable by items used in the repair process, or at least allow us to set our own prices per item/armor type. I think anyone would agree that paying the same amount to repair a chestplate as you would a helm is a bit ridiculous. My server simply will be paying way too much for everything but chestplates and pickaxes until something can be worked out... unless i'm missing a way to do this?

    Oh, and fantastic work by the way - this is some really cool stuff!
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    It seems when using the healer, no money is being deducted.

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