[FUN] Citizens v2.0.11 - Human NPCs for Bukkit [1.7.2]

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    Citizens - Human NPCs for Bukkit
    Version: 2.0.11
    Authors: @fullwall and @aPunch
    Source: Citizens on GitHub

    Citizens is now on BukkitDev

    This thread will no longer be updated. We encourage you to use our page on BukkitDev. You can find information, links to our wiki and website, and the download page there.

    Showing Your Support

    We work hard to maintain Citizens. We've been working on Citizens2 around the clock on new and exciting features. A little motivation never hurts, so feel free to donate to us - fullwall and aPunch.

    If you can't donate, we appreciate a "hello" every now and then. Stop by the IRC channel #citizens on irc.esper.net to discuss Citizens and give thanks!
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    None of my old npc's all of my new.
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    what are the future plans or guidelines for this project seeing as notch has stated he will be adding NPC's in Vanilla?
    my more direct questions would be:
    From what i gather this project is continuing am i correct?
    Do you plan on adding the new NPC's to citizens?
    Do you forsee the upcoming NPC API speeding or stymie-ing development?
    Can we get a roadmap of some sort to show the direction this plugin is headed in? or maybe just a list of planned goals and features?

    Thanks in advance for your reply

    P.S. i cannot find a clear way to acquire the test builds can you post that in your main page in a more clear way please?
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    I have NPC trader and i have problem...
    Why I can't buy some item when I am not /op? When I'm /op all still work.
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    if your running do you have your permissions set up to use the traders?
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    Do you mean plugin "permissions"? No - I don't have it, because I don't know where I can get it. :/
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    do you use the latest recomended build of craftbukkit?
    if so go HERE (bookmark it you'll need it) and search for permissionsbukkit

    permissions is not always easy to start using but after you get it its really a lot easier than defaulting everything to ops/nonops

    if you need help setting it up i'll be home around 6 pm eastern i can skype you though it or teamviewer or both. :p
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    Did you just break the API for the forth time? The fuck.
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    I have craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT - How to run PermissionsBukkit?
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    thats the name of all bukkit files. try typing the word version in your command window
    if it returns jnks1000 (or similar) just place permissionsbukkit in your plugins folder and add your users along with the permissions you want them to have. thats all im willing to say in this thread as we have taken it a bit off course however asking for help in the thread for permissionsbukkit may be more helpful. or we can meet up on skype after 6pm eastern time (EST)
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    I am having this exact same issue. Same version etc.
    Could someone copy+paste their config for a trader NPC so I can see the syntax and manually edit the config file myself? I'm sure this will be fixed next update, but in the mean time, I'd really like to be able to use NPCs, since currently the only NPCs I use are traders.
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    My NPCs are randomly despawning and not coming back again even though I'm standing right next to them the entire time.

    19:24:54 [INFO] [Citizens] Despawned at -1 0
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    This will be fixed in 1.0.9d
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    i believe thisa was mentioned a few pages back and has a fix in the upcoming release.
    EDIT: i call ninja'd! i took a couple seconds to take a payment at work......
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    I have problems with the combination of iConomy and Citizens.... I dont know who controls this part.

    When using the econplugin youre charged with an amount... but players in my world are able to get money values that are below 0 when creating a npc. Because of this i have players who have like -1000 Money on my server...

    How can i fix this or should i ask iConomy about this (A)?

    Kind Regards,


    ( Citizens Version 1.0.9c, CB1000 )
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    This will be fixed in 1.0.9d.
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    I'm sorry if this has already been asked about but when I set my NPC's as traders, and then try to get them to sell something, it says they're selling it. Then afterward when I change the owner of it and try to sell it to them it says that "You dont have enough money to buy so and so." Then I checked /trader list buy and it still says it's buying that item. Then I do /citizens reload and it says they're not selling anything anymore? Please help :(
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    Nah I went with the option of switching mods because permissions are a bitch
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    Will evil NPC's take damage in the next update?
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    That's the least of my worries xD. I'm hoping all bugs will be fixed first
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    Please, add ability to freeze npc's, now everyone can grief them if they aren't protected in some way... I would love it much more if you do this :). However, i love this plugin.
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    I couldn't find this in the wiki, but can I make a NPC follow a path? Or tell it to walk randomly?
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    sorry i didnt ask you. im asking the devs plus all my npcs work just fine.
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    This is one last reminder for the next update:

    1. Permission nodes have completely changed. Look here for complete documentation on the new nodes.

    2. You must remove all single quotes from the following files: citizens.yml, economy.yml, mob.yml (Failure to do so will result in some "Could not pass ENTITY_DAMAGE" and other errors)

    Complaining about these things will get you ignored and most likely flamed by other users. We have given you fair warning.
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    It's incredible ! I found an important issue, i posted this issue many times but i never got an answer from you!
    @fullwall , @NeonMaster, @thempc and @aPunch

    I found a big issue.

    When a player selects a npc trader (right-click) with food in his hand, the food heals him and doesn't disapear. This allows to be heal for free. This issue appears with citizens for Minecraft 1.6.6 and is still present with bukkit for Minecraft 1.7.2 and now with bukkit 1000 for minecraft 1.7.3 !!
    Take at least bother to answer me. This bug is not included in the list of known bugs.
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    I'll look into it and hopefully have it fixed by 1.0.9d.
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    At my server are no npcs? Everytime when the server starts there comes ; 0 NPCS LOADED.

    What can i do ?:x
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    Million dollar question...Have you created any NPCs yet?
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    Upon further testing, I was unable to reproduce this bug. The food was consumed and it did not stay in my hand like your reported.
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    how 2?
  31. Hmm I didn't find anything in the Wiki but...

    With the new release Npc's move when they are pushed, which is TOTALLY awesome! (Great job!), just is there any command to make them not move? I have some npcs that are totally fine to be moved around, but some I'd prefer to stay at the same spot :)

    Sorry if it has been asked before but there are too many pages here :)
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