[FUN] Citizens v2.0.11 - Human NPCs for Bukkit [1.7.2]

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    Citizens - Human NPCs for Bukkit
    Version: 2.0.11
    Authors: @fullwall and @aPunch
    Source: Citizens on GitHub

    Citizens is now on BukkitDev

    This thread will no longer be updated. We encourage you to use our page on BukkitDev. You can find information, links to our wiki and website, and the download page there.

    Showing Your Support

    We work hard to maintain Citizens. We've been working on Citizens2 around the clock on new and exciting features. A little motivation never hurts, so feel free to donate to us - fullwall and aPunch.

    If you can't donate, we appreciate a "hello" every now and then. Stop by the IRC channel #citizens on irc.esper.net to discuss Citizens and give thanks!
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    We had discovered a couple of "bugs" or annoying features in 1.0.8 with the traders but I tought it would be fixed in 1.0.9 so I didn't post it. However, I just tested 1.0.9c and almost same thing happen.

    I'm running CB1000 with Citizens 1.0.9c and iConomy 5.0.1. No other plugins are installed.

    First, we have problem if the amount is set to 0 in /trader sell <block>:0 <price>
    If someone click to buy the item, nothing gets removed from the NPC, but he receive a fake item. Someone on my server achieved to dupe blocks using that in 1.0.8. Not sure if it's still possible with 1.0.9, but receiving a fake block is still annoying. Would it be possible to disallow setting the amount to 0 in both buy and sell commands? That would help a lot.

    Also if some set the price of an item to a negative amount. Like, /trader sell <block>:<amount> -100
    If someone click to buy, he receives the item, and the money. That wouldn't be a problem if the NPC balance couldn't got under 0. However, some guy made loads of money by taking a NPC balance to -1000000. Could you also disallow the use of negative amount?

    Besides that, this is really an awesome plugin, thanks a lot for all your work.
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    Feature please I am using the current release what I would like, a flat file so I can set 1 price for everything, Why do I have to type 300 commands just to get to buy everything people can make. If I want to buy Cobblestone and dirt I have to type
    /trader sell 4:1 0.50
    then type:
    /trader sell 3:1 0.50
    and that is per NPC, I would love a simple file like the old iCTrade which looked like this
    # [id]=[amount]
    # For SmoothStone:
    # 	1=10
    # You will gain 10 coin for every smoothstone you place in the chest.
    # Additional Feature: Lost money / Nasty block.
    #	10=-10
    # You will lose 10 coins for every lava block you put in the chest.
    Much easier for there to be 1 file (even 2 Sell and Buy)
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    @fullwall I just went through my server log looking for errors. I found some relating to a read time error, and some others dealing with problems I dealt with earlier.

    Just so I am absolutely clear.

    /create NPC GruGru
    /toggle Wizard
    /wizard mode teleport
    /wizard addloc Here
    /wizard addloc There

    This chain of events, would create Gru Gru, Make him a wizard, switch his mode to teleport, and set two different teleport locations, to which I would need to travel to manually first to set.

    Then I should be able to take the activation item, as listed in the config file, which is a default of feather, and left click on him. This will cycle through the different teleport locations. Then when I have selected the teleport location I want, I right click on him with the mystical feather (or other activation item)

    If the above is what is supposed to happen, I get all of that, except the ability to cycle through the locations. Am I missing a step?
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    @Mordaith - seems to work for me... but then again, I have no idea whether there were changes to fix it in more recent commits.
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    First off - Thanks for taking the time to look in to this for me. I hope you know that it is really appriciated.

    Just in case - my current plugs ins are:
    Bukkitcontrib, Cookie Monster, Daily Bonus, Iconomy, mcMMO, Permissions, Worldedit, Whoareyou, and Painting Switcher.

    I haven't read anything about any of these causing a conflict. It is 4am here, I'll check to make sure I have the most recent ones when I wake up tomorrow. Thanks again. I know from reading the forum, I am not the only person with this problem - I am just curious what our commonality could be.
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    @fullwall - another problem came.. i don't know when is happening but.. when my server is up for long times.. sometimes my NPC will act strange like the Traders.. if u look the the Items they're selling, you won't see the price.. and then u can get the items for free and remove in his inventory, regardless if ur an OP or a normal players.. for wizeard.. it doesn't recognized the economy, when u want to teleport it will say u need 10 flower blah3.. but it's working fine before that..
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    1. How would the command for that look like? Everything I've been trying has been putting the prices in items.

    I'll tell you what is happening again: I'm trying to allow people to buy/sell stacks rather than an individual item at a time.

    If I set the item for example /trader buy 15 : 64 100 that would mean I want the NPC to buy a stack of 64 ironore blocks for 100 gold. Beautiful - it works. Now if I have a stack of say 10 iron ores in my inventory and I just try to sell them, i'll still get 100 gold from only 10 iron ores. That's not right though.

    2. Is there any way that more than one person can access an NPC at a time?
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    can someone else start a npc plugin.. ive checked out others and there all pretty much given up on.. and this seems like its heading there since there hasent been much change yet its 1000 compatible. ive given up on this plugin :\.
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    This sounds like your server has PvP disabled. Unfortunately, having PvP disabled causes left-clicking to not work with healers and wizards.
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    My two cents:

    I love citizens and think that it is one of the top Bukkit plugins out there. The traders have always worked fine for me with buying and selling. I was disappointed with how the (although not supported) Questers used to semi-work and play nice with uQuest and NPC-Quester, but now it is broken. The healers are nice to have, and fun to put them a block below while they "heal" you. The guards are obviously not done, but for now I use their function to make the NPCs kill-able. I have to give props for some of the skins I saw. When I created NPC Duke, an NPC with a Duke Nukem skin came up. When I created NPC Guard, it looked like masterchief. I thought those were cool. I use this plugin a lot on a small Minecraft server I just started up (and will shamelessly plug) called mc-clinic.com. Looking forward to the progress!
    Mentioned plugins up to date
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    This plugin is still very active. We will have 1.0.9d out soon, fixing many issues. Sorry that you think that it is dead just because fullwall and I have lives to attend to.
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    Hence the reason why i asked for someone else to start on a project since you guys are to busy to do it.
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    We aren't too busy. We just can't develop 24/7 like you want.
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    Your mistaken, i said in no such way anywhere for something 24/7, its been 3-4 weeks with ongoing problems and nothing solved. [cookedmeat]
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    @aPunch Thank you so much! That was exactly the problem! I am sorry for not mentioning the PvP thing, I never thought for a second it would be relevant.
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    I'm really sorry to repost, but things are going so fast in this thread, I don't want my message to get lost. Also, lot of ppl got answered after my post, So I have 2 guess. My question is stupid (I doubt it) or the Devs had too much thing to do and didn't saw/answer it.

    Any help on this?

    The shops on my serveur rely 100% on Citizens, and with those bugs, it's unusable.

    Sorry if it already been answered by someone else, reading 213 pages is a little long.
    I just wanna know if you guys are investigating on this, or if I need to look for another way to make my shops.

    Can't you just block zeros and negative values everywhere? That would fix a lot of strange behavior.
    Thanks a lot for your work.
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    Just be patient for 1.0.9d. There will be tons of bugfixes that should make you believe that Citizens is going nowhere anytime soon. It is here to stay! :D

    To all: All permissions nodes again will be changing in version 1.0.9d. I will put up documentation well in advance of the release on our GitHub wiki (not the wikia one). This change was necessary as the 'citizens.use.type' nodes weren't giving admins enough control.
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    I believe you should set up a Tour Guide option. It would be like the body guard, and fallow a player around. Once entering a pre-defined zone, it says something (Like explaining where they were).
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    May I ask how I can stop the npc's from moving?
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    You should start a carreer as a motivational speaker! This will surely get aPunch and Fullwall the motivation to work more unpaid hours on this plugin.
    Better yet... It wouldn't surpise me if we would have a flawless NPC plugin within a few days from other people who started out from scratch as soon as they read your suggestion!
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    This has probably been said before, but with or without the help of BukkitContrib, will it be possible to change the NPC's model?

    For example, it looks like a creeper or skeleton instead of a Human. With the addition of Questers, that could prove to be... Epic.
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    Shoot them in the legs!

    But seriously... do you mean them flying up in the sky (as that is an issue in an old version), how to reset the pathing you created (/npc path and then right click to remove waypoints if not mistaken) or the fact that you can push some NPC's of their spot?
    The last i haven't sorted yet either, seem to happen to randomly to a NPC. Removing and re-adding might help.
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    Not possible unless you have client-side mods running aswell.

    However.. think aPunch mentioned someone who was making a plugin that might make this possible.
    Not sure which one that was again and when it will be ready.
    Might again require a client side mod though.
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    Yeah, that's why I was thinking BukkitContrib. It can already do so much, so perhaps it will be able to ;) One can always hope.
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    I am having problems with the npc moving when beeing pushed.
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    This plugin has come so far, good work guys and those of use that have seen this develop will be more than happy to wait as long as it takes.
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    Of course! its pure psychology! atleast you got to see from were i was coming from! thank you so much!
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    Tried deleting it and placing a new one?
    At least i am assuming not every NPC has this issue? (Out of 25 npcs i got only 1 is push-able, maybe he's just a push over)

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