[FUN] ChallengeMaps v0.2 - SMP Framework for Instanced Challenge Maps [1240 - 1337]

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    Download ChallengeMaps: Current Version 0.2 | Static Link

    Have you wanted to share the challenge map experience with your friends on your server? Have you tried it but had issues with the challenges not being truely separate? Do you wish the game would track weather or not you have completed the objectives? Well, you have come to the right place! ChallengeMaps does just that!

    ChallengeMaps provides server administrators with the framework to host various challenges on their server. They can be custom or one of the prebuilt challenges that are provided for you! Each player gets their own instance of the challenge that nobody else can mess with! When that player isn't actively working on their challenge its unloaded from the server resources! Keeping things light and efficient!
    This is very much alpha software! It is *not* recommended to run this on a production server!

    What if i have a problem?
    Just create an issue ticket over here.

    How It Works:
    A server admin sets up a challenge map entrance somewhere in the world (you can have multiple entrances to the same challenge.) Players then access the challenge from the entrances made by the server admin. That's it, it's that simple!

    What Can I Do With ChallengeMaps?
    You can put together your own challenges, maybe make a maze or platformer style map, and disallow building and breaking blocks then see who can make it thru!
    Or maybe you want to see who can finish SkyBlock1.1 the fastest?
    The possibilities are endless!

    How Do I Use It?
    Step 1: Create your own challenge, or use on of the challenges provided below.
    Step 2: Add an entrance to the challenge.
    Step 3: That's It!

    That's it?! Really?
    It sure is, that's all you have to do! Creating your own challenge is much more involved of course.

    Can I Try it Before I go Through the Process of Setting it up?
    You sure can! Connect to my public dev server and give it a go! server.epicsagaonline.com:25560

    What version of craft bukkit do i need?
    ChallengeMaps has been tested against CraftBukkit build #1240 (MC Version 1.8.1)

    What other plugins does this leverage?
    Spout is required to track inventory and crafting changes.
    Take your pick of a permissions plugin.

    What permissions are available?
    There 4 permissions available for SRT:
    challengemaps.* - This gives full access to ChallengeMaps
    challengemaps.admin - This allows players to create and modify challenge entrances.
    challengemaps.enter - This allows players to enter challenge maps through the entrances created by admins.
    challengemaps.reset - This allows players to reset their challenge if they so desire.
    What are the commands for this crazy thing?
    /cm leave or /leave - will remove a player from their current instance, and put them back in the 'real world'
    /cm obj - will list out the players objectives for the current instance they are in
    /cm reset - will reset a players instance, you need to provide the instance name, and the player cannot be within the instance.
    /cm score - displays the players current score for the instance they are in.
    /cm claim - lets a user claim their rewards.
    Per player instances of challenge maps.
    Configurable access to the features of the plugin.
    Framework to design your own challenges.
    Tracking of objective progress.
    Many more that would be silly to list!

    Planned Features:
    High score tracking and display at challenge map entrances.
    More objective tracking possibilities.

    How do you install a ready to use challenge?
    Just unzip the folder into the 'maps' folder of your ChallengeMaps folder. (i.e. the path to the skyblock map.yml file should be \ChallengeMaps\maps\SkyBlock1.1\map.yml)

    Ready to use Challenges:
    [SURV] SkyBlock 1.1 - The challenge we all know and love, designed by Noobcrew on minecraftforums.net
    Download ChallengeMaps: Current Version 0.2 | Static Link
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    Question: when server is restarted, do the maps reload from last time or do they restart?
    Idea: make it so that each "group" has a different map, and when they go through the enterance, they get sent to their world (or is this already in game?)
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    Maps load and unload when players enter and exit them, to save on server memory and processing. So when you restart the server, none of the instances load up till a player joins one.

    Groups will be coming in 0.3 and are mostly coded, just not well tested yet. And each group has its own map.
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    ok, thanks

    um.... how do you create an enterance?
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    Place a chest, against a wall, then place a sign above that chest, first line of sign = [challenge] second line is the name of the challenge, so if you downloaded the pre-made challenge, your second line would be skyblock1.1
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    ooookk thank you, i never saw it listed in the top area.

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