[FUN] ChallengeMaps v0.2 - SMP Framework for Instanced Challenge Maps [1240 - 1337]

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    Download ChallengeMaps: Current Version 0.2 | Static Link

    Have you wanted to share the challenge map experience with your friends on your server? Have you tried it but had issues with the challenges not being truely separate? Do you wish the game would track weather or not you have completed the objectives? Well, you have come to the right place! ChallengeMaps does just that!

    ChallengeMaps provides server administrators with the framework to host various challenges on their server. They can be custom or one of the prebuilt challenges that are provided for you! Each player gets their own instance of the challenge that nobody else can mess with! When that player isn't actively working on their challenge its unloaded from the server resources! Keeping things light and efficient!
    This is very much alpha software! It is *not* recommended to run this on a production server!

    What if i have a problem?
    Just create an issue ticket over here.

    How It Works:
    A server admin sets up a challenge map entrance somewhere in the world (you can have multiple entrances to the same challenge.) Players then access the challenge from the entrances made by the server admin. That's it, it's that simple!

    What Can I Do With ChallengeMaps?
    You can put together your own challenges, maybe make a maze or platformer style map, and disallow building and breaking blocks then see who can make it thru!
    Or maybe you want to see who can finish SkyBlock1.1 the fastest?
    The possibilities are endless!

    How Do I Use It?
    Step 1: Create your own challenge, or use on of the challenges provided below.
    Step 2: Add an entrance to the challenge.
    Step 3: That's It!

    That's it?! Really?
    It sure is, that's all you have to do! Creating your own challenge is much more involved of course.

    Can I Try it Before I go Through the Process of Setting it up?
    You sure can! Connect to my public dev server and give it a go! server.epicsagaonline.com:25560

    What version of craft bukkit do i need?
    ChallengeMaps has been tested against CraftBukkit build #1240 (MC Version 1.8.1)

    What other plugins does this leverage?
    Spout is required to track inventory and crafting changes.
    Take your pick of a permissions plugin.

    What permissions are available?
    There 4 permissions available for SRT:
    challengemaps.* - This gives full access to ChallengeMaps
    challengemaps.admin - This allows players to create and modify challenge entrances.
    challengemaps.enter - This allows players to enter challenge maps through the entrances created by admins.
    challengemaps.reset - This allows players to reset their challenge if they so desire.
    What are the commands for this crazy thing?
    /cm leave or /leave - will remove a player from their current instance, and put them back in the 'real world'
    /cm obj - will list out the players objectives for the current instance they are in
    /cm reset - will reset a players instance, you need to provide the instance name, and the player cannot be within the instance.
    /cm score - displays the players current score for the instance they are in.
    /cm claim - lets a user claim their rewards.
    Per player instances of challenge maps.
    Configurable access to the features of the plugin.
    Framework to design your own challenges.
    Tracking of objective progress.
    Many more that would be silly to list!

    Planned Features:
    High score tracking and display at challenge map entrances.
    More objective tracking possibilities.

    How do you install a ready to use challenge?
    Just unzip the folder into the 'maps' folder of your ChallengeMaps folder. (i.e. the path to the skyblock map.yml file should be \ChallengeMaps\maps\SkyBlock1.1\map.yml)

    Ready to use Challenges:
    [SURV] SkyBlock 1.1 - The challenge we all know and love, designed by Noobcrew on minecraftforums.net
    Download ChallengeMaps: Current Version 0.2 | Static Link
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    Hell yeah!!!

    Awesome, very awesome stuff!

    The *only* thing that comes to mind right now: A max 'party' size per challenge (configurable per map) - so that multiple people can go on a map - if wished.
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    This is a good idea, I'll have to see what it would take to make this work.
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    You can now test out the plugin before going through the process of installing it on my public development server:
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    I also like the max party size idea, would be nice to take friends with you to the challenge map. But for people who use the Hero's plugin they have a built in party function so i only ask that you please make the command different then just /party so it wont interfere. Maybe call it groups instead of a party.

    Because technically its just a small challenge group your taking in a max of 5 at any one time probably and that would have to be a huge challenge map. I just think co-op groups for maps would be awesome!

    /group invite <name>
    /group kick <name> (if leader)
    /group disband (if leader)
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    In case you didnt see what I said in the logs (as I doubt :D )

    -> One had no permission to do anything on the skyblock map, no breaking, destroying, placing, anything. So I couldnt really test it out, except jump to death a few times xD
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    I did indeed see that - tis the problem with an experimental server, its got the dev version of EZ running on it, and I've discovered that EZ and CM do not play well together. Might have to do some re-factoring in EZ so it can handle that.

    For now i shut the doors on the test server till i can solve the EZ issue. I'll post back when its open again.
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    The best part of this is ofc, that you are the Dev of both and can judge best how to make them interact.

    I do think that for people that do not use EZ this already works like a charm. And it would be even more charming as soon as a 'multiple people' option is possible. Good luck!
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    Ok, the public dev server is as stable as a dev server can be, again.

    So feel free to connect and test out ChallengeMaps!
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    What about multiplayer'd instances?
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    Its in the plans for a future version, won't be in 0.2 tho.
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    Version 0.2
    * Enhanced Spout Support
    * When you complete an objective you are notified
    * You can list all objectives at ones now
    * Objectives can now have rewards
    * Rewards can be claimed in the chest at the entrance to a challenge map (if you are using a spout client), or by issuing the /cm claim command
    * Worlds properly unload when no player is in them.
    * Gamestates properly save and manage inventory when going in and out if a map is configured to reset the inventory.
    * Fixed objective tracking - All 20 objectives in Skyblock1.1 are now obtainable.
    * Countless bugfixes and optimizations

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    What if you were doing, say, the skyblock challenge and you wanted to show your friends what you had done in your instance of the challenge. Can they enter your instance? Or is is soley for you and you alone to be in your instance of the challenge.
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    At the moment, a challenge is only for you and you alone. The next feature set I'm going to be working on is inviting spectators into a single player instance, as well as multiplayer instances.
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    I read everything I could read. I can't figure out how to create and "Entrance". What exactly do I have to do to make an entrance? I just don't get it.
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    Single Chest with a sign directly above it. Sign text should be [challenge] on line one and the name of the map on line 2.

    If you log into my test server you will see a sample.
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    Tried to login kept timing out... But thanks this'll help a lot.
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    Getting this error when trying to use my entrance sign, any ideas what im doing wrong @jblaske ?
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    I'm not quite sure with that one, does it happen if you add a second entrance? Does it happen to other players, or only you?
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    Added a second entrance, still happens. Got another user to try, still happens.

    Anything else i can do to troubleshoot?
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    Try rebooting your server and trying again.

    If that doesn't work Stop your server, rename the world folder and the corresponding yml file in the ChallengeMaps/data/ folder to something esle, then re-start your server and try again.
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    No luck, still the same error, sometimes it thinks im in the instance tho, and wont let me do commands, yet it has not taken me their.
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    This is very curious indeed. Did you download the Skyblock1.1 zip file and unzip it to the correct location?
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    Yep, plugins/ChallengeMaps/maps/SkyBlock1.1
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    so yeah.
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    Have you tried to use challenge maps on my test server? Does it work for you there?
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    Yes it works fine on your server. Just not on mine.
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    Try renaming the challenge maps folder, and have it all re-created, then put the skymap folder back in there, then try to create a server. Also, the more info you can provide me from your server logs the better.
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