[FUN] CaptureThePoints v2.5 - Capture The Points Game with Wool [1060]

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    CaptureThePoints, A Plugin Inspired by this Reddit Post.
    co-authors: compdude5, Humsas
    Version: 2.5

    Capture Points for your team by filling in 4x4 squares of a certain block (bedrock by default) with your team's color of wool.
    This is a quick overview of how the game looks/works. It is not a game for only one player by any means.
    (This video is out of date: I hope to get videos explaining it whenever I find good recording software (unless someone wants to make videos :3 ))

    • - capturethepoints
    This permission allows the player to use every command, and not just /joingame and /leavegame. If you do not have Permissions, only your OPs will be able to use the commands.

    /setteamspawn <color>
    Sets the place this team is teleported to when they die or when they join the game.​

    /capturestart <number of points needed to win>
    This starts a game where a team needs to hold <number of points needed to win> points to win.
    Ends the current game.​
    Tells the different roles for in game​
    /joingame <color> <role>
    Teleport to your team color spawn, get a block on your head to indicate your color, get a customizable set of items for the game (including your team color's wool and weapons/bread by default), clear your inventory for until the game is finished (whereupon you get your inventory back), and wait for a game to start. Warning: if the server shuts down during a game, your original inventory will be lost, so I suggest starting a game with a clear inventory.
    /playerjoingame <player> <color> <role>
    Makes the player join this team color and join game.​
    Teleport out of the arena (useful for player disconnects so you're not stuck in there)​
    Sets the chosen teams points to this number. This is useful for games where teams start out with points already captured.​
    (Humsas Source code (A branch of compdude5's code): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36326695/CaptureThePointsHumsas.zip)
    (compdude5 Source code (A branch of 2.5's code): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36326695/CaptureThePoints.zip)​
    Humsas' version has a different command scheme. All commands start with /ctp now.
    vHumsas' version (A branch of compdude5's code): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36326695/CaptureThePointsv3.0.zip
    compdude5's version (A branch of 2.5's code): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36326695/CaptureThePointsv2.75.zip
    v1.30 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36326695/CaptureThePointsv1.30.zip
    Extract CaptureThePoints.zip. Insert CaptureThePoints.jar and CaptureSettings.yml into your plugins folder.

    CaptureSettings.yml is where you can customize what 4x4 square the wool should be placed in (by default, it's bedrock), how much wool they start with, and what items they get from different roles.
    • whenever someone quits the game, mark them as having left the game, restore inventory and such
    Known Bugs:
    • None I can recall
    Humsas' Version:
    • added /ctp removespawn <color> and /ctp teams
    • added error checking
    • permissions changed (read the plugin.yml in the jar file)
    • You will need to add this to your .yml in your CaptureThePoints folder (not your normal customize .yml).
    • Existing team spawns: 'red, green, etc'
    • Need at least 2 spawn points and two players to start now
    compdude5's version: implements a role system (made by compdude5) when joining a game and has code cleanup by him also
    • Vertical points can now be made
    • Players are stuck in place until /capturestart
    2.35: fixed silly bugs 2.2 caused
    • Fixed 2 message errors
    • added /playerjoingame
      • /captureend ends the current game
      • fixed a message broadcasting issue
      • health set to max when joining a game
      • you now cannot rejoin a game you left (this solves a couple issues)
      • deleted /erasewool and deletewool on shutdown in .yml. It does it automatically now.
      • on leave, it teleports you to where you were before you started the game
      • deleted /setgameexit since now you're teleported to back where you were before the game
      • Compressed and standardized more code
    2.1: Fixed and standardized code.
    • Added a lot of commands
    • Most messages only broadcast to players in the game
    1.35: Games that need less points captured than the whole game has can be created now. The number of points needed to be captured cannot be less than 1/16th of the total points though (but that should not be an issue).
    1.30: Fixed an /erasewool issue​
    1.25: Added the /erasewool function
    1.0: Release
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    Grammar Troll

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    adding in a code messed up the thread... trying to fix it
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    I'm learning how to use MC edit for this! Finally something other than spleef
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    Cool! Please report if you have any problems with it or suggestions on how to improve it.

    I'm hard at work adding a lot more things to this plugin, so expect a big patch soon.

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    First thanks for the plugin ^^

    and which texture pack do you have ?
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    Really nice dkramer :) thanks

    oohh i love this pack :D
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    Thanks Perling!

    So I have the big patch pretty much done, but Minecraft server is down so I can't test it and won't release it yet, but here are the things to look forward to:
    • Most messages only broadcast to people playing the game.
    • /joingame command that saves your inventory, clears it, warps you to the game arena, puts a wool block on your head to designate team color, and gives you your color of wool and customized items (an iron sword, 3 bread, a bow, and a stack of arrows by default). I recommend clearing your inventory beforehand though because if the server shuts down before you reclaim it, it's gone forever.
    • when the game is over, you get your inventory back, lose the items the game gave you, and are teleported to a designated location
    • /leavegame is mainly in for when you logout then log back in to teleport you out of the arena
    • /setteampoints was put in to have games where some points are already claimed by a team
    • a respawn system for each color

    The patch is out! Pleasepleaseplease tell me about any issues with it.

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    I'll be happy to test anything for you, even make a video for you if you want.

    I have a few suggestions thou:
    1. Possibly make a version of the game, where people in the server are assigned to teams via an OP, and have it constant. (No win conditions, or lose conditions. just always have the control points avalible to capture.)

    2.Possibly hook it with Iconomy, so that for every team that controls a point, they gain (set) amount of money every (set) amount of time. (Ex. Each point provides 200 currency for everyone on the team that controls it. Team red has 3 players, and owns 2 points. each of the three players gain 400 currency, every set amount of minutes.)

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    Very nice ideas if I do say so myself. I will see if I can implement them. I'd love someone forever if they could do a video about how to set it up and maybe get a game going.

    If any server is willing to have me test it with them, please give me the IP (in a message) since I don't have a multiplayer server myself.
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    Hmm. I will do a video with either Fraps or Camtasia after I get to know all of the commands well. I wouldnt want to give you a crappy video of me fumbling around, and using wrong commands for things! and I will message you the server IP, do you want it up now? and do you want any other plugins to be on it as well, to test compatibility?
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    2.5 is released and will probably the last update for a while since I will be working on an economy-based plugin that gets inspiration from this plugin and from DrPinkies.
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    Hey, I'm glad to see this plugin progressing! I tested the latest release for a little while and I've encountered no major issues so far. The one problem I encounter is that whenever I (playing on the same machine the server is hosted on) join a game I experience a lot of lag until the game actually starts. I had another user test this and he reported no lag.

    I was also wondering if it would be possible to implement a feature that prevented players from placing the wool blocks outside of the rings. This would help keep players from using them as free barricades on maps where the terrain is supposed to be modifiable.

    I really like the idea of a more constant gameplay, sort of like what DrPinkies suggested. My original idea with the map was to do something on a somewhat larger scale where you could capture large areas and gain points over time for defending them. I think it could make for a great server. PvP in Minecraft is fun but it normally lacks the kind of direction a game like that could provide. Good luck with your next plugin!

    By the way, you're still welcome to use my server as a testing ground as long as it's up. It's running version 2.5 of this plugin atm.
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    Thank ya. I had an issue where the game wouldn't start/would hang until a few seconds afterwards when I did /capturestart. Is your problem the same? It would be difficult to stop them placing wool outside of the rings, sadly, unless I add a lot more code or modify a lot of the code.

    Overall, I don't think the RPG plugin will be that hard to develop since there's no /joingame, /endgame and such. Plus, I have most of the code I will need any way.
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    Yeah, my issue was like that. It would lag up until several seconds after I did /capturestart at which point it went back to normal.
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    Oh, I meant it would be a few seconds of lag after I inputted /capturestart.
    You are supposed to be held in place until /capturestart, is that what you were experiencing?
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    Those things happen, but I also experience general lag while I'm held in place. Like, if I say something in chat it takes several seconds to show up, or if I shoot an arrow there is a delay before I see it moving through the air.
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    Oooh ok. I'll look into that: I'm not sure what's causing it.
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    How do i start the game when both players are locked in place and can't move, need help please
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    /capturestart <numberofpointsneededtowin>
    An OP or someone with the permission can only do it though.
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    Okay i got it working thank you!! lol :)
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    Awesome deal :D
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    looks good testing it

    edit: so far the plugin its pretty fun but there some recommendations
    1. Since there no way to save the inventory you just can set a message if a player have something in the inventory says "clear inventory before entering capture the points game", similar to the mobarena plugin.

    2. Add Area select and protect
    3. Instead of giving 64 wool to a player give 4 or 8 when he capture a point he gets more wool, cuz u can abuse of wool block by placing them like a wall so the other team wont reach the points in time
    4.commands can be confusing use make it instead of /setteamspawn blue , /ctp setteamspawn blue
    5. maybe adding support for multiple ctp zones.

    6.setgameexit does not give a message when performed, it does set the exit spawn but it dont say a thing in chat.

    thats all hope you the best if u need some help with the coding I can help ;)
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    1. When the game is finished, you should get your inventory back, but it's recommended to clear it.
    2. I will see if I can implement a protection system after I'm done with my most recent plugin, but for now there are good alternate plugins to do this.
    3. The amount of wool given can be edited in the settings.yml, plus you can state rules before the game starts to the players
    4. Yeah, I would change commands names, but I don't want people that use the plugin to memorize a different set of commands
    5. That would require a re-work of the system, so maybe in the long run I can figure it out
    6. I forgot about removing /setgameexit from this post. It isn't in the plugin anymore since the people are teleported to where they were before the game starts.

    Thank you for your feedback!
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    @compdude5 added a role system and cleaned up code! Thank you!
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    To see the different roles, the command is /roles instead of /role. When joining a game or forcing another player to join the game, the format is /joingame <color> <role> and /playerjoingame <player> <color> <role>.
    Sorry, I forgot to include mod usage instructions with the mod. :7
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    Oops, yeah that's partly my bad for not changing all of them too. Done and done.
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    At this moment 3.0 version on top isn't working properly so there are newer version with all the bugs fixed. Now you can deal damage even then you are in same faction or no pvp zone(Needs more testing). Also there are new permissions(works fine without permissions plugin too):
    Two main permissions:
    ctp.* - gives all commands
    ctp.play - gives access to all commands needed to play game.
    You can use permissions bellow to add admin commands to players by one rather than
    giving them all commands with ctp.*.
    ctp.admin.stop - allows to stop running game.
    ctp.admin.setspawn - allows to set team spawn.
    ctp.admin.removespawn - allows to remove existing team spawn point.
    ctp.admin.setpoints - allows to set points in a running game.
    ctp.admin.pjoin - allows to forcefully add player to a CTP game.
    Best way so see all CTP commands type /ctp help.
    Plugin's config.yml changed so if you are updating older version and have two spawns:
    redspawny: 71.0
    redspawnx: 170.59375
    redspawnz: 992.3125
    greenspawnz: 868.0
    greenspawnx: 150.59375
    greenspawny: 65.0
    add this line
    Existing team spawns: 'red, green, '
    Download link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6OQ8XZ4V
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    HELP! when i do the /ctp command it says unknown command! I run bukkit 1060.

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