Inactive [FUN] Cannons v1.9 - Fire block build cannons [CB 1.2.5-R3.0]

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    Cannons - Fire block build cannons:
    Version: v1.9

    How the plugin works:
    This plugin was created to make cannons which can really be fired. Build the barrel with 2-6 wool blocks (can be changed in the config) and attach a button on both ends. Put a torch on the first block of the barrel an the system will recognize the cannon. The cannon must be loaded with sulfur and a cannonball (e.g. cobblestone) by right clicking of the barrel with the item selected in your hand. The more gunpowder you load in the barrel the farther the cannon will fire.
    To increase the vertical firing angle, right click the upper or lower side of the barrel with empty hands. By right clicking on the side of the barrel the horizontal firing angle can be increased. Shift+right click will decrease the angle. You can also aim by using the aiming mode. Click with the clock on the barrel and look in the direction you want to fire.
    If you have loaded and adjusted the gun right click the torch to fire. The cannon can also be fired with a redstone torch underneath the barrel. For the 'autofire' mode you need to place a chest next to the block with the torch above (how it should look like). Load gunpowder and the projectile into it and the cannon will reload automatically.

    • GuildAwards (if you want to use the cannons guild - not necessary)

    • Build a cannon out blocks (default is wool)
    • Load it with sulfur and a projectile
    • Adjust the firing angle
    • Fire a cannon
    • Choose from a broad spectrum of cannonballs
    • Break the obsidian walls your enemy
    • Block protection supported by Worldguard, Faction, Towny, Preciousstone
    • Use redstone to fire Cannons from distance
    • Rapid fire mode with Redstone autoload ability
    • Wear a helmet to protect you from the gunblast
    Download Plugin BukkitDev

    Recommend Plugins:
    CreeperHeal ('magical' option must be true)

    Simply copy the .jar into your Bukkit's "plugins" directory, then run the server.

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    /cannons build - a small info how to build a cannon
    /cannons fire - how to load and fire cannons
    /cannons adjust - learn how to aim with cannons
    /cannons reload - admin command to reload the config

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    The file plugins/Cannons/config.yml is created the first time you run the server.

    Permission nodes:
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    Known Bugs:
    • The cannon ball (snowball) becomes invisible after 60 blocks but hits the target.
    • Voxelsniper will delete Buttons/Torches when you load the gun (be careful when you click the barrel)
    • SuperBreaker can break other plugins if they use obsidian blocks
    • Warzones where the world can be damaged (can be done with Worldguard, Faction, Towny, Preciousstone)
    • More languages (if you want to translate something, send me a pm with your customLanguage.yml)
    • Movecraft API

    Version 1.9
    Please update your customLanguage.yml to get the now fancy colors.
    • clean up procedure is now synchron
    • added option to disables hooks to towny, factions,... if they cause problems
    • creeperheal works now propably with cannons (thanks to nitnelave for his patience with me)
    • aim by looking in the direction (clock in the hand to switch in aiming mode)
    • messages have now color
    Version 1.8:
    I have changed the customLanguage.yml. Please correct your entries
    • chest stores ammunition for redstone autoload
    • smoke and sound effects for the torch when firing
    • fuse delay between clicking the torch and firing
    • loading message shows gunpowder and the cannonball
    • changed the way cannons can be rotated
    • changed the messages for changing the angle
    • longer cannons will now have much less spread
    • added keywords to the language file.
    • fixed error when firing enderpearls per redstone
    • CreeperHeal hook
    Version 1.7:
    Please delete the old config or clean up the duplicate entries.
    • GriefPrevention, ObsidianDestroyer Hook
    • place block rewritten, select now your block of choice
    • explosion resistance of cannons increased
    • maximum gunpowder is now length dependent. Shorter barrels will have lower penetration.
    • fixed: player gets damaged behind a wall
    • fixed: no placed blocks behind a wall
    Version 1.6:
    • changed the way how cannons are stored
    • changed limits of loaded to built cannons
    • added a extra option to turn limits on and off
    • teleport to impact (ender pearl)
    • lava, water projectile
    • penetration of blocks on trajectory (custom explosion)
    • 'flint and steel' option to fire the cannon by clicking the torch
    • water, fire destroys cannon anymore
    • super break ability will break obsidian, water and lava (load diamond or diamond block)
    • hook to Factions, Towny, Preciousstone, Worldguard to prevent destroying of protected blocks
    • changed the default cannonballs and their properties
    Older Changelog
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    LOL Looks awesome. . . Needs a video! I see the pic but I like visuals.
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    A video would be a good idea. I hope I can find someone to make this video for me ^^. I don't want to make one.
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    Sweet plugin, lots of fun.
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    Nice, approved
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    It doesn't do damage to blocks far away :c Is it because I'm using RO3?

    Edit, it appears that my explosion power was 0 set by default, heads up for you others that experience this..
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    But it is working now, or is there still a problem with the block damage?
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    Hi i can not use red torch it says (you are not allowed to control cannons with redstone) I dont have any preminissions .Plz help.And how too use or turn on canister shot? thnx for your help
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    Hi, you can use the newest Beta version in BukkitDev or download this. It will allow OPs to place torches underneath the barrel.
    Canister shot is also only available in the Beta 1.4. When you use default values load gravel in the barrel.

    If you are no OP use permissionsEx. You can use my miniexample
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    Thnx dude for help .But no i have other problem canister shot doing no effect it shots out but dont take any effect on blocks
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    Check the values of 'canister shot' and 'cannonball' if both are true or both false the gun will fire trainings ammuntion
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    I have checked out the turn animation of AimCannon but it moves the whole area. I dont know any way to turn the cannon with the wood which carries the barrel.
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    works well thanks :)
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    Fantastic!! It's hard to decide between (fire with torch: true/false) or
    (fire with button: true/false)!! :)
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    i've a problem,all the configuration settings are ok,cannonballs and canistershot do damage to mobs and players but cannonballs doesnt explode and they didnt do damage to blocks..
    can anyone please help me?
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    Do you use WorldGuard? If the tnt-flag is set the cannonballs will do no damage to blocks in this region.
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    Are you going to be updating this ? Maybe make them look more like real cannons. And they could be fired only with flind and steel ?
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    You mean the WorldGurad-does-not-break-block-thing? It was actually supposed to be a feature not a bug :). I will add a make a entry in the config to toggle it. Flint and Steel is be a good idea. I hope it will not set my cannon on fire :).
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    So thats why you should make cannons look more like real cannons. And I didnt get it - what about worldguard ? And maybe you should add iron balls I mean like bullets for cannons I forgot the word
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    There is a hook for worldguard. When you hit a region with tnt flag the cannonball will do no damage to blocks. Iron blocks are a good idea. You can also change your config to obtain a iron ball charge. Simple edit or copy an entry.
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    I mean make cannon balls. They can made with iron. And make the cannon really look like a cannon
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    Can you send me a picture of the way how cannons look more realistic? And with making cannon balls you mean modding minecraft to add this item? This plugin was supposed to be a server-side plugin so no custom/spout items.
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    Something like this. The plugin will be much more used if you make it more realistic like this
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    Nice I like it. But I have no idea how to make this. Which plugins do you use for the video.

    Edit: I really like this video :). But it seems you have nearly finished your mod. I would be glad if I can help you with your project.
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    Sorry but im not the author of the plugin. But the author has in his to do list to make the mod work with bukkit. Contact him for that
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    is this plugin going to update becouse the redstone auto reload somtimes crashes the sever or dos not work at all
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    I will check it out. I am optimizing the code at the moment and I hope it will fix the problem with redstone.
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    Dear god I love you for this. Out of every cannon I've tried to use with movecraft, yours is the absolute best by a longshot. Hard mounted cannons are unreliable and carry live ammo. Aimcannon allowed me aim but not consistency and required a top-exposed cannon.

    Your mod allows mechanical precision and extreme flexibility in shot - WITHOUT CARRYING LIVE AMMO - which means no stupid suicides, XD!

    I'm having a bit of difficulty understanding penetration values. Obsidian fired at a 6 block thick stone wall appears to do nothing 9/10 times, only blowing out one block sometimes, where stone and cobble do much better. I tried increasing the penetration, but with no results. I tried setting stone to higher pen, too, but it started behaving like that. It's almost like anything with penetration higher than stone just sort of bounces off anything I shoot it at.

    I'm just looking for an "armor piercing" shot that will penetrate a lot of material and explode, since our server uses movecraft and we fight with vehicles a lot. Is there any way to allow a specific type of shot to penetrate obsidian? Even just one layer? If possible, I'd like it to punch through a brick (actually removing the block it hits) and THEN blow up, because that'd create a really interesting setup for movecraft battles.

    Anyways, thanks a ton for your work! Best cannon mod ever!

    Are you German, by the way?
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    If you use cannons with movecraft you have to check out my new version with movecraft hook. I hope I can provide this version on this weekend. At the moment you have to reload the cannon every time the vessel moves this will be fixed.

    About penetration. It extends the impact vector of the projectile by the amount of blocks you set. E.g. you set penetration to 6 it will pass 5 block and explode in the inside of the target. Maybe there is a error in the code, I will check it out tonight.

    I will update the penetration option so it will break every block on its way. An implementation of a projectile which breaks obsidian by breaking every block around the impact is also planed.

    By the way I am from Austria, but I speak German :).
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    Wow, the new features look epic!

    Movecraft is my favorite plugin, so cannons like this are really cool - I like how flexible they are.

    I tested the penetration on a vertical tube of obsidian filled with TNT at ~10 blocks away, and out of ~20 hits at varying powder charges, one of the shots randomly blew up the column. All the others didn't really do anything, but it could have been my lack of understanding. Other than that, I've figured out the "shot does nothing and seems to bounce off" - that's the penetration, as there's now a giant crater behind my test range, XD! That's why I was hoping for a penetrator-that-knocks-out-blocks kind of thing - it makes it more obvious as to what has happened - not to mention cooler looking :p

    Toll, ich lerne Deutsch :D I'm minoring in college in the US.

    REALLY looking forward to this!

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