Inactive [FUN] BoatMod v12 - Make large groups of blocks move! [1.4.5-R0.2]

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    BoatMod - Add large moving objects
    Version: v12

    This plugin adds the ability to make large structures like boats, submarines, and blimps move, along with the players aboard them. It currently allows the usage of the blocks listed below in boats and allows one boat per person on the server. Configuration can be done by editing the default.cfg file or creating a new .cfg file.

    In order to use this mod, you must first captain a boat by left clicking on a block in the boat while holding a boat item. You should click the block that you want the boat to rotate around while facing the front of the boat. You can rotate by facing the way you want the boat to rotate and left clicking while holding a map. You can then move by right clicking in the direction you want to move while holding a map. You can hold down right click to continuously move. You may change your speed (blocks/click) by using the /boatspeed command with a number argument (for example /boatspeed 1 would move the boat one block per right click). If you run into any other blocks, the boat will not move. If the boat is damaged, the blocks will remain damaged.

    • Lets players create large moveable structures like boats.
    • Moves and rotates these structures.
    • Moves any entities that are standing on the structures.
    • Checks for collisions and damage.
    Permissions Support (open)
    In order to implement permissions, look at the default.cfg in the plugins/BoatMod directory. Next to each value in the [CONFIG] section, you can add the permissions node that you want to use followed by a colon. The default permissions nodes are boatmod.admin and none (which is used by non-permissions players). For example, you could make the MaxSize for default players 0, which would make them unable to make boats. You could also add a node (perhaps boatmod.player for a player that can use boatmod) and then set the maximum values for that node. These permissions may also be applied to each script with the syntax node:name of script.
    Boatable Blocks (open)
    Boatable Blocks:
    These blocks may be changed by adding or removing materials to a config file beneath a [MATERIAL] tag, materials are defined in

    Scripting (open)
    The script engine exposes the boat that was setup with the script as an object named boat. Several public functions may be accessed that allow the control of this boat. A demo script named autoship moves a ship in a straight direction whenever the sun rises or sets.
    • getCaptain() returns the Player object that created the boat.
    • Message(String message) sends the captain a message.
    • setSpeed(int movespeed) sets the speed of movement in blocks per move.
    • Move(Vector direction) moves the boat in the direction specified by the vector. It returns true if there was not a collision.
    Screenshots (open)
    Setting up a boat:
    Hitting the block limit:
    Changing speed (Had to upload as a jpg because of size restrictions):
    The large boat I built to test size restrictions (jpg's again):
    The small boat I used for initial testing:
    Daisy helping with entity movement testing:
    Tutorials (open)
    Tutorial, Courtesy of InfctedMushr00m:
    Tutorial, Courtesy of lifesadream52:
    Tutorial, Courtesy of Goldkoron:

    Download BoatMod: Here
    Source: Here

    • jackpot51
    • BurnedKirby
    • Lacaranian
    • GoldKoron
    • superdupernova
    • Dr_fantasmo
    • Saberar
    • Sayerer27276
    • Parker237

    Next Version:
    • Checking some item dupes (beds, pistons)
    Some Future Version:
    • Multiple crafts per person
    • Detachable crafts (life boats, torpedoes, etc)

    Version 12:
    • Update to newest Bukkit
    • Update to use SuperPerms
    Version 11:
    • Bugfixes with powered crafts and block handling
    • Signs and doors should be fixed in many circumstances, let me know specifics about when they fail if they do.
    • Beds also drop dupes, I blame bukkit
    Version 10:
    • Added fuel capabilities
    • Fix for boats breaking block limits no matter what the limits are
    • Fix for boatinfo only being runnable from the server console
    Version 9:
    • Naming of vehicles in the boatmod messages
    • Vertical toggle
    • Additional ticks parameter to automatic boat movement
    • User level permissions
    • Recursion no longer used for block searching
    Version 8:
    • Added note when author logs in to boatmod server
    • Fixed login, logout events
    • Added a boatinfo command that gives information about boatmod
    • Added support for new blocks (brewing stands, jukeboxes, redstone circuits)
    • Added boatauto command for autopilot
    Version 7:
    • Added support for the number of a material to be placed in the material configuration
    • Fixed doors and beds
    • Fixed limit on change speed command
    • Updated to work with newest bukkit
    Version 6:
    • Added rotation using left click with map!
    • Fixed levers and torches
    • Moved change speed to command /boatspeed [speed]
    • Removed support for multi-block items(beds, doors, open pistons) as they were broken from a bukkit update. Will re-add once issues fixed.
    Version 5:
    • Added lava support
    • Damage now does not stop the boat from moving-it simply notifies the player once that the boat's blocks have changed
    • Furnaces can now move while they are burning
    • Redstone, dispensers, and noteblocks can move while keeping state
    • Added script permissions
    Version 4:
    • Added permissions support
    Version 3:
    • Fixed up scripting support
    • Added example script
    Version 2:
    • Added config file support
    • Fixed signs, furnaces
    • Started on scripting support
    Version 1:
    • Released BoatMod
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    this is freaking awesome especially when you do an ac130 on an enemy faction
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    Hi, I am the developer of 'cannons' and if you are interested in mounting deadly weapons on your ship we can make an API. My plugin needs to know in which direction the boat is moving to update the data. When you have an event when your boat moves I can implement a hook.
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    the same thing happend to my ship except when i would try to take off it would do that
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    I have the boat mod and the cannon mod and i made a ship with cannons and it is awesome but if u could make the API that would be awesome
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    I just installed your plugin, it was working well when I was doing simple boats but when my friends built a big boat we weren't able to move it. I check the allowed blocks list and i added the block that weren't there, but we are still not able to move it and we are under the limit number of blocks.
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    if i build an aircraft or boat more then 100 blocks it crashes the games of me and all the other people on the sever
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    Please be patient. This are only 10 days and he makes this project in his free time.
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    ships over 100 blocks and do not go if I change the document no longer works the plugin:'(
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    Can you make this plugin compatible with LWC so that when you move a ship, the protections don't disappear, thanks, this would help prevent stealing...
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    Thats the same problem like for the cannons plugin. I save the location and it changes when the vessel moves. So an API is required to update this locations. But this will need some time to implement.
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    Pavlov, I just tried out your Cannons mod on a friends's really fantastic. Great work.
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    Excuse me? I'm not sure if I've missed something but whenever I make a boat/blimp/submarine out of anything but logs or just wood it says "starter type: cobble (example) You have made a destroyer of worlds size 0 blocks. Something like that. How do I make something out of let's say cobblestone and actually make it move? If it is just me being stupid then I'm sorry.[pig]
    EDIT: I have found out it does have a few other blocks like wool, glass, glowstone and a few others. But the cobble, iron, diamond, stuff like that just isn't getting detected. Is it a problem with my files or is it coded that way?
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    Can you please add a rotating command like if u left click with a map and u look somewhere it rotates there because it looks weird and ugly when it doesnt rotate when i want to move my MASSIVE boat in the right direciton it just goes right and doesnt turn. or ROTATE

    THIS PLUGIN DOESNT WORK IT WORKS ON MOST STUFF but in this picture i uploaded it wont let me drive my boat i use the map and it wont move. i made sure that nothing was sotpping it from moving i deleted the slabs and furnaces and it still cant move

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    Mind putting some way to require the boat be in/touching water? Airships are becoming an issue
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    this is a greate plugin and i use it on my private server with my friend! :D but i found a glitch D: when u have a doubal chest on ur boat, and then u move ur boat it erases almost ur whole boat!! DDDD: but when its just 1 chest by itself it works fine. can u fix that plz? thx in advance :) I also found a glitch with signs just now..
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    I have this on my server, and it's great, but it would be even better if there were options to not allow flying into world guard regions, to have a type of boat that doesn't fly, and to have signs with player's names that they could right click to use the boat (like the ones movecraft used to have).:)
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    Signed with ubercrazydude.

    Anyway, is it possible to make thouse boats swim "smoothier"?
    Now, when someone is swimming across the ocean, the boat from other view(someone else) is so bad looking.
    (some pieces of boat are staying behind, and at all i see only flying person xD).

    At the moment, its the best plugins to do boats and other movement machines. Keep goin' man.
    You started that, and now u must keep rockin'! =D
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    is it possible to have boats follow way-points? as that would be a great feature for the RP server im making
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    Sorry if this is obvious, I just cant find it, what does the fuel set to on do? I tried it and my boat just would not move...
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    With fuel set to on, you need to have at least 1 burning furnace in order to move
  22. I can't rotate my ship - left clicking with map does nothing? Am I missing something?

    EDIT: Weird, it started working...
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    Works great,
    The only thing is, even with map i can only MOVE the ship does not rotate at all ... what can i be doing wrong?
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    I love this plugin, but it sometimes breaks for my server. Whenever me or my friend create a "boat" and "launch" it, it goes into slip-space and half of it disappears.
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    Redstone,redstonetorches,and levers are glitchy :( One redstone torch is ok,but a bomber is not D:
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    This is a extremely laggy plugin and if you do not have a good server I suggest you not get it and just live without moving boats I had to remove it from my server because of lag
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    Oh... Well... <.>
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    (This never got any attention, so I will post it again...)

    Can you make this plugin compatible with LWC so that when you move a ship, the protections don't disappear, thanks, this would help prevent stealing...​
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    I run a Tekkit based server, and I just got this mod downloaded into it. I was wondering, is it possible to make this boat mod work with the items in Tekkit? I made an aircraft carrier out of Concrete Blocks, and have lights and all on it. I was hoping to make the ship move, if possible.

    (Sorry if this has been asked previously)
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    Hey this is a great mod but I encountered a problem. Me and my friends would play on my server and I would have this mod on and we would fly our airships but sometimes it crashes the game for us when we are driving it not sure why but it doesn't happen when we use other airship mods like Autocraft. Any ideas what is causing this to happen?

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