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    lol i love this! Maybe you can get mob heads too? like a creeper or cow head! That would be awesome!
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    Yea, the fire on the back is really funny! I love it. If it gets changed, just make it lay more like a cape :)
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    I agree - if you can modify the offset a little for the water, lava, grass, rails & fence they'll all look somewhat like capes :)
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    also could you make a command that makes the block in your hand go onto another persons head?
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    There is already /hat [player name] [item id]

    I can maybe implement just /hat [name] in the next update though.
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    What about the charged creeper effect? could you get that on a person?
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    I don't know if that is even possible.
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    Pretty sure its impossible, but would be cool. also i found an epic item for hats u should take a look at im pretty sure notch doesnt know of this block 35:16 it is a purple block lol
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    Version 1.2 is up, fixing a bug and adding RB #953 support to the plugin.


    As for the planed update of adding blocks to your feet, I have decided to make a separate plugin for that, as the code became to messy when I added it to this one.

    Thats awesome :D

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    Hey, I was hoping you'd be interested in taking this a step further. I'd like for my players to be able to purchase hats at a store, and they'd then have the ability to put that hat on at will.

    /hat list - Check their list of hats (player command)
    /hat sale <price> - Turns a block in to a hat store (admin command)

    At the hat store they (the player) could just hit the block they wanted to buy and if they have enough money (iConomy) they would have that hat on their list. That way you (the admin) can make a small display for every hat you want to sell, and just say /hat sale <price> then just whack the display block and it becomes a hat shop. Multiple of these in the same room would be adequate for a hat store.
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    I could add something like a list of hats to buy that you can set up in a config file. That would allow the players to type /hat list and see the available hats and prices and can type /hat buy 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. and give them the hat and deduct the money from iConomy.

    Or, you could always use http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/me...l-shops-by-spawning-drops-on-slabs-935.17672/for now until the next update.

    But nice idea, I will be sure add it!
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    Oh, I wasnt even considering the fact that you can equip the item in your hand as a hat. I was hoping ownership of the hat would add it to a list that would be displayed by saying /hat inv or something. That way you don't have to physically have the block to wear a hat you purchased.

    What I'd like to do is make hats items of great prestige so players have to spend a -lot- on them. Thanks for the quick response :) I appreciate it.
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    Oh...sorry I misunderstood. That's going to take a lot longer to make than I expected :p

    I'll try to get it done as quick as I can.
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    :D You rule. This is a fantastically easy way for established servers to thin out the pooled money.

  15. Why ? :( All in one is better :D
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    Two is better than one :D But seriously, the code got to complicated, and if I ever release the source, it cant be that overcrowded and complicated as when I added feet to it.

    And I was on your server today, but you where not there. It was very nice, the huge bridge was amazing!!!!

    [​IMG] :D
  17. Awwwww So bad :( I wanted to meet you :D in game. My timezone is GMT +7.
    and Thank you :D :D

    come back later!!! :D

    118 block placed
    56 block destroyed
    3000 meters traveled
    0 players kill
    0 creatures kill
    2 death
    100 mobi dollars
    played 0.63 hours


    EDIT: You were on 3 hours before I posted this reply :D

    [​IMG] :D

    btw the water fountain is cool :D, I wish i could copy that.

    also I'm going from Monday to Wednesday night, so i probably see u again at thursday, cya!
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    Suggestion :
    Add a possibility to hat a Hand bloc to friend with permission :

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    Request: Add a permission node for the underwater breathing with a glass block hat.
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    just a few thoughts reguarding block qualities, like the glass helmet, i notice someone suggest tnt blowing up near mobs i thought better would be if it made you blow up when you die from falling? also could wear a leaf block and make plants yer near grow, or wood makes trees spawn etc?
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    Request: Could you make that when you put an iron block on your head it prtects you from sand and gravel droping on your head ?
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    That should be easy enough to add, ill do it :D
    Will be in 1.3
    Im working on it. others have suggested that as well and it will be coming soon.
    I like the TNT idea :D
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    I think it is very funny.
    little idea make that we can also wear Bow or Sword because some things like : Doors, Lava, Water, Flowers, Fire are on your backside when you wear it on the Head . and a Bow looks cool and realistic
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    1) Hilarious and awesome.

    2) How do you specify extradata in /hat?
    /hat 53:2
    53:2 is not a valid block
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    How bout portal block hat allows you to make other players go into the nether :)
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    How do i take the hat off? :p
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    You have to remove it in your inventory.

    I am adding /nohat which will take it off.
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    I'm not sure it's possible, but it would be cool if you could force someone to wear a hat and not be able to take it off. On factions servers, different hats could represent the faction.
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    I just wanted to share a fun trick,

    /hat leaves

    now every item you hold will appear green ,for example, here is someone holding a diamond pickaxe:


    kind of makes you wonder what other tricks you can do exploiting this biome tinting being applied to attached entities.
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    Thats awesome! Thanks for sharing that, I had no idea that even happened!

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