[FUN] BlackJack 1.8 - Wanna play blackjack? (iConomy, Permissions) [1060]

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    BlackJack - play for fun:
    Stable version: 1.8 (14.6.2011, supports Bukkit[960])
    EXPERIMENTAL version: (16.6.2011, supports Bukkit[1060])
    Last topic edit: 11.10.2011


    This plugin can use: iConomy v5 & Permissions v3(node BlackJack.use)

    Its just a simple plugin for playing BlackJack with iConomy money or with some items.

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    /bjack game [bet] - deal card to you & begin game (same: /bjack g)
    /bjack hit - deal next cards to you (same: /bjack h)
    /bjack stand - ends your turn (same: /bjack s)
    /bjack double - doubles bet, takes one more card and ends turn (same: /bjack db)
    /bjack split - splits cards to two hands (same /bjack sp
    iConomy commands:
    /bjack checkin [value] - transfers money from iConomy account to your game account (same: /bjack ci)
    /bjack checkout - transfers all money from your game account back to iConomy account (same: /bjack co)
    Non-iConomy commands:
    /bjack exchangecredit - exchanges item stack in your hand to credits, if it's possible (same: /bjack ec)
    /bjack exchangeitem [item name] - exchanges all credits to items, if it's possible (same: /bjack ei)

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    Version 1.8
    • Main config file fix
    • Permissions(v3) support
    • Possibility to play BlackJack without iConomy(v5)
    • Color prefixes for cards
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    Version 1.7
    • Code for split fix
    • Config file fix
    • Winning conditions fix
    • iConomy v5 only support
    • Custom odd on BlackJack combination (default 3:2)
    • Rule: Dealer wins after player have more then 21
    Version 1.6
    • You can now split same cards in second round to two hands
    • New shortcommands system (/hit equals /bjack hit)
    • Training game fix
    Version 1.59
    • External config file fix
    • Code optimalization
    • Alpha source code published
    • New commands list
    Version 1.5
    • After double player takes one more card and holds
    • External config file for limiting bets
    Version 1.4
    • Blackjack rule "Dealer wins a tie" removed
    • You can now double your bet in the first round
    Version 1.3
    • PlayerQuit event fix (if player leave game with game in progress he lose his bet)
    • One easter egg ;)
    Version 1.2
    • Credit add after win fix
    Version 1.1
    • Win conditions fix
    • Connected with iConomy
    • Some protections...
    Version 1.0
    • First release

    Planned features:
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    • BOSEconomy support (complete, included in experimental version)
    • Player VS player games
    • Stats
    • Better exchange system
    • Posibility to turn of tips
    • Minor changes in BlackJack system (i know lot of bugs...)
    • Signs interface (it freaking hard to code)
    Any more ideas?
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    nobody uses iConomy5,
    please enable iConomy6
    its boring without checkin
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    is this working ?

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