[FUN] BlackJack 1.8 - Wanna play blackjack? (iConomy, Permissions) [1060]

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    BlackJack - play for fun:
    Stable version: 1.8 (14.6.2011, supports Bukkit[960])
    EXPERIMENTAL version: (16.6.2011, supports Bukkit[1060])
    Last topic edit: 11.10.2011


    This plugin can use: iConomy v5 & Permissions v3(node BlackJack.use)

    Its just a simple plugin for playing BlackJack with iConomy money or with some items.

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    /bjack game [bet] - deal card to you & begin game (same: /bjack g)
    /bjack hit - deal next cards to you (same: /bjack h)
    /bjack stand - ends your turn (same: /bjack s)
    /bjack double - doubles bet, takes one more card and ends turn (same: /bjack db)
    /bjack split - splits cards to two hands (same /bjack sp
    iConomy commands:
    /bjack checkin [value] - transfers money from iConomy account to your game account (same: /bjack ci)
    /bjack checkout - transfers all money from your game account back to iConomy account (same: /bjack co)
    Non-iConomy commands:
    /bjack exchangecredit - exchanges item stack in your hand to credits, if it's possible (same: /bjack ec)
    /bjack exchangeitem [item name] - exchanges all credits to items, if it's possible (same: /bjack ei)

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    Version 1.8
    • Main config file fix
    • Permissions(v3) support
    • Possibility to play BlackJack without iConomy(v5)
    • Color prefixes for cards
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    Version 1.7
    • Code for split fix
    • Config file fix
    • Winning conditions fix
    • iConomy v5 only support
    • Custom odd on BlackJack combination (default 3:2)
    • Rule: Dealer wins after player have more then 21
    Version 1.6
    • You can now split same cards in second round to two hands
    • New shortcommands system (/hit equals /bjack hit)
    • Training game fix
    Version 1.59
    • External config file fix
    • Code optimalization
    • Alpha source code published
    • New commands list
    Version 1.5
    • After double player takes one more card and holds
    • External config file for limiting bets
    Version 1.4
    • Blackjack rule "Dealer wins a tie" removed
    • You can now double your bet in the first round
    Version 1.3
    • PlayerQuit event fix (if player leave game with game in progress he lose his bet)
    • One easter egg ;)
    Version 1.2
    • Credit add after win fix
    Version 1.1
    • Win conditions fix
    • Connected with iConomy
    • Some protections...
    Version 1.0
    • First release

    Planned features:
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    • BOSEconomy support (complete, included in experimental version)
    • Player VS player games
    • Stats
    • Better exchange system
    • Posibility to turn of tips
    • Minor changes in BlackJack system (i know lot of bugs...)
    • Signs interface (it freaking hard to code)
    Any more ideas?
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    When i'm trying to exchange for credits I keep getting "Sorry you can't exchange items for credits here!" What am I doing wrong? :(
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    YaGotMilk: Its easy you can use exchanger only if you HAVEN'T iConomy (or BOSeconomy in dev version)
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    I had an idea; could you make it to where NPC's could deal hands? (yeah I know from experience that coding that would be a pain in that ass XD, just a thought though :) )

    On another note- This is an excellent plugin and I have full intent to use this on my server. I will edit this as (or if) I find bugs.
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    Sypheren: NPC? I have no idea how to do that ... I'll think about it..
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    @xeror, can you test this with Craftbukkit build [1000]?
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    Works fine
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    iconomy gives me internal error when I try and do any type of commands. Any help?
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    And you have iConomy 5?
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    This plugin is the best gambling out there. I don't know how to play blackjack, but you just taught me! Thanks!
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    :D ok np :D
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    there a way to always win
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    Is possible


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    maybe it's a bug, describe me that way
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    i have a idea can you add a command that you can see the checkin or the money you won?
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    nice idea, yes I can do it some sort of stats maybe..
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    yeah that would be pretty nice :D
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    so can you and your friends all be in a same game?
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    I think the developer is stalking your account (I dont't Think so[I was joking])
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    I love this plugin its a very good idea. But it would be cool if you had an option for the server owner/admins to set, that makes it so you have to be in a certain building/room to play it. For example say if I made a casino and I want people to visit there often, so I make a region that makes it so you can only play Black Jack in that casino. You don't have to do it but I think it would be pretty cool as an option that admins can do.
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    i have a problem^^

    I don`t know what i must entry in the permissions that user/Builder can play Blackjack
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    node is: BlackJack.use

    I think you can set is as property of area..

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    Is going to be uppdated and is the todo list gonna happen this plugin is nice
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    I hope so :( But I am in freaking study stress now, lot of C#, C, PHP :( I don't know if I'll have time to finish it :/
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    Hey, Can you keep me updated to when this becomes compatible with (CB1317) and iconomy V6 =D THANK YOU!
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    Cant wait for update =)
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    Hm... I wonder...
    ...You know, I've been looking for something to practice coding on. I'm studying to be an engineer, you see, but I don't know shit about java/computers/coding etc. :/ I keep telling myself, "Make a Minecraft plugin or something," but never know what exactly to do or where to start...
    How territorial are you regarding your plugins, Xeror? XD
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    Hmm, you wanna continue with BlackJack? Code of blackjack is free to use, I want to be only shown in authors.
    Start with downloading some IDE (I'm using Net Beans), some free tutors of Java are on net too. Or you can buy some books on ebay... .

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