[FUN] ArrowWall 0.4 - Summon a wall of arrows to kill your enemies [953]

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    ArrowWall - Summon a wall of arrows:
    Version: v0.4

    Summon a huge wall of arrows towards your enemies!
    You can create anywhere from 1 to 500 arrows above your head and send them raining down upon anyone unfortunate enough to be in your way.

    After using VoidMage's ArrowStorm, I was inspired to create a plugin that would replicate the ability to spawn arrows, but to be used for war/offensive purposes. Maybe you'll have a use for it, maybe not, but it's great for mowing down players, taking great screenshots and recreating Braveheart.

    /aw [arrowsToSpawn] - spawns an amount of arrows in the direction you face
    /fw [arrowsToSpawn] - spawns flaming arrows
    /awreload - reloads configuration

    • Choose how many arrows to rain down. If not given, sends 10 arrows.
    • Flaming arrows! Use /fw instead.
    • Inventory support, optionally takes arrows from inventory
    • Automatically removes arrows after some time so performance is not impacted.
    • Permissions support
    • Works with 700+ builds
    Permissions Node:

    • arrowwall.aw - Use /aw and /fw
    • arrowwall.awreload - Use /awreload
    • arrowwall.exempt - Exempt from using inventory
    Download ArrowWall
    Source Code


    • Add a separate configuration option to enable inventory exemption
    • Add a multiplier for inventory usage, ex 1 arrow in inventory counts as 4 for /aw

    • added YAML config options
    • added configuration reload (/awreload) (- 'arrowwall.awreload')
    • added flaming arrows (/fw)
    • commands issued over the limit of arrows no longer still execute
    • added ability to not use Permissions, will cause all players to be able to use commands, if you want only Ops, set permissions to true
    • added ability to use arrows in inventory, set inventory to true in the config file
    • exemption from using items in inventory (- 'arrowwall.exempt')
    • Added Permissions support, public release
    • Added variable arrow amounts
    • First release
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    This is a very nice plugin!
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    pretty great! no lag or anything!
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    A few questions:
    What are your future plans for this plugin?(ToDo spoiler in OP) ;o
    Might these plans include the option to send flaming arrows?
    And what exactly is the time it takes for the arrows to disappear?
    Does it make toast?

    But seriously, cool looking plugin. I might download it just to screw around with my players :p
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    Good idea on the flaming arrows, I hadn't thought of that!

    Right now it takes 5 seconds for the arrows to disappear, and that's not configurable (without building it). I'll probably change that to a config option along with the limit on arrows.

    I'll add a Planned Features section later, but my first priority is making some of the hard coded options configurable. Also, it has been suggested that I add iConomy support, in order to use ArrowWall as an expensive WMD for PvP, but not make it unlimited either.

    And yes, buttered toast, in fact! :)
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    Could you make a parameter for admin to configure that:
    1. All players can use the function (Some of servers (Yes, me :D) have not installed premission plugin)
    2. It consume actual arrows. That means you must have some arrows in your invertory or you fail to shot.

    Nice plugin anyway:)
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    Can the arrows fall down on where you are pointing?
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    They could, but it'd have to either be a different command or a global option. I'll likely make it an option in the future.

    Updated to 0.4. Added a bunch of configuration options. Arrow limit, cleanup, cleanup time, inventory use, and Permissions use. The plugin will generate a config file on the first run.

    If Permissions is missing, only Ops can use the commands, if Permissions is disabled in the config, everyone can use the commands.

    Added flaming arrows as a different command, /fw. Flaming arrows don't actually do any more damage than a regular arrow, so I didn't add a new Permissions node for it.

    Also, if enabled in the config file, the plugin will use arrows from a player's inventory. They will not be allowed to use /aw or /fw if they do not have enough, and the arrows are removed from the inventory. There is a permissions node to exempt players (VIPs, etc) from having to use their inventories. Inventory use is off by default.

    Enjoy, now it's time for sleep. :)
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    The effect is really cool to watch. Could u please make one more function?
    If the consumption of actual arrow and arrowwall arrow is 1:1, it is quite expensive to use.
    Could u make it configurable?
    Eg. ratio=1:10
    /aw 80, consume u 8 arrow
    /fw 15, consume u 2 arrow
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    Sounds good, perfect for an RPG element, I'll test it and let you know, cheers.
  11. Please add an extra optional cost parameter (item type and amount) to be charged once when the command is used, to make it balanced, so people won't abandon the good old bow :p For example, one could use 1 gold ingot, or 4 string, or slime balls, or anything really (in my server I would *also* enable the inventory option, naturally).
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    The plugin works fine except for the inventory function.
    Even it's configured like "inventory: true", it doesn't consume any of my arrows.
    No error in console and i am using build670.
    Thank you!
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    Is permissions set to true or false in your ArrowWall.yml? Right now, if you don't use Permissions it assumes everyone should have permission to use a node, such as arrowwall.exempt, which causes the inventory to not be used.

    I'll add a separate config file option to enable exemption from inventory use.
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    If you can make this work with redstone/button so it would be OMG FUCKING AWESOME
    but it is..
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    i will keep an eye on this thread :)
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    This plugin is epic. The only thing I wold like to ask is to add a iten shotcut for this, so player wouldnt need to type comand. Something like, hold a iten, rightclick, trow a certain amount of arrows, then u use the commands just to ajust the amount of arrow every time and if they are flaming,
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    no lag unless you shoot 10000 arrows.... xD

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    Great plugin, having so much fun >.<
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    the plugin is great, but it has much more potential!

    for example if you could create the fw arrows to burn the material (like leaves or wood) woud be awesome for PVP!

    another ideia is an option to create a rain of arrows verticaly, that you could define not only the number but also the radius of the zone arrows will fall!!

    please consider this!
    never the less, great work :D
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    how can i change the number of the arrows :(?
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    Request, was wondering if you could set it so,

    You can specify users to shoot "X" arrows,

    I'm doing an RPG System project, and would love to restrict users as they level for given permissions

    Example, Level X Shoots 100, Level Y 200, Z 300
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    Another Request, can you added Permissions for Fire and Normal arrows separately please?

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    Hmm .. i think there is much more potential as you bring out yet :D

    MAybe you can add something like a customizable cooldown time and a permissions for unrestrictet use .. this is a great add on to mcMmo i think :D

    Also different amounts for Fire and normal Arrows would be great.


    50 Normal arrows
    5 fire arrows

    So that a Player without unl restriction can shoot only 50 normal and 5 fire at one time ..
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    Oh man this looks good... trying it now. can't wait

    How many arrows am I supposed to get? This is very cool... but it's not 'braveheart' level lol


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    Try "/fw 200", heh. It defaults to 10, though the next version you'll be able to set the default in the config.
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    Ever think of adding a "cool down" before a player can use the command again?
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    Good idea, I'll see about adding that as a config option in 0.5. Some of the other suggestions I'll likely implement in 0.6.

    On an unrelated note, tested pretty thoroughly with build 733 and it seems to work fine.
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    lol. cool deal. /fw 200 MUCH more braveheartish


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    The title says "[733]" and the description says "Works with 700+ builds". Might wanna check it out sometime. :p

    (730 isn't even a recommended build!)

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