[FUN] AnimalCruelty -stop PVP/animal killing with style!

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    AnimalCruelty- stop PVP/animal killing with style!

    Click here to download link ! (download at your own risk,if you set the settings wrong,you could overload the server with too many mobs)

    Tired of telling your players to stop attacking the poor animals,or each other, or just wanna have some fun with player massacre? This plugin is for you!

    It's completely configurable,you can configurable amounts of creepers to spawn from dead mobs, and configurable amounts of zombies/ghasts(even both in the same time!) from dead players!
    Any value is supported,from 1 to 100, or even more if your server supports it! :D


    v 2.0
    -Extreme plugin overhaul, rewrote almost from scratch! Added option for zombies/ghasts to spawn from dead players!

    v 1.2
    -Dead creepers no longer spawn more creepers,so no more server crashes because of overloading! :)

    v 1.1
    -Added bolean(true/false) option to the config,it toggles whether it will trigger for all entities!
    USE WITH CARE! this WILL crash your server if not handled properly,as dead creepers create even more creepers (will fix this tomorrow)

    v 1.0
    -Initial release! :)
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    Nice work.. Very cool plugin :D This is going to make the pepole on my server "Chicken friendly" :p

    EDIT: Can u do a single plugin when all animals is like this?
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    Yeah,of course!
    I can even make it configurable,if you want only the creepers,or all the animals! I'll do it tomorrow however...
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    I think everything is right...where is the problem?
  6. Put things in bold, add spaces, add
    CreeperChicken -- My great plugin!
    Version: 1.0
    And change version and the -- My great plugin! accordingly
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    Is this good?
  8. better :)
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    Ok thx :p

    EDIT: Need to go now i will see it tomorrow :p Awesome plugin again :D

    Oh found out that I did a little fail up there... Just so u know I meant that u should make so u can choose what mobs that can spawn creepers when killed like this is the
    Config file:
    #spawn creepers when killing:
    Cow: true
    Pig: true
    Chicken: true
    Sheep: true

    Yea just so u know

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    Hey, I had a great idea. Well, more, I read the thread title and assumed the plugin was something different then it is.

    What if, a configurable percentage of chickens would home in on you and explode just like creepers.

    Now -that- would give me reason to fear the feathered bastards.
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    @Zalastri When I read the title, I assumed the chicken would explode when you killed it.
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    Ah,alright,i can make it like that! :)

    Well,after you kill the chicken,creepers spawn,and since you're really close to them,explode almost immediately! :)
    Hmm,i could make it explode, AND spawn creepers! That would be fun!
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    Thx :p U are awesome!
    That would be awesome... but with a config :L so u can select if u want that or not like. =true (makes chicken explode and spawn creepers) =false (only spawn creepers) and another cool thing would if u could select if it is going to spawn creepers or not and just explode
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    um,i updated the plugin,check if it's working!
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    Hey i found something weird :O Should it be no changes in the Config? Cuz i can only see the How many creepers?: 0
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    Really? Wierd...i'll check!
    LE: Updated download link,apparently i uploaded the wrong version...:confused:
    Anyway,delete your CreeperChicken folder just to be sure it will create the right values!
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    Found another problem. A duplicate error.. it spawns the dubble amount of creepers like set it to 1 = 2 creepers spawn
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    wierd...check again,i don't think that's possible...
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    It is something...
    It spawns dubble amount

    EDIT: Well i have not tested the new version. Testing now

    Working fine now. No problems. Thx for the new features :p they are great... The duplicate is gone think it was in the v1.2

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