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    Version: v1.0.0
    Release Date: September 23, 2011
    Last Updated: May 7, 2012

    This plugin allows you to use certain items, specified in the plugin's config file, as
    different "weapons of legend". With this plugin you can use configuration-specified items as "Thor's Hammer" (defaults to golden axe), "Vulcan's Hammer" (defaults to stone pickaxe), or "Banhammer" (defaults to iron pickaxe), and more, with more as yet to come! The "Thor's Hammer" allows you to strike lightning at will upon blocks, mobs, and players, "Vulcan's Hammer" sets a configurable area of blocks on fire, and "Banhammer"...well, do I really need to explain that one? And there's even more fun contained in the plugin with the recent update including the "Meteor Staff" (blaze rod), making your players a bit like a Ghast, the "Demon Scythe" (gold hoe) which is the first weapon in this plugin to have custom melee effects, and the "Glacier Staff" (bone), which can act both as a defensive and offensive tool by encasing your foes, or yourself if need be, into a sphere of ice!

    • Use certain configurable items as fun new "weapons".
    • Give yourself the pre-configured weapon items using a simple command interface.
    • Toggle whether the items work as weapons for other players, or yourself, using the command interface.
    • Configurable cool-down times and percent usage successes for all legendary weapons.
    • Fully configurable weapon damages outputs.
    • Permissions support
      • Supports all permission managers that support SuperPerms
        • eg. PermissionsEX or PermissionsBukkit
    How to use:

    After using "/legend" or having had "/legend" used on you, simply hold the item for the weapon that you want to use in your hand, then right-click and the weapon's effects will target and affect just about any block, player, or mob within sight that you place your crosshair on.


    What commands a player can or cannot use is dependant on what permissions they have
    been given.
    /lg [playerName]
        -Toggle whether or not the weapons work for the specified player. If no player is specified, toggles whether or not the weapons work for the user of the command.
    /lg <version | v>
        -Returns the current version of the plugin installed on the server.
    /lg <reload | r>
        -Reloads the plugin's config.
    /lg <give | g> <thor | vulcan | banhammer | meteor | demon | glacier>
        -Gives the user the item for the specified hammer weapon.
    *Only op's will ever be able to use the banhammer, for obvious reasons.
    Permission Nodes (open)

    • 'wol.*'
    - Gives access to the ability to use all of the weapons (except for Banhammer*) and all associated commands.​
    • 'wol.commands'
    - Gives access to all of this plugin's commands.​
    • 'wol.use'
    - Gives the ability to use all of this plugin's weapons (except for Banhammer*).​
    • 'wol.legend.give'
    - Gives access to the command "/legend <give | g> <thor | banhammer | vulcan | meteor | demon | glacier>".​
    • 'wol.legend'
    - Gives access to the command "/legend".​
    • 'wol.legend.version'
    - Gives access to the command "/legend version".​
    • 'wol.legend.reload'
    - Gives access to the command "/legend <reload | r>".​
    • 'wol.legend.toggle'
    - Give access tothe command "/legend <playerName>".
    • 'wol.use.thor'
    - Allows the use of Thor's Hammer.​
    • 'wol.use.vulcan'
    - Allows the use of Vulcan's Hammer.​
    • 'wol.use.meteor'
    - Allows the use of the Meteor Staff.
    • 'wol.use.demon'
    - Allows the use of the Demon Scythe.
    • 'wol.use.glacier'
    - Allows the use of the Glacier Staff.
    • 'wol.legend.give.thor'
    - Gives access to "/legend give thor".
    • 'wol.legend.give.vulcan'
    - Gives access to "/legend give vulcan".
    • 'wol.legend.give.banhammer'
    - Gives access to "/legend give banhammer".
    • 'wol.legend.give.meteor'
    - Gives access to "/legend give meteor".
    • 'wol.legend.give.demon'
    - Gives access to "/legend give demon".
    • 'wol.legend.give.glacier'
    - Gives access to "/legend give glacier".
    • 'wol.limits.bypass'
    - Allows players with this permission to bypass configured limits for weapons, such as cooldown times and percent success checks.

    *None of these permissions explicitly give permission to use the Banhammer, as this is a weapon that is, no matter what, op-only.

    Download Weapons of Legend

    Source Download: Download source-code


    Note: If anyone is interested, the full dev changelog is inside the plugin's jar. (Taking a look at it makes sense of why I started my release numbers at 0.7.0.)

    Version 1.0.0
    • Compatibility with Bukkit for 1.1 and 1.2.
    • Added 3 new weapons, the Meteor Staff, Demon Scythe, and Glacier Staff, along with corresponding permissions.
    • Vulcan Hammer's long-lasting bug of it's spherical AoE being...well...not spherical, has been fixed.
    • Commands and permissions changed to make a little more sense and be quicker and easier to use.
    • Command added that allows the plugin's config to be reloaded without having to completely reload the server.
    • The server console now has access to some of the commands, the ones that make sense for it to use, and if an incorrect command is attempted from the console, the plugin will disallow it and will let you know that you must be a player to use the given command.
    Version 0.8.3
    • Bug fix patch.
    • Fixes a bug where banhammer wouldn't kick the target players after they had been banned by it.
    • The ability to configure the triggering mouse button removed for now due to a chronic issue with the incorrect button sometimes being recognized. The button is now the right mouse button. partly to allow players to continue to use the weapon tools normally while having legend abilities activated.
    • The config has been changed as well, now being divided up into sections to make ease of navigation/understanding a little better.
    Version 0.8.2
    • CraftBukkit RB#1337 compatibility patch.
    Version 0.8.1
    • Permissions support added
    • The list of player names that controls whether a player can use the weapons or not has been moved to the plugin's config file, making toggled abilities to use the weapons persistent.
    Version 0.7.0
    • Initial release
    To do:
    • Add more awesome weapons.
    • Armor abilities.
    • Possibly more customizability.
    • Implement suggestions from you guys!
    Known Issues:
    • The Glacier Staff, if spammed way too much, can cause a bit of server-side lag, so be careful.
    • It also is not always 100% perfect about cleaning up it's own mess, its pretty good about it, but especially has issues if the server gets restarted/shut down before it has had a chance to clear everything up.
    Thank you:
    • dark78660
      • For helping me test the plugin by aiding me in setting up my own server to test on as well as installing the alpha and beta versions on his own server while the plugin was still in development, for ideas and feedback throughout the plugin's development, and for convincing me to put my programming knowledge to use making plugins in the first place.
    • Television
      • For his awesome InventoryManager class, which this plugin uses. see here
      • Note: This plugin no longer uses Television's class, but I'm still grateful for it nonetheless, as the first release, and the first several updates, could not have existed without it, due to my lack of API knowledge at the time.
    • cholo71796 and coryf88
      • For their code help at a couple of brick walls along the way.
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    can you add world support? i have a server with a pvp world and want it to only be used in that world. i added the negative permission to the other worlds but it still allows the use of wol in them.
    my permissions are something like this
    - wol.use
    - -wol.use
    im using pex permissions but its still allowing the use in normal. any help would be great.
  3. What if you had it so then items with specific enchantments could use these "special powers?"
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    Oh geez! Sorry I hadn't replied to those of you having trouble yet! I honestly thought I had, and I came back to check on things today and saw otherwise, so sorry!

    KevinEssence Hmm...mabey you did the permissions wrong? It should work if the permissions are done properly. What permissions manager are you using? Also, what does the bit in your perms file for this look like?

    blackhawk185 It only has specific items that I myself have implemented. Doing something like you're referring to would likely require the addition of far too much runtime overhead in the plugin. (would cause too much lag/take up too much space) Though something along said lines has been suggested below your post, it seems, and I'm going to take a look at/reply to that here in a moment.

    johnathanm9 The current permissions structure within the plugin should work just fine alongside multi-worlds, if I understand multi-world perms correctly. Instead of using the negative permission, simply try setting "wol.use: false". Lemme know if that doesn't solve your problem and I will look into this in more detail myself.

    CrusaderDeleters Hmm...that's an interesting, and curious, thought. I'll look into that a bit.
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    how about a list with features?
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    Quick Question. from what I'm reading you have to type in a command to enable the use of a weapon. Is anything in the works to the point that I could enable the feature for a specific item and then store it in a chest for a dungeon reward?
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    Will this be updated to 1.3.1? because i LOVE this plugin!!!

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