[FUN/ADMN] TaxFreeRegion 0.2 - Regions with inventory saved, blacklisted commands [1000]

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    TaxFreeRegion enables you to define regions where users that enters that region will have their inventory saved and cleared. When users leave that region, the new inventory content will be removed and the old one will be restored. Additionnaly you can blacklist commands in those regions.

    Very usefull if you have a creative region where you are willing to give everything to players!


    • Define multiple regions with multi-world support;
    • Give regions a name (with spaces and accents) and welcome users that enters those regions;
    • Servers restart proof, you won't loose your inventory if you disconnect or the server restarts;
    • Blacklist commands such as /spawn or any other command by adding a simple line in a text file.
    • Uses WorldEdit to select regions.
    • No database.
    • (Optional) PermissionsBukkit
    • WorldEdit
    Install Guide:
    1. Download the .zip file;
    2. Uncompress the .zip file into your bukkit plugin directory;
    3. Check that you do have TaxFreeRegion folder with messages.properties inside;
    4. Custom thoses messages if you want;
    5. Add permissions nodes (default goes to op);
    6. Restart Server and Enjoy !
    Permissions nodes:
    taxfreeregion.noclear #for admins, if you have this permissions you won't be altered by regions
    taxfreeregion.use #for admins, permit to use the commands.
    • /taxfree list : lists the regions
    • /taxfree add [name] : adds a region (you have to make a selection with WorldEdit first)
    • /taxfree delete [name] : deletes a region with a given name
    • /taxfree reload : reloads the blacklist file
    /tf is an alias of /taxfree

    Commands Blacklist:
    1. Edit CommandsBlacklist.txt
    2. One command per line, don't forget the "/" at the begining.
    3. It matches by "start with".
    4. Ingame /taxfree reload
    Known Issues:
    • Overlapping regions won't work !
    Version 0.2
    • Disabled in-region item droping from players.
    Version 0.1
    • first bukkit release
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    Hi, adreide, great plugin!

    Just one question: Could you (somebody??) add the possibility to swich the welcome/goodbye message on and off in the config? I tried to remove the player.sendmessage line in the code by myself but it ended in loads of errors :confused:
    That would be very cool!

    EDIT: A friend helped me and I got it now. Anyway, thanks!
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    can this plugin works with 1317 or 1337?
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    I can't seem to tell, is this plugin still being developed? This is a phenomenal idea and works very well... it's such a simple idea it's great!

    I hope it's still in development because I have an idea to help with its functionality. Basically, there are many different uses for this plugin all within the same world, so it would be great if the CommandBlacklist was able to differentiate between regions. There may be some commands you want blacklisted in one region but not blacklisted in another region. Perhaps the CommandBlacklist would need to be a yml file instead of txt for this to happen.

    Something like -
            cmds: -/cmd1
    Anyway, I hope this helps and look forward to future updates to this plugin. Thanks for your work!
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    I love this plugin ! thx to keep update ! :)
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    I'm running a small Bukkit Server (15 players) and my users wanted to have an area where they can do everything they want. (/item, griefing, killing other players, ...). TaxFreeRegion worked quite well, but since 1.0.1-R1 it caused many troubles.
    So I decided to continue developement of TaxFreeRegion.
    Atteched to this post is my updated version of TaxFreeRegion. At the moment it is only a bug-fixing release but probably I'll add some new features in the near futue.

    This version is based on the 0.3t release of tickleman.

    • Compiled with RB 1.0.1-R1/1597
    • Armor removing/restoring is working
    • Enchantments fully supported (Inventory and Armor)
    • Corrected error in help page (/tf remove -> /tf delete)
    • xAuth support added (and probably also other login-plugins, not tested)
      • Bug in 0.2/0.3t: if you disconnect and then connect again (xAuth wants you to /login), your original inventory is deleted and you'll get the inventory which you had inside the region.
    Known Bugs:
    • xAuth /logout command
      • Description: its the same as the disconnect/reconnct-bug (see above) -> you inventories will be swapped
      • Workaround: blacklist /logout
    • Lag-Bug (one of my users reported it, i didn't check it)
      • Desription: if the connection is lagging, you could achieve it to keep your inventory from inside the region when you teleport away (/home)
      • Workaround: blacklist /home,/tp,/tpa,..

    Tutorial: Whitelisting Commands (someone asked for this):
    • to allow the /item command of CommandBook:
      • give your users the permission for the command
        • commandbook.give: true
      • insert the command into the whitelist
        • /item

    Attached Files:

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    cheers, this helped alot :)
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    I can't see the attachment. Is this still available?
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    This would be awesome if it hooked into worldguard. EXACTLY the plugin i was looking for, but i dont want to have to make whole new regions D:
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    I don't know why my attachement is gone. I haven't changed anything in my post.

    At the moment I'm working on a new version of TaxFreeRegion with some nice new features (support for permissions, excute commands when a player leaves/enters the region, support for world-guard regions,...)
    I think the new version will be finished in the next few days (probably today).
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  12. Great plug-in, finally managed to charge admission in certain areas, the only feature that did Alerter ... placed to run the input command (/ money take [name] value)

    But already spotted some bugs in the use of it ...

    I wonder if it has to do conditional branching, the kind (If the player does not have money, then run another command - example-warp, otherwise executes command of payment.)

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