[FUN/ADMN] EatMeh v0.3 - Cause players to be eaten by the Purple People Eater! [Permissions] [1060]

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    EatMeh - Cause players to be eaten by the Purple People Eater! [Permission Support!] [Build 1060!]
    Download EatMeh version 0.3! Hosted by Dropbox!

    Before I begin officially...
    Welcome to the new ages of Bukkit! We are already passed the 1000th build, now on build 1060! Without any more delays, I present to you: EatMeh!

    Hello, and welcome to my first plugin, EatMeh. EatMeh is a simple and light weight plugin. EatMeh's intention is to be an alias for /kill or /slay. Not only does it do the same thing as /kill or /slay, it also adds a twist of humor to a command-based player death.

    How it looks:
    Once a player with the correct permission node executes the command: /eat <playername> it will kill <playername> the same way /kill or /slay would. But to add a twist of humor, a message is then broadcasted server wide, saying:
    <playername> was eaten by the Purple People Eater!

    Works with:
    - Permissions (optional - if Permissions not found, it will default to an OP only command.)
    - **Notice** EatMeh does not support SuperPerms, nor will any of my other plugins!

    - /eat <playername> - kills <playername> and brodcasts the 'eaten' message.

    Permission nodes: (For the Permissions plugin)
    - eatmeh.eat - allows a user to use the /eat command.

    - Kills a player like the /kill or /slay command.
    - Broadcasts a message to everyone on the server saying what player was eaten.
    - Permission support!
    - Chat colors!

    Special thanks:
    Special thanks to @badbh222 for helping me with the development of this plugin. He is really helpful and he dosen't flip out and refuse to help you if you ask a total n00b question :p He also coded a feature called NoEat, which is coming soon (read below for more information on NoEat). Thanks a lot!

    - If a player types just /eat it will kill themselves
    - NoEat (like /god (read below for more information.))
    - Permission Support/Op only default Added in 0.3!
    - Anything you want added? Tell me below in the comments!
    What will no eat do? (open)
    NoEat is coming soon!
    What will no eat do? (open)

    NoEat will be like the /god command, only it runs on a timed session. For example, say a person with the correct permission node types the command:
    /noeat minerman4 10 m
    It will make minerman4 invinceble for 10 m(inutes). Thanks to @badbh222 for coding this feature, coming soon!

    Known bugs:
    - Plugin broken! Fix coming soon! Fixed!
    - Nothing else. Find one? Tell me below in the comments!

    Silent Update (Not a really new version)
    - Updated for Bukkit build 1000! Woot-Woot!

    Version 0.3
    - Added Permission support/OP only default
    - Added chat colors

    Version 0.2.1
    - Fixed plugin! No longer broken! (Actually fixed this time)
    Previous Versions (open)
    Version 0.2
    Previous Versions (open)

    - Fixed the plugin.yml, plugin should work now!

    Version 0.1
    - Initial plugin release

    End notes:
    If you find a bug, want something added, or need help support, please post below in the comment section. When reporting a bug or needing help with something, please tell me what version of EatMeh you have, what CB build your running on, and please post any errors you get in the console. Thanks a lot, have a great day!

    The legal stuff:



    by Kohle is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

    Please give me feedback, guys!

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    do purple things come at them or do they just die with a message?
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    you should make pacman mode xD you become purple and you can eat everyone
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    lol that would be amazing
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    So this is /kill except it broadcasts a server message when you use it?
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    Well yeah, it basically is :p But hey, it's really my first thing in Java. Mr. @badbh222 did what I originally wanted to do :p

    Wow... interesting idea haha.

    Well has anyone actually downloaded this and tried it? I need to know anything thats wrong with the plugin.

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    ill download it if crazy purple things run at the person lol
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    Well that would require a client side mod :p And Im not that advance to start working on something like that 0_o
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    Okay, well if your just new to making plugins, my server is currently looking for a dev and we would love to have you :)
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    Oh :eek:

    I'm sorry, your going to have to find someone else :(

    I am actually the owner of a server already :p

    Sorry. Hope you find someone.

    Oh yeh! Can someone PLEASE download this and test? I am unable to do so atm....

    -Kohle ;)
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    Okay then, I'll just keep looking, if you change your mind just send me a message, btw do you happen to take requests by any chance?
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    Plugin requests? Sure :D Since Im very new to Java, it may take a while, but sure :D

    -Kohle ;)
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    Okay well its not so much a request but something else, pm me :)
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    Daniel Heppner

    You should really throw this on GitHub so that I can help you out. Lemme know if you need a tutorial on GitHub (GitGUI is awesome).
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    OMG! I'm a plugin dev now! :eek: Wooooooo-Hoooooo!
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    congrats! i started working on my first plugin a few days ago, really need to delete my fb. Too distracting and i'm not getting anything done.
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    Oh... Facebook... I was really addicted to some games on it, for a while. Then they started getting boring... so I pretty much quit... I visit Facebook once daily on my iPhone, just to check if I have messages :p And good luck! I honestly never thought I would get dev status... but there my name is in that purple color, with the title... :D

    -Kohle ;)

    Ok, so can anyone test this? I would appreciate it if someone did.

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    Doesn't work. When i try /eat NAME it means unknown console command.
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    i'm new to java too but can i please haze the src code?
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    D: Wow... I will be looking into this.... I am new to this :p
    I cant post the source code right now, but I can later.
    -Kohle ;)

    Ha! Think I figured it out! Thank you, @badbh222

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    OK everyone, v.0.2 is expected to come out tonight! It will include the bug fix of the plugin not working. Then (this may seems rushed) I plan to release v.0.3 either this Friday or Saturday, and this Sunday at the latest. v.0.3 will include the implement of NoEat, a god feature. (Information on this can be found in the spoiler in the main post)
    Thanks everyone for your support!
    -Kohle ;)

    --Edit-- (June 7, 2011)
    Well, sorry for the delay on v0.2. Things irl got in the way, of course. So I am expecting the fix for the plugin being broken tonight. Please don't spaz if its not out. Rl has been getting in my way a lot. And you can still expect v0.3 out this Friday or Saturday!
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    Sooo.... when this is fixed, anyone gonna use it? (Cant be fixed tonight either :/ Tomorrow definaltely!)
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    @Kohle Well you've got 68 votes total in the poll and a lot of views on the thread already, I'd say people will use it... and so what if they don't? You are learning from it, that's what counts. :)
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    @badbh222 Yeah, that's true :p and how do I delete a poll 0_O It's pretty obvious (says in main post) that it will be Permission support then default to OP... so I want to delete that pesky poll. But how?!
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    @Kohle Hmm, not sure, never used one before on this site, might have to ask a mod to delete it or something. :confused:
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    @badbh222 -_- Why cant managing a thread be simple?!

    @Plague Can you delete the poll (NOT the thread only the poll!!) (I wonder if he will even come to this thread...)
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    Can users edit the poll? Because there is no delete button, just edit and the thing is you delete all possible answers and then the poll gets deleted automatically.
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    @Plague I don't even see a way to edit the poll.

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