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    ClothCommand - super simple /cloth command
    Version: v1.6

    Ever since my migration from hMod to Bukkit, I've wanted a /cloth plugin. I like to have a simple command for giving cloth, and I allowed people that couldn't use /give to use /cloth (I like pixel art).
    Now, I have made this a reality. Introducing ClothCommand!

    As this is my first ever plugin, it will be fairly simplistic. However, I aim to make it as high quality as possible.

    • /cloth <color> [amount] [player] — main command
    • /cloth all [amount] [player] — Gives all colors of cloth
    • /cloth list — lists all possible color names
    • /wool alias
    • Works from the console
    • Custom color names
    • Unlimited stacks
    • Bukkit Permissions and Permissions 2/3 support
    • If you don't use Permissions, you can choose all users or just ops and above
    Permissions Nodes:
    • ClothCommand.cloth — Allows use of /cloth
    • ClothCommand.cloth.player — Allows use of /cloth [amount] [player]
    • ClothCommand.cloth.unlimited — Allows use of -1 as amount for unlimited stacks
    • ClothCommand.* — Access to all ClothCommand permissions (for Bukkit permissions)
    Download ClothCommand v1.6
    ClothCommand on GitHub

    Configuration file (open)

    • woolcolor.color - Allows you to change the names for the colors of cloth/wool.
    • requiresop - Only applies if not using Permissions. True means only ops and above can use it, false means anyone can.
    • defaultstacksize - The amount of cloth given when not specifying an amount.
    • stackmultiplier - Multiplies the amount you provide by this number. For example, setting this to 64 will make /cloth red 2 give you 128 red cloth/wool blocks. Doesn't apply to default stack size.
    • usebukkitpermissions - If you set this to false, the plugin will use Permissions 2/3 rather than Bukkit permissions.

    Version 1.6
    • Added Bukkit permissions support
    • Added ClothCommand.cloth.player node
    Version 1.5
    • Fixed /wool alias
    • Added support for unlimited stacks
    • Various small fixes
    Version 1.4
    • Added console support
    • Added /wool alias
    • Optimizations
    Version 1.3
    • Added option to set default stack size
    • Added option to multiply amount by a number
    Version 1.2
    • Fixed bug when using ClothCommand without Permissions
    Version 1.1
    • Bugfixes
    • Default cloth stack size changed from 1 to 64
    • Added /cloth all (thanks, pedrofrq!)
    Version 1.0
    • Added a config file
    • Customizable color names
    • Op-only/all users for non-permissions
    Version 0.2
    • Added ability to use /cloth on other players
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
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    hey before the mods come and tell u chancge the 684+ because thats not for sure :p thats waht mods say
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    Thanks, I'll just leave it at 684. It does work for 705, but I guess I'll just use RBs.
    Thanks, though!
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    is this not like a op spawming some wool?

    edit: exept that anyone can or atleast spec ppl can, and you pick ur color off the bat?
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    Well, yes, at least for now.
    The only real purpose is that you can give the command to special users, not just /give users.
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    Updated to v0.2.
    This adds /cloth <color> [amount] [player] to the mix.

    Blah triple post.
    Well, I guess this wasn't a very popular idea, but I have updated to version 1.0. This version adds a config file with customizable color names and non-Permissions settings.
    Well, I'm all out of ideas, TBH, but if anyone suggests one, I'll add it in.

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    Why is it that it is named Cloth and you desbribe it as Cloth? It's Wool, not Cloth, or am I wrong here? I don't get why some people keeps on calling it Cloth.
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    Wool used to be known as "Cloth" until the Beta 1.2 update (the one that re-added colored Cloth/Wool blocks). From the wiki:
    I guess the name kinda stuck, even though yes, they are now officially wool. However, due to the original hMod using /cloth, I will keep the name ClothCommand. If you wish, I will allow you to also use /wool starting in the next update.
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    /cloth all [player]
    Gives a full stack of each wool color for that player ( or you, if you don't input a player name )
    Useful if you need a lot of colors, it is better than useing /cloth <color> [amount] [player] for each color.
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    please update to latest RB
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    Sorry, I was away from a computer for a bit. Updated for 733.
    Also, good idea, I added it.
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    using /cloth (root command even) says "an internal error occured while attempting to perform this command" running bukkit 733
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    Thank you, that was a bug when running without Permissions. It's fixed now, please download the latest version.

    EDIT: Also, ooh, Plugin Dev! :D
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    I LOVE the permissions support. I don't want to give my moderators the ability to spawn, but some really enjoy building giant cloth creations.

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful plugin :D
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    imjake9 very thanks to make this plugin i'm korean
    but please to make
    /cloth blue 2 =/cloth blue 128
    i want to /cloth blue 2 is same /cloth blue 128
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    Glad you like. :D That is the aim of this plugin.

    Now added. Download version 1.3.
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    I do love it very much it is simple Thanks to make this Plugin
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    This is great! There are other mods that accomplish this, but none are so simple. I love it! Could you also include support for other items that use damage values? e.g. Slabs, Logs, and dyes? (and char/coal if you really feel like it)
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    Haven't updated yet, but does this work with RB 818?
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    Any chance of this plugin supporting unlimited amounts with -1 ?
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    Just tested; this does work with RB 818. I've been gone a while, but I have some time now, and I'll try implementing some of the suggestions here now.

    Thanks! I don't really plan to implement most of those for a few reasons: first, there are many more types of cloth/wool than those items; second, I did the whole cloth thing for pixel art, those would probably only ge given to the same people who can use /give; and third, I just don't see the point.
    However, I think the dye idea makes sense, I'll look into that one.

    Sure, I'll look into that. I really don't know how unlimited stacks work, so I'll look into other plugins to steal their code. :p
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    Thank you!
    It would be much apreciated just moved from canary to bukkit and the plugin on canray had the unlimted support.
    It would make life so much easier we build ALOT of pixel are on our server :p

    Thank you again and Good Luck! :D
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    Haha, no problem! I'm looking into it now.

    I just updated to version 1.4. This adds console support and the /wool alias. Also, I provided a link to my GitHub.
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    Very Nice!
    I Was going to suggest a /wool command :D Read my mind!
    Updated on my server :D
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    Cool beans! :p I've just updated to version 1.5. This one fixes the /wool command (it didn't actually work in 1.4 :rolleyes:) and adds unlimited stacks (just use "-1"). Only users with the Permissions node ClothCommand.cloth.unlimited can use that, though, so don't forget to add that.

    Sorry for the massive amount of small updates, but I'm done for now. Thanks for all your support, guys!
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    Awesome Just tried on my server all works perfectly :D
    Including the /wool :p
    THANK YOU soo MUCH really needed this love that /cloth all -1 Gives you unlimited of all colours :D Heaven!
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    I signed up just to say thank you for this. My kids love creating with wool and this is exactly what they need! Excellent, simple, plugin.
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    Version 1.5 isn't working for me on CraftBukkit 860. I'm beginning to wonder if it 's just that I haven't updated to 928 (or 935) yet though.
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    can the player that get the permissions give other players woll? or can they only give themself, and if they can give other player wool, is it some way to deactive that so they only can give themself?
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    it doesn't look like there's a way to split it like you're asking. You can give wool to other players as well as yourself, but it's just 1 permission node for both. you get all or nothing.

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