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    SurvivalMiniGame is a plugin that enables you to play a game with your a survival game with your friends. The plugin will take care of who is dead/alive and anti-grief (when the game is running). Its recommended to not run other plugins with this plugin since the its still in development and not optimized yet.

    1. Start/Stop a Game (Need Op).
    2. Disabled block breaking (except leaves, vines and mushrooms).
    3. Manages who is dead/alive.
    4. See who is dead/alive.
    5. Addplayers while the game is running
    6. When only 1 player remains he will be 'The winner'.

    In Development: (In case of suggestions please contact us)
    • A config file where you can choose wich blocks are breakable.
    • Permissions
    Commands :

    /setspawn : This will set the spawn. (When the game ends eveyone will get teleported to spawn)
    /startgame : Start's the game.
    /stopgame : Stop's the game.
    /players : This will show you wich players are alive or dead.
    /addplayer <playername> : Add a player to the current game.
    /readdplayer <playername> : Readds a player to the current game. (Difference with the above commands is that players who ar readded keep their current lives, food , and items.The command is mostly used for people who disconnected from the server.)

    Project Page + Download

    Version 1.0
    • Added notifications
    • Added block breaking disabled
    Version 1.0.1
    • Added colors to the notifications
    • Added Description for commands
    • Fixed some small issues
    • Added OP permissions to start/stop a game
    • Revised code / Better performance
    • Added Permission node 'gamemanager.admin' to access start/stop (NOT WORKING YET)
    • Added /addplayer command
    • Added /readdplayer command
    • Added [Alive] / [Dead] before players name

    BUMP :D

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    dont use shortened links please. Use the submission form too.
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    updated :D
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    this must be, like, the 50th hunger games plugin...
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    Perfect. Exactly what I needed. Thank you very much!
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    your welcome :)
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    Please add latest RB to title.
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    Yeah, another of 1000+ hunger games:D
    Never the less, good work guy...

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