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    ExtraTNTControls v 0.01
    [tnt]Do you enjoy TNT?[tnt]
    Do you want to do more with TNT?
    Are you tired of minecrafts limited controls of TNT?
    Well no longer!
    Because now you can control TNT in nearly every aspect.
    This plugin adds controls for TNT from changing the delay timer to setting its destructive power.
    You can turn TNT into virtual lightning rods allowing for timed lightning strikes.
    You can force TNT to only explode when it actually hits a block and not while its flying through the air.
    All of this and more in, ExtraTNTControls.
    Green = done
    Red = not done
    Orange = working on
    Setting custom TNT delays
    Lightning TNT
    Setting custom TNT power
    Explode on impact
    Player specific commands, right now these affect the whole server

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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