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    Plugin category: Fun, Mechanics, Roleplay

    Suggested name: Alchemist (FMA)

    What I want: Something similar has already come up called GeometricMagic and GeometricMagic Reloaded but they were not really what i was expecting and are now outdated and looks to be abondened. If anyone has seen FMA or fullmetal alchemist you might have an idea of what im kind of looking for.

    So here it is. I want a plugin where you can transmute items into other items such as lead to gold (or in minecraft flint to gold) like in FMA. But also be able to have fighting skills like be able to create a tnt cannon out of items needed? It is kind of hard to explain if you havent seen the anime. So to start alchemy you will need string and some basic items. Layout the string into a pattern like so. 2013-07-03_13.41.49.png
    Then if possible stand in the middle shift andright click it (Or something of the sort to symbolize what they do in the anime) And what ever they have selected will be built/transmuted? The main charecter in the anime can use alchemy without the circle so maybe a permission to be able to do this? And there is an stone called the philosophers stone in it where you dont need to use equivelent exchange and can make anything so gold out of thin air maybe a permission for that also? I am wording this badly as i always do but if you have seen the anime you might know what im talking about AND YES Equivelent Exchange the mod is based off FMA (or it was when it started out)

    Ideas for commands: /fma help (shows basic commands)
    /fma tntcannon (Would make the tnt cannon so another example would be /fma tower)

    Ideas for permissions: fma.philostone
    fma.nocircle (Or anything better)
    fma.admin (Similar to philostone and nocircle but has access to otherthings if you want them in the plugin.

    When I'd like it by: Whenever, I'd just like to see it done :).


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    Ooh? ooh.. I was once addicted to full metal alchemist, despite my general hate towards manga(anime? I forget the difference).. Regardless.. I must work on this. I will not be able to sleep without it! Being a programmer who likes to take time, it will take a few days at the least. ho ho.. this will be good. Sand Kastle, I would appreciate it if you told me more about this idea, via PM or something, so that we can work on this together! I will start immediately! :D
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    Sure i am bad at explaniing things but i can try :p
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    So far, I've made the philosopher's stone, the transmutation 'circle' to make the stone, and currently I am working on it's use. You know how an alchemist will touch the ground and a wall appears? I am looking into that, but I've come up with balancing issues. :-/
    On another note, do you have any other ideas other than what I said?
  6. Are you still working on this? I made a Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood server, and I would be eternally grateful to have a plugin. I can't find one, since Geometric Magic doesn't work.

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