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    Hey guys im working on a full serer and i made a list of possible plugins. i cant seem to find any that do what i want. so if you have ideas or can help me develop something please let me know !!!

    Here is the details

    [Wand Plugin}
    wands...ability to give any enchantment on any item
    e.g a stick with fire aspect

    [Purge Hourse]
    Creates a day and night schedule for each day of the week.
    Sun: Day, Mon: Night, Tues: Day, Wed: Night, Thurs: Day, Fri: Night, Sat: Night.
    at night is the ONLY time ANY hostle mobs spawn.
    plots can be made during daytime that are going to protect blocks and chests (this will be lifted during night time days)
    restricted building that keeps players within X amount of distance from spawn. (players can save money in game or donate to make their own town with a spawn radius which can be tpd to only during night time)

    Similar shop to Desteria..... mc-central.com
    Custom Economy that uses Gold instead of $ (not actual gold just called gold instead of $)

    /team to join a leader
    team chats (which fall under the leaders color
    teams can use each others land
    teams can betray each other (need a way to remove them from team land/chat if they kill another player on their team)
    claiming land is similar to the World Edit UI
    (layers and teams can not claim spawn or any server land e.g admin shop or spawn
    world border http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/worldborder/

    Players make money ONLY off of killing hostle mobs (very little money though)
    Players can also make money from killing other players (lots of money)
    Players can make money from selling their money to other players (/sellhand <playername> $1000 ............../buy <playername> $1000) *amounts must match for purchase to work* 30 secdonds for the buyer to /acceptpurchase (to make sure they got the correct item)
    players all have a $ amount that they are worth..this amount goes up with the more players they kill without dying.
    Players with high kills and low deaths are worth more money to kill
    Display players worth on screen, (overlay in game) *players worth and number of total kills ever.*
    players and mobs have health bars. http://www.curse.com/bukkit-plugins/minecraft/health-bar

    the game will have a set of god armor. this can only be achieved by completing the quests
    e.g player_kills = 25 without death /give player sword (that we decide the enchantments before games are started)
    if a part of armor or weapons is achieved other players can take the armor/weapon by either 1. killing that player to take it or 2. completing the same quest after they do.
    armor can not break or take damamge as well as weapons

    [Hero Join]
    The server will be invite only and start with 3-5 players they will be called Heros.
    when i hero joins lighting should strike them (that doesnt do damage) just for affect ^_^

    Simple portals that will take us from our homes to spawn (or to programed location)
    Portals players make ONLY go to spawn BUT admins can program portals to go between any two locations.
    not end portals
    compact as possible.

  2. You can do that with Essentials.
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    You can do this with Gringotts.
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    For the currency: Use Gringotts
    Desteria uses SignShop for their /shop, but their developer Jerod has custom coded a GUI for selling stuff to the shop (if that's what you mean).
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    Jerod is a boss. i know him but hes busy being a boss lol. kid is brilliant. thanks guys that knocks out some of the ones i need !
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    King_Mustardjar look up a plugin called chestcommands gui if you need some sort of gui shop. Its quite easy to use and can look good and be effective with shops.
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