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    Minecraft version :1.8.8
    What i want:

    1/msg only friends can msg. and /r to reply to the last msg
    (if u can disable all other msg commands in vanilla minecraft)

    §5§lPRIVATE §8| Sender Name §e⇉ Receiver Name §8» §bmsg

    2/join and leave alert
    §e§lFRIENDS §8| Name §a§l✚ //for joining
    §e§lFRIENDS §8| Name §c§l✘ //for leaving

    3/online friends shown first.
    4/max friends 30 for default rank.
    5/shows what they'r doing can be edit in config // config settings Hub = <world name>
    6/friends request //least for 4 mins then the request expire
    7/6 friends shown per page
    #formats :
    &8&m-------------- &b&lFriends &8&m --------------
    §aFriend request from <Player>.
    §a§l[ACCEPT] §8- §c§l[DENY]
    &8&m-------------- &b&lFriends &8&m --------------
    §aYou sent a friend request to <Player>! They have 4 minutes to accept it!

    /friend shows the commands
    /msg <name> <msg>
    /r <msg> reply to last msg
    /friend add <name> /f <name>
    /friend remove <name>
    /friend requests
    /friend accept <name>
    /friend deny <name>
    /friend list - /fl - /friends
    #each page has 8 friends shown
    /friend ignore - ignore request from the player permenant
    /friend unignore
    /friend offlinemode
    /boop <name> msg the player &d&lBoop! with the same msg format + they have to be friends

    &8-=[ &e+ &8]=- &8[ &b&lFriends list&8] -=[ &e+ &8]=-
    &6✦&8➤ &9Player §7[Hub]
    &6✦&8➤ &9Player §7[Hub]
    &6✦&8➤ &9Player §7[Hub]
    &6✦&8➤ &9Player §8[Offline]
    &6✦&8➤ &9Player §8[Offline]
    &6✦&8➤ &9Player §8[Offline]
    &b-=[ &e+ &b]=- &b[ &8« &7Page 1/4 &8» &b] -=[ &e+ &b]=-
    ➤ color dark grey , if the player is online ➤ color gold
    ➤ when you click on it , it does /party invite <name>
    ✦ when you click it, make favorite friend and what it does it shows them above every online friend - if the friend is offline it shows above every offline
    §e✦ favorite friend
    §8✦ isnt a favorite
    when click on player name it does /msg <player>

    /friend toggle - to toggle on/off friend requests
    /friend broadcast - to send global msg to every friend you have
    /friend help - show help page
    friends.msg.all to msg anyone
    friends.max.99 // 99 just an example
    --------------[some msgs]
    &8-=[ &e+ &8]=- &8[ &b&lFriends&8] -=[ &e+ &8]=-
    &8»&3/friend add &8● &7Add a friend.
    &8»&3/friend list &8● &7List all of your friends.
    &8»&3/friend remove &8● &7Remove a friend.
    &8»&3/friend requests &8● &7List of your friend request.
    &8»&3/friend accept &8● &7Accept a friend invite.
    &8»&3/friend deny &8● &7Deny a friend invite.
    &8-=[ &e+ &8]=- &8[ &b&lFriends Help &f&l1 &8] -=[ &e+ &8]=-
    &8-=[ &e+ &8]=- &8[ &b&lFriends&8] -=[ &e+ &8]=-
    &8»&3/msg &8● &7Write a message to a friend.
    &8»&3/r &8● &7Reply to a message.
    &8»&3/friend broadcast &8● &7Send a message to all online friends.
    &8»&3/friend toggle &8● &7Toggle friend request.
    &8-=[ &e+ &8]=- &8[ &b&lFriends Help &f&l2 &8] -=[ &e+ &8]=-
    &8-=[ &e+ &8]=- &8[ &b&lFriends&8] -=[ &e+ &8]=-
    &8»&3/friend favorite &8● &7Favorite a friend.
    &8»&3/friend unfavorite &8● &7Unfavorite a friend.
    &8»&3/friend ignore&8● &7Ignore a player.
    &8»&3/friend unignore &8● &7Unignore a player.
    &8-=[ &e+ &8]=- &8[ &b&lFriends Help &f&l3 &8] -=[ &e+ &8]=-
    &8&m-------------- &b&lFriends &8&m --------------
    &cYou do not have any friends! :c
    &cDo /friend add <name> to add new friends

    please add all messages +format in the config if possible

    When i want it ? This month

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    What does /friend offlinemode do? Does that 'fake' being offline to your other friends?
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    yes exactly
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    And what is the purpose of the [Hub] text in your example?
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    this so for example they r playing in world named map4 and world is skywar so in config i put it skywars so their friends know that he is playing in skywars etc,, something like that
    world: '&7[Hub]'
    survival: '&7[Survival]'
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    Is there any other info you'd like stored about friends? Maybe they can like save notes about them or the date they added them or something like that?
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    maybe u can used that with gui ? and u have their heads their name as a title and other stuff in the lore
    yeah i think that will be good and specific command to open the gui
    btw is it possible to use mysql or just a file ? if you can add an option to enable it until i find good host
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