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    Plugin category: Chat, Admin Help, Fun, General

    Suggested name: FriendsHubChat

    What I want:
    When someone joins the server with this plugin, everyone will be invisible (a silent hub) but chat will be enabled. When someone does /chat then it toggles between the chat kinds. The first one is that they receive no chat and can send no chat, second one is that they can hear only their friend's chat and only their friends can hear their chat. The last one (the default when they join) is that they can hear everyone and everyone can hear them.

    For the Friends aspect of the plugin, /friend or /friend help will list all the /friend commands. /friend list will list all the friends you currently have, with a symbol saying if they are online or not and their status. /friend request send [name] will send a request to that player, and when they get online it will tell them the following message every 5 minutes:
    &4Hello [their name], [the person who added them's name] Has Added You To Be A Friend. To Accept This Request, &6Type /friend accept [the person who added them] &4To Deny Them, Do &6/friend deny [the person who added them].
    /friend accept [name] or /friend deny [name] accept or deny a friend request.

    /friend tp will force teleport you to that player, as long as he is your friend. If he isn't, then it will say: &1Sorry, He Isn't Your Friend! :/
    If the player isn't online, then it will say: &1Oops, He Isn't Online! &2Try Again Later.
    /friend toggle will just toggle if the player is accepting friend requests of not. It defaults to yes (as in they are accepting requests). Sending a request to someone with requests disabled will say
    &4They Have Friends Disabled. Ask Them To Enable It By Doing &c/friend toggle.

    Executing the command /friend msg is like a combination of the mail and the msg functions in essentials. If the friend is online, it will give them the message in this format:
    &1[the messager] Has Messaged You. &2He Said: &f[message]
    If he isn't online, he will receive the message in that format as soon as he does go online.
    If he isn't your friend, it will say: &1Sorry, He Isn't Your Friend! :/
    And when you send the mail it will say &1Mail &2Sent&c!

    Finally, /friend remove [name]. Pretty self - explanitory. Doing this command removes the target player from your friends. /friend status will define your status (just a sentence) which will be shown is the /friend list

    If you make this plugin I will first, be very thankful and I will see if you are interested in becoming a plugin developer for my server (you get staff on the server and you help develop plugins for us with our 2 other developers so far)

    Any other questions about how the plugin should work? Leave a post and I will respond ASAP.

    Ideas for commands:
    /friend list
    /friend request send [player name]
    /friend request accept [name]
    /friend request deny [name]
    /friend tp [name]
    /friend toggle
    /friend msg [name]
    /friend remove [name]
    /friend status [message]

    Ideas for permissions:
    fic.friend (this will give permission for all the /friend [command] commands.

    When I'd like it by: Whenever you want, take your time.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    SuperSniper1379 Private plugins aren't allowed
    Bukkit api, not breaking :p
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    Yeah he said he's fine for them to post it :p
    edit: mainly trying to figure out if this is for bukkit or spigot.. sounds like a spigot request.
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    1.6.4 Probably as the 1.7 craftbukkit isn't out yet and I'm guessing it'll take awhile.
    If it is made for 1.6.4 and it doesn't work with 1.7 when that comes out I might ask for someone to help update it. Also, Bukkit.

    I know, I said if you want. You don't have to. I can edit that part out if you want.

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    Maybe best thing to do before somebody locks this
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    Done. I removed it.
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