Friends Can't Join Server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by holychez, Jan 26, 2011.

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    hmmm.. im really not sure what else to try here I'm running out of ideas. I guess you could try to plug your internet directly in your comp instead of passing through your router to test if its really the router who is blocking your ports. but even then I still have no clue how to forward you port via the few choices your router is giving you.

    sorry man I really wish I could get your server to work.
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    ahh its cool man ive just really frusterated ive been trying to do this for weeks and it hasnt worked
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    Do you see anything in your router settings that are along the lines of DMZ? If you do, you can configure your computer's IP to be a DMZ. It will allow all ports to connect to your computer but this will bring along risks as well.
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    Nothing that says DMZ​
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    it says for me that it does not see my service with that port!!!! please help and i have port forwarded everything correctly! its reall really simple for my router. :(
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    But seriously folks....

    Then perhaps you have a locally-installed firewall on your machine that's blocking the port, so it's able to make it from the router to the computer, but the computer's firewall is blocking it before it's reaching the endpoint (the Minecraft server process). Or you actually DON'T have port forwarding set up correctly.
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    im running off of windows 7 and under my router edit... blah... it says none of the firewalls are hooked up :( there is also NO wher on the internet to explain this problem
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    The reason there's nothing available on the internet is because the issue you're having is waaaay too general. If we were automobile mechanics, then you just told me that gas is not getting from the tank to the engine. Well, there are many things that could be at play there, the tank could be empty, or have a hole in it, or the gas line is cut, fuel injector is fried, fuel pump not working, I could go on and on.

    When you're setting up port forwarding, you should be intimately familiar with every stop or possible point of failure from the moment a packet with the specified port number hits the WAN side of your internet connection all the way up until it's being received by the application that the packet was meant for.

    Without that knowing the goings-on of the computer/network that well, you'd better know how to troubleshoot, IE, trying it in Safe Mode With Networking, trying on a different port, or trying from a different computer, or trying to port forward for a completely separate application, ensuring you're using the right external IP address or domain name, verifying you're not sitting behind a double-NAT... Much like the vehicle situation, I could go on and on.

    And without knowing your computer/network, or how to troubleshoot, you've got to ask yourself, is running a server really your thing?
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    my friends can join either can anybody Skype me and help me my Skype username is stillpython

    when he trys to login it says failed to connect to the server connection refused :connect

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    dude i fixed it :^| and let me tell u this... ur a dick someone actually helped me
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