Friends cannot connect (timed out error), using Hamachi

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by CHIPstick5, Jun 13, 2011.

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    Running Windows 7 32-bit and using Hamachi to avoid the port forwarding issue
    Using craftbukkit build 860 with no plugins
    I am able to join my own server using the hamachi ip fine, however other people on the hamachi network are unable to join getting the timed out error. I have the hamachi ip for the serer ip and online mode set to false (a suggestion i found when searching through the forums). However it is still not working. This setup however works fine when using a vanilla minecraft server. Looking at the server logs there is no evidence of the friend even attempting to connect.

    Any suggestions?
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    I am having this SAME exact issue. Except I am not using Hamachi. I am just using Bukkit alone, and my friends can't join either. Connection timed out. It worked before this new build.
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Port forward port 25565 and use your normal IP ;)
    That's how I did it.
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    Try using your local ip in your or leaving the ip field blank. Im sure the server has problems binding to the hamachi ip, so you need to have it either listen on all interfaces (blank) or on your local ip (which hamachi redirects to)
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    Im assuming local IP is my actual IP not the hamachi IP. I have also tried leaving it blank (as the setup instructions said) but still got same problem. I tried letting the port through windows firewall also (perhaps I need to open anti virus firewall too?)
    One thing i do notice is that the server simply shows no record of them attempting to connect so for moment im sure its not the craftbukkit software itself
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    @CHIPstick5 ...once you set your firewalls up right then talk to us. You should've done that first
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    I honestly thought they were up right. Vanilla minecraft worked fine and i was thinking they used same port or does the craftbukkit software not come under the firewall bubble of minecraft?
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    Ok realised it was the firewall. Do i just open the port 25565 in the firewall for incoming rules (what i saw in another thread) or must I do other things as im doing it through hamachi
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