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    I'm after a plugin that would allow players to protect there own buildings in a safe and friendly manner, instantly two existing plugins come to mind "towny" very popular plugin huge plugin, very complicated to get to work with other plugins has a pvp aspect. "factions" pvp aspect to high.

    I'm looking for a plugin where to put it simply a player could palce down two blocks e.g 2 spounges up to maybe a max of 64 blocks and then everything between those two blocks would be theres, they could invite friends to build in there zone also.

    Its really simple but nothing is out there!
    Anyone intrested?
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    My ForceField plugin would allow players to place blocks that would prevent players from going too close to them. Players could also add their friends to an owner list to allow them in.
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    If you are interested I have a plugin called BattleProtections. It's a lightweight protection plugin that works around WorldGuard so you need that. Essentially it allows you to define an amount of area a player can protect, and the number of areas they can protect. So a player selects the region with whatever worldguard tool you choose (usually wood_axe), then they type /prot add <name>. As long as they haven't exceeded their alloted areas or area size it protects it.

    If you're interested


    I'm releasing it to bukkit soon, but for now the source and download are on Github

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