Friendly/Angry Dragons

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Is this worth making into a plugin?

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    I would like an easy all in one plugin to do several things. I don't want to have 20 commands to remember either. Here is what I want.

    1. All dragons have a home point which they will fly around randomly not attacking anyone, just being wild and friendly.
    2. Dragons attacked by a player will attack that player but will remain friendly towards others, like the Iron Golems do except no flee distance. :p
    3. When in any world but "The_End", they can not spawn portals or eggs (both as a config file option would be nice).
    4. While it would be nice if someone could add in the no block damage for them at the same time, so it'd only require one plugin, I do know about BlockEnderDragon so it's not required or anything.
    5. I would like to see that dragons do not fly through everything, like other mobs, solid blocks should be solid to them. A bit annoying when you're in your home and a dragon swoops on through and you go "What the hell was that? Hey, that thing stole my tea! .... and my pants! .... and ate my dog!"

    Only commands I should see is /spawnwilddragon and /spawnangrydragon (angry to everyone always), maybe /killdragons (to kill all world dragons, world only not all server dragons) and it should not need permissions, just default to op only. Unless you feel like making permissions, then just have it in the config file to either use Op, or permissions file.

    I've seen other good plugins out there but have to much stuff or stuff I don't want in them. Even if I can disable some of it, it's a pain to have to keep up with so much in my server and the more stuff in a plugin the more ram it consumes and it already costs me to run my server quite a bit, and I only have 1 GB of memory in it. :/

    Some of the great plugins I've seen and would like their artists to come together to help create this; Enderdragons+ ( Tobiyas ), BlockEnderDragon ( XemsDoom ), RideThaDragon ( V10lator ), EnderSpawn ( Glitchfinder )

    Here's to hoping someone can help make a great plugin with this idea~
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    I lol'd at that, literally. :D

    But this seems like quite a cool idea. +1
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    I am also the author of DragonTravel, you can call me DragonBorn, hehe.
    Feature 1 and 5 need the rewrite of the dragon movement.
    Feature 2 will be handled by entitytarget event.
    Feature 3 will be handled by entitycreateportal & ?? event.
    Feature 4 will be handled by explosionprime event.
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    So how possible is this plugin to make?
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    I think that if it doesn't create the portal, then it shouldn't spawn the egg.
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    I am the author of Enderdragons+.
    This is my oppinion for possibility at current bukkit/Craftbukkit version:

    • Feature 1: is easy and almost done by my plugin. (difficulty: easy)
    • Feature 2: can be handled in the EntityTargetLivingEntityEvent. First is to be said that this Event is not fired by Enderdragons! It has to be implemented first (about here)! (difficulty: easy)
    • Feature 3: can be handled in the EntityCreatePortalEvent (difficulty: easy)
    • Feature 4: can be handled by canceling the ExplosionPrimeEvent caused by EnderDragons. (difficulty: easy)
    • Feature 5: This would be a bunch of work to implement a new "DragonMoveController". I figured out that the whole "dragon logic" is in the function: net.server.minecraft.EntityEnderdragon.e(); To change the dragon logic, you would have to rewrite the whole thing. (difficulty: HARDCORE!)
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    So aside from feature 5, can we get a simple to use plugin for this? It doesn't need permissions. I hate permissions. I don't want to go through and add like 10 permissions to the file and HOPE I did it right. :/ I'd like 1 through 4 all in one single plugin with no need for permissions. Friendly dragons would be nice to have so I can have them fly around specific points in the main land.

    Another idea I had was for a command to create home points. Like /spawndragon 56 (spawns a dragon, lets it leave no further than 56 blocks of the block you are standing on) or /spawndragon (spawns a dragon, letting it leave no further than the configured amount of blocks in the config file).

    And since we all know people will enjoy killing dragons, we'll need them to respawn 10 minutes later at their home point. :p

    All that aside, how likely is it any author may be able to do this for me and whoever else would like this plugin? If I knew how to program, I'd try and do it myself but alas, I do not. :/ I have to rely on someone else knowing how and wanting to do it. :/

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