Frequency of PlayerMoveEvent?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by chiisana, Sep 21, 2012.

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    I'm trying to track actions for specific players, look for patterns or behaviours that may point to cheating. One of the things I want to track is how are players moving. Without dropping massive lag bomb on the server with logging and analysis, can someone please let me know how frequently does the PlayerMoveEvent fire?

    I.e.: If I were to double tap and hold forward to sprint, does the event fire every tick, at 20 ticks per second, or does it fire every second, or does it fire every block I actually move by(dx|dy|dz > 1)?
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    It's worse than that. It also fires every time the player uses the mouse to look around.
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    Oh my, that sounds nasty... but still, it doesn't quite answer the question as to how frequently does it actually fire when there are things happening. If I start to pan around with my mouse, for example, does it fire once I start, once I stop? fire when ⊿ pitch|yaw > 1? fire once every tick? There has to be some kind of frequency, as it would be impossible to work with a continuously changing event. If there is some sort of semi consistent interval, then I can at least throttle it to some extent at a controllable rate.
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    I'm guessing every tick.
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    Every time you move, assuming every tick. It also fires if you look around - simply turning around without even moving blocks will fire it a lot because it fires even if you look a pixel up it'll fire it. But depending on mouaw sensitivity etc. it could only fire once depending on how many ticks pass.
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    That sounds nasty, I need to find a different way to track the movement of players, then... Thanks for all the inputs!
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