FreezeTag (MiniGame) & Token Shop

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  1. Plugin category: Minigame & Economy

    Suggested name: FreezeTag

    What I want: This would be a Custom Minigame plugin for my server. It would include a token system also. Players would join with signs.
    Ideas for commands: (Select boundaries of arena with World Edit/ looking at block)
    /freezetag create <Map Name>
    /freezetag delete <Map Name>
    /freezetag setlobby <Map Name>
    /freezetag set lobby (sets the respawn point after game is finished)

    Ideas for permissions: FreezeTag.player (player commands : joining & leaving) ; FreezeTag.VIP (VIP Commands : Joining, Leaving, Force join) ; FreezeTag.Admin (all commands)

    When I'd like it by: March 30, 2014 or earlier if possible!! - ASAP!
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    The Fancy Whale

    Um duplicate post? Also there are no custom minigames here as all plugins here are made for the public. Also, you should make separate requests for separate plugins.
  3. There can be custom MiniGame plugins made and then they could be able to be public if the coder desires that, can it not?
    And yes a double post considering someone deleted my other one. I understand to put different plugins in other forums, but they completely depend on each other and the token shop is not to complex so I just decided to put them together.
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    I'm gonna try it. (don't know if I will manage to complete it but...)
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    KingGoldensPanda I could make this for you, pm me and I will talk details :D

    AronTheGamer if you cant do it I can do it, ill give you the source after?

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    Well, I think I can, but if I really don't you can do it.
    I'm currently at 50% of the FreezeTag game and I already know how the TokenShop will work.
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    can i has too?
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    Could I get this? I would love it for my server
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