FreeSign - plugin like the "[free]" sign in essentials

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    Plugin category: Misc\Fun

    Suggested name: FreeSign

    What I want:
    A "free" sign line in essentials, when you press a sign
    you open a virtual chest gui that you can take from it whatever it filled, and when you get out of it
    and reopen it, everything is there again, but, what i wanted is, custom items support, cooldown support, you can change the chest title and can choose in what slots will be items and what slots wont be.

    Ideas for commands:
    /freesign create <name> <big\small> - after you execute this command, it will say "press a sign to bind" and you can press a sign to bind it to it (small is a small chest gui, big is double chest gui)
    /freesign create <name> <1\8> - you can choose how much rows will be instead of just small and big
    so you can make signs with other things and not just [Free]
    /freesign cooldown <name> <seconds>
    and in config you can choose what items and where will be items or wont be
    and maybe you can like do
    /freesign import <itemname>
    and it will save the item in your hand and make it loadable in the sign config

    How the config should look:
    FreeSign signs:
    <name of the sign>:
    itemid\speical item you imported,amount,damage,slotnumber
    itemid\speical item you imported,amount,damage,slotnumber...
    and the same like that for every slot
    FreeSign signs:
    Ideas for permissions:
    freesign.use - use freesign signs
    freesign.admin - all the perms
    freesign.use.<name> - for only a specific sign
    freesign.cdbypass - you don't have to if its too hard

    When I'd like it by: as fast you can :)

    My english is not so good, so forgive that.

    Thanks in advance, Amit.
  2. Whats about chestregen?
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    Looks like a good plugin, but Dosent have cooldown and title support
    And also i don't need a regen chest, I need something like the free sign
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    intersted too
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  6. I would really like to make this! Lemme take a look and I should be able to get it to you!

    Truthfully more description is needed. Like what is the difference from big and small and the what will the permissions do.

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    added all the info :)
  8. k and try to find someone to take my place since it turns out im busy :(
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  11. I will see what I can do tomorrow :)
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