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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by fubzey, Apr 27, 2012.

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    Hello Bukkit Users.
    Ive been Looking around Alot for these Vote For Diamond (MineCraft) Systems, and they are Really Expensive 35$-70$ Ive seen them going for on Bukkit.

    I did some Research and used some of My Experience to show you guys how to make a Simple and Easy vote For Diamonds System, bare in Mind this will not be Any where near as good as the Paid ones as this one im showing you, Doesnt have java Coded.

    Anyways Lets get Started.

    First Off You need "<font color="#dd2423">Votifier</font>"
    Witch you can download the Plugin here:

    Once you have Installed the Plugin Then Do a server Restart and you should get a Folder Called : Votifer You then open it And Edit config and it should look something like this

    port: 8192
    listener_folder: plugins/Votifier/listeners

    Change the Host yo You're Ip Address very Important, You then have to download these Listerns witch you upload to Listener files with is in the Votifier files again. links are here.

    And Download this Listener (this is the listener that gives the player a Diamond when they Vote)
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Once you uploaded these you then Server Restart, you then open votifier files again and you will see a file called ItemListener.ini open it then delete everything and copy this:

    #Item Listener Configuration
    #Thu Apr 26 06:39:21 CDT 2012

    Step 2: Once you got all that done, go to a minecraft server list that support Votifier . Examples Minestatus, Planetminecraft. But today we will
    Do Minestatus. So first go Make and account and click add server, put your server information eg ip. and then you will see votifier at the bottem it will say

    Host - Server ip
    Port - 8192
    Public key - (to find your public key go back to files and go votifier files Rsa, public key open it copy it into minestatus) Test conntection it should say Successful. If it doesnt go back and try again if it doesnt again Contact your server hoster, or Reinstall.

    Like i said this will not be no where near like Payed ones but if you aint got the Money this Works Perfectly.

    What i do is Created an nice Box on Photoshop Heres an Example. (this took me 10seconds i can do 1000% better just quick test)

    As you can see its just an Image now to add Buttons to you're Vote Links. Go to and upload your Picture like mine for Example then click Start mapping then wait 10seconds and you will come up with screen where you edit on the right click Rectangle and draw abox around the text you would like people to click to vote it will then say link for this map and then put you're Server vote list link like this for example:


    Then click save then there will be sign to the right saying get you're Code click that, at very top it will say HTML code click that, and you should have code like this

    <div style="text-align:center; width:166px; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;">
    <img id="Image-Maps_7201204261131436" src="" usemap="#Image-Maps_7201204261131436" border="0" width="166" height="262" alt="" />
    <map id="_Image-Maps_7201204261131436" name="Image-Maps_7201204261131436">
    <area shape="rect" coords="15,122,161,183" href="" alt="" title=""    />
    <area shape="rect" coords="164,260,166,262" href="" alt="Image Map" title="Image Map" />
    <!-- Image map text links - Start - If you do not wish to have text links under your image map, you can move or delete this DIV -->
    <div style="text-align:center; font-size:12px; font-family:verdana; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto; width:166px;">
    <a style="text-decoration:none; color:black; font-size:12px; font-family:verdana;" href="" title="Untitled">Untitled</a>
    |<a style="text-decoration:none; color:black; font-size:12px; font-family:verdana;" href="" title="Image Map">Image Map</a>
    <!-- Image map text links - End - -->
    Then go to you're site, Click Admin, Pages Add Module, HTML post that save, completed

    hope i helped.

    If you would like me to Create you one for Free, Donations are Accepted Please Message me on Bukkit or my website

    - CorruptionCraft

    Video of the Week
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    That was easy ^^ Thanks!
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    Thanks for the HTML and create TUT
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    Wow, pretty amazing tutorial.
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    Thanks everyone For The Feedback.
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    it doesnt create the votes.log file ? help please, and are the listeners i have to download just the flatfile thing and itemlistener?please help
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    Do server Restart or do /reload make sure you do /save-all
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    The reason threads with reactions get placed on top of the page is that people can see where the action is going on. Active treads will be shown to a lot of people. Now if you just keep bumping your own thread, that kind defeats that purpose.
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    votifier needs to get upto date they are disorganized they need to up date there listeners bcuz i spent 3 hours trying to setup votifer!!! so look somewhere else for now until they actually realize there plugin is not working properly! lol
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    Nice tutorial.
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    Ooo thanks for this tut helped out
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    Great. thanks
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    Help, im very confused with the listeners part..
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    what ip should i put in the config file? my external ip or my ip4
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    I'm pretty sure I did everything right and it doesn't work.
    It says you have recieved 1 diamond for voting, but you don't get the diamond.
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    The ItemListener.ini was updated to a ItemListener.class, so this isn't working for me :(
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    Not to be a downer but mapping is the 1990's way of doing it.
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    Please stop bumping.
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    I'm a bit confused. I followed your tut, but how does the plugin get my ingame name? I mean if I push on vote I didn't give my ingame name :/

    I followed the instructions but get in the server log "2012-07-26 20:20:13 [WARNING] [Votifier] Exception caught while receiving a vote notification Read timed out
    at Method)
    at Source)
    at Source)
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    Sir Savary

    Perhaps you should post the better method then?
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    IF you don't mind can I use your image?
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    I will try it soon, bookmarked!
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