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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by jbman223, Sep 12, 2012.

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    Hey guys! Write your plugin here and I will make a video of it. Here is an example:

    Here is the form so that I can make sure I have all of the info I need:
    [b]Plugin URL:[/b]
    [b]Plugin Name:[/b]
    [b]Extra Info:[/b]
    [b]Extra Requests:[/b]
    (Jacob, Austin or Craig, Blank for Jacob)
    If you don't define any extra requests, then I will just make a video showing what your plugin is, how do use it, and how to do the config file.

    I will be completing all of the requests over the weekend. They will done by either Me (Jacob: Seen HERE), Craig (Seen HERE), and Austin (Seen HERE).
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    Plugin URL: In my signature.
    Plugin Name: SimpleFly
    Extra Info: Show off my plugin using any means you'd like. Do something creative with SimpleFly that will promote it.
    Extra Requests: Show a segment showing how to use the permissions and config please.
    (Jacob, Austin or Craig, Blank for Jacob) Any.
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    Plugin URL:http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/commandwatcher/
    Plugin Name:CommandWatcher
    Extra Info:I don't have a video for it so 99% that I will add it to the dev page.
    Extra Requests:To show how easy the plugin is to use(if you find it easy :D)
    Commentator:I don't mind!
    (Jacob, Austin or Craig, Blank for Jacob)
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    Plugin URL: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/serverprotect/
    Plugin Name: ServerProtect
    Extra Info: Latest version may not be approved, however the GitHub link in the description always has the latest version.
    Extra Requests: Would be cool if you could go over the configuration help page on the wiki, and possibly explain each feature in detail.
    Commentator: Any
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    Plugin URL: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/dropice/
    Plugin Name: DropIce
    Extra Info: Look on the page for info about the plugin.
    Extra Requests: Nothing. Just try to make an awesome vid!
    Commentator: Prefer Craig, but can also be another one :)!
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    I finished your videos!

    How to embed into your thread:
    Server protect:
    Simple Fly:
    I am working on the other plugins,these two I just did first! There is no other reason for me picking these two first. Expect at least 3 more videos done by tonight!
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    Thank you! Going on my plugin's page now. You're awesome bro :3
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    Plugin URL: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/toggle-blocks/
    Plugin Name: ToggleBlock
    Extra Info: Essentially, I'm rubbish at explaining stuff, so you may find the plugin page confusing.
    ToggleBlock can do quite a bit of stuff. You can setup regions, turn them on and off but also connect them to redstone.
    Also, if you have two regions and turn one on while the other is on, they will merge. This is useful for changing sign text (it supports all data values apart from containers), wool colours, materials etc.
    Example uses:
    Bridges, doors, wireless redstone (setup a region with a redstone torch in and use /tbr to assign a redstone activated sign)
    Alternating text on signs (repeaters + /tbr)
    Flashing lights (redstone torch in region, when activated uses repeater to turn itself off and schedule it to go back on again) w/ serversigns
    etc, etc

    It's compatible with 1.3 (even though it says 1.2.5)
    Extra Requests: Using ServerSigns and redstone to activate a region perhaps?
    Your choice
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    Finished your video!

    Embed On your Server:
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    Plugin URL:
    Plugin Name:
    Extra Info:
    It's a fully featured suite to do different things when a player joins for the first time. You can teleport them to a special spawn, give them a starter kit, announce to the whole server that they're new, etc. Show it off however you would like, anything to promote it.
    Extra Requests:
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    On the dev page now. Many thanks
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    You still taking requests?
    Plugin URL: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/battlekits/
    Plugin Name: BattleKits
    Extra Info: Kit based plugin, very customisable.
    Extra Requests: Perhaps show off item naming, armor coloring? If you want to you could use PotionCommands and set up a potion on kit delivery (see commands section). There's also economy support and some other stuff that you don't need to cover in that much depth.

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